3 DIY Birthday Party Decorations to Create When You’re On a Budget

Birthday Party Decorations

For some people, home birthday parties are the preferred choice, not only because they have a more intimate atmosphere, but it is also much easier to plan, compared to when you have to look for a location that meets all your preferences perfectly. In addition to this, they are less expensive to begin with, and a bonus is that most of the decorations can be done by you together with your friends or family. So, regardless if you’re a stay-at-home parent planning a party for their child, or a young adult living alone, you can make out of this DIY activity a celebration of its own.

If you feel stuck and you’re not sure where to begin, we have compiled a short list of decorations that can be easily done with materials that do not exceed your budget, as most of them are already found in your home. Besides, they are enjoyable to create and can be a bonding experience. All you need to do to get yourself started is to gather your needed materials. To create your own decorations, you’re mostly going to need scissors, a stapler and glue, and more importantly, to bring together your close ones for a free arts and crafts workshop at home.

Paper decorations

When you think of paper, it is uncommon to immediately associate it with birthday decorations, but they are easy to make and instantly set the party scene. Although these paper decorations come in many shapes and forms, here are three ways in which you can use paper to spruce up your surroundings:

  • Paper garlands: These are an amazing choice to dress up the room, to decorate an entire wall with all kinds of colours, or as a way to highlight the doorway towards your party universe.
  • Paper banner:Whether you own a fireplace or not, banners go well hanged around on almost everything, around the windows or furniture, such as the buffet table.
  • Paper rosettes: Fill up a wall with either a monochrome or a multi-coloured rosette decoration to fit your personality, and it is guaranteed that the entire display will stand out.

No matter the type of decoration, the biggest advantage with paper is that there is no limit on how it can be folded, cut, painted or shaped. So, there is enough room for creativity in terms of colours and styles. As a group activity, your friends or family can bring their personal touch on matching all the different kinds of paper decorations, which makes it particularly entertaining to arrange the party display. You can even cut out birthday wishes with the name of the person you’re celebrating or more personal messages that you would not otherwise find in a shop. If what you want is a more glamorous effect, add some glitter to the 3D shaped ornament of your choice.

Ribbons and bows

They are the must-have decorations for your celebration. They come in all colours and different materials such as satin, velvet or burlap, are elegant and sleek and can tie up nicely the entire setting (pun intended). Usually, ribbons are used in Christmas decorations or flower arrangements. However, birthday ribbonscan be more than just something you use when wrapping up presents, and even for this, there is more than one kind of bow you can make out of ribbons.

Depending on the style you are going for, a specific bow works better with a certain material. If your colour palette consists of neutral earthy tones, you might opt for a double or curly cue bow made out of burlap. For a more refined finish with pastel colours, a pinwheel-like bow could work better made from satin or lace ribbon, or just a simple tulle bow will do the trick. Moreover, you can combine different bow styles to create an installation and hang it by the gift corner.

Additionally, an unconventional way of using ribbons to decorate is by making a tassel garland, which the above-mentioned paper decorations can complement. Therefore, mixing and matching the different textures of the materials can result in a unique decoration that enhances the entire setting.


This is a more obvious choice. However, there are various ways in which you can play around with balloons that you probably did not even take into consideration. Before you begin, we recommend buying an electric air pump for a quicker way of blowing up balloons for any sort of decoration. Such an electric pump could come in handy at every house party, even if you will not necessarily always go for DIY creations.

If you’re hosting your party during the warmer season, or it has a summer theme, an example of a suitable decoration would be ice cream cone-shaped balloons. Not only do they look delightful, but they also have that surprise factor. They are extremely easy and fun to make from cone-patterned paper, either printed or drawn with a marker, depending on how crafty you feel. Glue them to the balloon and the final effect is enjoyed by children and adults alike. If you want to go even further, glitter is always an option for everything party-related. In this case, use the glue to fix it on top of the balloon and your ice-cream now has sprinkles.

A one-of-a-kind party always has a certain aspect that is hard to forget, and what other easy way of doing that than creating a memory lane with a set of photos of you and every one of your guests? Attach them from helium balloons with ribbons and your party will certainly become one to remember.

So, decorations must not always be expensive or a hassle to find to match your dream party theme, especially if you’re on a budget and this expense is not one on your priority list. There are ways in which you can create the desired atmosphere only with a limited number of materials. In great company, you’ll achieve the dreamiest party decorations.

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