10+ Etsy Shop Ideas for Makers and Creatives

There are numerous approaches to starting a business, some of which are scarier than others. When you’re thinking about starting an eCommerce business, you’ll need to figure out where you’ll sell your products. Etsy is the destination for many aspiring businesses.

Etsy began as a marketplace for makers, artists, and other creative types who wanted to sell their items.
In this post, you’ll find 10+ tried-and-true Etsy shop ideas. On Etsy, all of these concepts are already top sellers. What is the significance of this?

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s not preferable to come up with something absolutely unique to offer on Etsy rather than compete with others.`

Etsy shop ideas

13 Successful Etsy Shop Ideas To Open Today

Here are the best 13 Etsy business ideas to sell:

1. Craft and Supplies

Craft supplies are one of the most popular Etsy categories, and it’s also one of the most profitable. Especially around the holidays, you can buy and sell diverse merchandise for other artists!

Shoppers enjoy purchasing items such as glue, cutout shapes, paint, and yarn in bulk to save money and keep supplies on hand for their own businesses.

Here are a few pointers for selling craft items on Etsy:

  • Purchase in bulk and profit handsomely by packing them in smaller packets and selling them at a reasonable price.
  • Get samples of the products so you can see how they look and if they will fit the needs of your customers.
  • Organize your supplies and process orders as soon as they arrive. It allows you to keep track of your inventory while also keeping your customers pleased.
  • Optimize the terms in your Etsy store listings so that they appear in Etsy searches and so that shoppers know what they’re getting when they visit your shop.
  • During the holiday season, make sure you have enough stock on hand.
  • During the Christmas season and other special events, offer gift bundles to boost your monthly sales.
  • Remember to factor in the fees when calculating the price of the item you’re selling.

2. Printable Wedding Invitations

Etsy wedding invitations

On Etsy, wedding printables are one of the most popular items. People are eager to pay a lot for these types of products to make their special day even better, thus wedding items are quite profitable.

Personalized wedding invitations and other items are available from a variety of Etsy sellers. Search for “wedding printables” to see what things are proving to be popular among vendors.

Here are some ideas for wedding favours:

  • invitations
  • signs
  • games

3. Office Printables 

On Etsy, office and school printables are very popular. It’s a low-cost side venture because you build them yourself and then sell them in digital format over and over.

One hour of design can result in a digital form that you can sell hundreds of times, resulting in a significant profit margin on your work!

With FREE tools like the E-Printables ebook, you may even learn how to produce them and expand your product offers.

4. Printables for Organization

On Etsy, you may get popular organisational printables including home finance organisation systems, jar labels, home filing labels, tote labels, and closet storage labels.

This type of Etsy product is popular because people are always looking for new ways to organise their lives, and labels make life easier—trust me, this parent knows!

5. Printable Games

printable games on etsy

Parents adore printable activities that help their children learn to count and recognise letters.

Additionally, those printables can keep kids occupied on long car rides or when you’re trying to concentrate on your own job or household chores.

Through your Etsy shop, you can sell card games, board games, and word puzzles like crossword puzzles. That’s why Etsy’s printable games are so popular.

6. Vintage Clothing 

Vintage clothing is a popular Etsy vendor that offers one-of-a-kind items and retro fashions.

People enjoy the thrill of discovering vintage goods from the past! If that’s your taste, old retro garments can be worn every day or transformed into Halloween costumes or stylish accessories.

7. Accessory/Sewing Supplies

Sewing supplies and accessories are a great side hustle option for anyone wishing to start their own small business.

Sewing patterns, fabrics, notions, and other products that can be used to sew or construct garments are sold by many successful Etsy merchants.

8. Clothes for Babies

Baby clothes are another huge seller on Etsy, because who can resist those darling mini-dresses and little shoes?

People enjoy dressing up their children in adorable, one-of-a-kind clothes. If you can sew or crochet baby products, you have a terrific opportunity to sell them through an Etsy shop.

Many individuals spend a lot of money on handcrafted items like baby bows for their baby’s hair and swaddling sacks to carry the baby home or use in their first photo.

Selling baby bows in an Etsy shop is a terrific idea if you’re good at making them. People enjoy dressing their babies and toddlers in attractive clothing and giving handcrafted baby goods as gifts.

9. Custom T-shirts 

Custom T-Shirts are a fantastic Etsy product to list in your shop because they have infinite possibilities and a high return on investment.

This is the ideal Etsy product for anyone with a graphic design background. You can make t-shirts with funny sayings or even your logo on them, or whatever else captures customers’ attention.

10. Custom Totes/Bags

Aside from t-shirts, you can put a hilarious slogan or cute picture on just about everything!

Custom items with their company logo or event name on them are extremely popular. Bags and totes can be designed for a variety of situations, including school, weddings, birthday parties, business trips, and more.

11. Fabric

Fabric Maybe you’re interested in fabrics and want to open a shop where customers can buy high-quality, one-of-a-kind fabrics at a reasonable price.

Many people sew their own outfits and search Etsy for unusual materials to utilise. I’m sure you can design unique fabric with characters and animals that people would enjoy for their crafts!

12. Embroidery and Ironing 

Iron-on embroidery patches are a unique and popular Etsy product that allows individuals to create their own items without putting in a lot of effort.

Many people enjoy embellishing their clothes with colour-coordinated decorations that can be sewed or ironed on to fit their individuality.

13. Baking Supplies

In your own Etsy shop, sell your one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find baking supplies.

Specialty ingredients, decorating equipment, and fascinating food moulds are always on the hunt for people who want to prepare their favourite delicacies.

A silicone baking mat with designs of cinnamon buns and cute sayings is one popular item in this category that Etsy has identified as a bestseller.


Etsy is a fantastic place to start a business, establish a brand, and earn money. As you can see, there are a plethora of products to sale.

Handmade goods, craft materials, unusual pet things, wall art, vintage items, prints, and a variety of other arts and crafts are among the items sold on Etsy.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re seeking innovative DIY ideas or want to market your business online.

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