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7 Effective Blogging Tools

Blogging is no more considered a hobby for those who couldn’t fulfill their desire to express their ideas and opinion. It’s serious business now. Moreover, for individuals who have strong knowledge in a particular domain or a good grip over a particular industry vertical, owning a blog is quintessential for building their professional credibility.

Blogging Tools

With more individuals resorting to serious blogging, innumerable blogging tools are being introduced. Some of the most effective blogging tools, which every blogger must utilize, are enlisted below:

1. Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar

Google offers many free tools that could be used effectively to facilitate the blogging process. Gmail being a free email account can help bloggers manage their blogging activities. With the help of Google Drive, bloggers can store their published or unpublished blogs. Meanwhile, Google Calendar will aid bloggers in terms of planning their blogging schedule. Bloggers can use Google calendars to set a reminder about their deadlines.

2. AdSense and AdWords

Many bloggers generate a decent income through blogging with Google AdSense. Google promotes its customers through various relevant websites for which bloggers are paid, provided their users click on the advertisements their blog or website. While AdSense helps generating income for the blog, AdWords is one of the tools offered by the search engine giant to ensure maximum visibility of the blog. Through Google’s AdWords service, bloggers have to provide some keywords from their website after which Google facilitates the process of giving more visibility to the blog among internet users.

3. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster are two quintessential tools for bloggers. Google Analytics allows bloggers to know about the behavioral pattern of its users. Through these tools, bloggers can detect the source from where it is getting more traffic and how users respond to their blog posts. Based on these behavioral patterns of users, bloggers can fine tune their content and blogging plans.

On the other hand, Google Webmaster allows bloggers to keep an eye on the overall performance of the website. With Google Webmaster, users can take note of those web pages which are not generating good rankings on Google search and it also leads users to look for links that are leading to undesirable ends.

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4. Feedburner

Feedburner is another free tool provided by Google which enables bloggers an easier way to create RSS feed for their blog. With Google Feedburner, bloggers can stay updated about the latest happenings from other popular blogs, podcasts and their favourite websites.

5. Plagium and Grammarly

Quality of content carries a lot of weightage in the field of blogging. With good and quality content, bloggers can ensure that their readers keep coming back to their blog. The world wide web honours fresh and unique content and that is why, to check the quality of content, bloggers can use Plagium to check about the uniqueness of their content before publishing it in their respective blogs.

In order to make the content look more professional, bloggers must ensure that, the blog does not carry any grammatical mistake. To avoid grammatical errors, bloggers can use a free tool called ‘Grammarly’ to ensure that their usage of grammar in any sentence is impeccable.

6. Pingdom

Though Pingdom is not a free tool for blogging, it is one of the most useful tools for bloggers or anyone who is into online business. Besides providing uptime reports and error analysis response time reports, Pingdom will inform bloggers by email, text or twitter about the latest status of their blog or website.

7. Sendible

The importance of social media in promoting blogs cannot be ignored. Sendible is one such tool, which allows users to schedule their social media posts on a timely basis. Sendible will schedule all the social media content across all social media platforms well in advance.

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