How to Write Engaging Content About “Boring” Subject Matter

If you are a Content Writer, or someone who own a blog in the Dry niche, then you know the pain of writing content. In the Boring or Dry niches, it is tough to write content on the available topics. There is a scarcity of the subjects in “Dry” niches, and even if you find something, it’s hard to write on them. This is a common problem for the content writers.

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There are some ways by which you can tackle such obstructions in content writing while writing on the boring niches. You should try to follow the points which I will share in this post. I tried some experiments while writing in such niches and here are the tips which I followed while experimenting. In this post, you’ll get to know about the Techniques to write engaging content about the Boring Subject matter.

Tips to Write Engaging Content About Boring Subject Matter

Generate Interest

When you come across the dull subject matter, it’s hard to produce interest on it. The lack of interest leads us to write the poor quality content, which will naturally go to get rejected by the client.

But, you can do to overcome this problem is to generate interest in the particular matter. There is no other way to produce interest than to research more about the matter and then start writing from the heart. All you can do is gather some information about the Topic and then interpret the grasped information in your words. I tried it and BOOM! It Worked!

Help your Readers

It is the biggest rule of the content writing ethics. Whenever you write any piece of the content, for your blog or the client, write it with the intention to help the readers.

The readers like the helpful content, which has every bit of the information about the particular topic. They always love the content which is written with the intention to help them. When you are writing on the Boring Subject Matter, then you should dig deep into that topic and find out the problems and questions. Once you see the list of issues and matters related to that subject, you can start writing the answers in the post. Which is going to help you find interest in writing the content of the boring matter, which is ultimately helping you to write the high-quality content.

Dig Deep into the Topic

If you are willing to write a compelling content on the Boring subject matter, then you should dig deeper into the Topic. This is the best way to generate the ideas and write on the topics which are usually considered as Boring.

In short, you should dig deep into the subject by Googling about the topic, searching for the problems and their answers and ask the experts in the industry to which the Boring question is related. Once you gather all the resources, start writing until you complete the post. That’s it.

Use Blindfold Technique

I follow this technique to write long posts on Boring or Interesting Subject matter within an hour. It helped me a lot in writing top notch content. In this technique, all you have to do it to gather the resources on the particular matter and then start writing on it.

After you gather resources about the topic and read them thoroughly, you’ve to disconnect the internet connection and then start writing the post with whatever comes in your mind. You can write anything about the subject which you grasped from the resources. While writing, don’t worry about the grammar or the formatting mistakes as you can correct them later.

After following this method, you’ll be surprised how much you’ve written on the topic you thought is Boring. There will be more Grammatical Mistakes and the Formatting mistakes, but they can be sorted out within minutes.


“One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words”

This is not a wrong quote. Infographics are great to share more information in fewer words. All you’ve to do is to collect the facts, stories, and other information and then design it in a graphic way. The infographics are proven as the best way to represent the information in a detailed manner.

If you are tired to write about the Boring Subject Matter for your Blog, then you can try the infographics. All you need is Topic, Bunch of Facts, and the good Infographics designer. You can design infographic by yourself using the infographic creation services. If you don’t have much time to create the infographics by yourselves, then hire the infographics designer from Fiverr.

Dig into Quora

Finding the unanswered questions about any boring topic is like finding the goldmine for any blogger or content writer. If you find any unanswered question, then there must be a solution, which you can offer to your readers in the form of the Blog post. The Quora is the only place where you find numerous questions about each and every topic on this earth. Many people on Quora keeps asking questions and giving answers. So, when you enter your topic in the Quora search bar, you find some issues, answered and unanswered.

You can try to find the relevant questions about your topic from Quora and write a post answering them. Finding the answer to most of the questions is an easy task if you are a Google Ninja. There is no need to write the unique content and waste your time on Boring Subject matter when there is a Big Q&A site waiting for you with lots of content ideas.


Here we wrap our post about writing engaging posts on the Boring Subject matter. We tried our best to explain things a little bit and share our techniques. You can follow these tips and techniques and write engaging content on the Dull topic even if there are not many content ideas remaining on that subject. But remember, if you throw yourself in writing about the Boring topic, you can write it in no time, without getting bored!.

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