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Eleven2 Hosting is a US-based web working with business with an overall reach. It was set up in 2003 and its headquarters are arranged in Texas, regardless of the way that it utilizes laborers in the US, the UK, and Singapore.

The association puts earnestly in being fiscally reliable and self-governing, with no plans of ‘selling out’ and being taken over by a tremendous firm.

Eleven2 appears to focus in on shared and cloud web working with. The association in like manner has plans for members, and if you dig fairly more significant into the site, you’ll see it furthermore offers dedicated working with.

Working with Plans

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The aggregate of Eleven2 Facilitating Plans rely upon Linux. Customers can peruse four worker ranches in three landmasses, making it a fair choice for clients who need keen response times.

Eleven2’s normal working with plans come in four novel groups. Most of the packs can be purchased reliably or long haul periods: the more broadened the time period you buy, the more affordable the working with works out.

The S-100 is the solitary pack which can’t be purchased reliably. This group considers 10 regions, 10 GB circle space and 50 GB month to month bandwidth. A SSL underwriting and committed IP can be purchased as an extra.

The S-200 group resembles the S-100, anyway gives 250 GB plate space, 20,000 GB information move limit and thinks about boundless regions.

The S-300 wrap is a phase up from the S-200 with 500 GB plate space and 40,000 GB information transmission. This group furthermore goes with a free SSL and serious IP.

The top normal working with plan, the S-400 gives 999,999 GB plate space and 999,999 GB information transmission.

The esteeming structure for Reseller working with through Eleven2 resembles shared working with. Again, the more broadened period you buy, the less it costs.

Partner working with starts with the R-100 group, which gives 100 GB circle space and 1,000 GB month to month bandwidth and scales up to the R-400 plan, which gives 500 GB plate space and 4,000 GB month to month move speed.

Eleven2 offers web working with on cloud laborers with a choice of Linux-based working systems.

The cloud working with plan is versatile from 512 MB RAM, 30 GB circle space, 250 GB information move limit and a CPU speed of 0.4 GHz up to 24,576 MB RAM, 1920 GB plate space, 12,000 GB move speed and 19.2 GHz CPU speed. Customers can moreover pick among supervised and free laborers, and working with plans can be expanded at whatever point.

There are four committed laborer working with plans with Eleven2. Each laborer can be changed to your tendency.

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