How to Create a Free Blog or Website

Many of us are aware of and even tried a lot of websites that offer free website creation like,,, etc and free blogging like Blogger, WordPress, etc. You thought of leaving it as the website or blog is not completely under your control. As they do not permit you to change the template yourself, you cannot have powerful control including all access to your website as per their service terms, and must be tired of having their advertisements on your website. Now, you need not do much for having your own website. You can have your own website with complete control panel, access to the databases and information, and pages of your website. You can also edit your website or a blog as per your wish.

Note: WordPress allows you to change themes from their 100 themes directory but you cannot add extra plugins. In blogger you can add any template.

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You will need to perform the following stuff to get a complete website or a blog. You will have to begin with getting a domain name and a web host.

How to Create a Free Blog or Website

  1. A Domain name – The address of your website or a blog.
  2. A Web host – This is where your files are stored.

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What to do First:

To start with, you can either select a domain/website address from a free domain provider else you can buy it. Free Domain Providers:  .TK, CZ.CC (Note that, if you are using any other provider, then first check whether it has the ability to forward name-servers of the domain. It’s better you use any one of the above free domain providers.)

Premium Provider (at low-cost):,

Hoping you have a domain now you need to host this domain, for which you will be needing a hosting server to host your website. Nowadays it’s very easy to find a desired service on internet for FREE! So you can also look for a free web hosting. But the premium provider includes lots of service options like server guarantee, performance, load-time, number of sub-domains, databases, email accounts and many other things which you will not get in free hostings. But for a beginner – a normal internet user, who just wants to set up his/her website which is not much popular to the world but just among his/her friends, the free hosting is the ultimate choice.


Paid Hosting: HostGator and Bluehost.

Above mentioned are free hosting which provide on the spot registration and account creation. Create an account on this hosting with the domain you’ve registered. (Some hosting forces a user to register for a sub-domain like etc. In that case, first register using a sub-domain and then by going into the control panel or settings, you can add your own domain by just changing the domain name or through the parked domains settings.) Now, you need to point your domain to the hosting or in short, you have to connect domain and hosting. You will be provided with some name-servers after completing the registration of web hosting. These name-servers will allow you to point your domain to a particular hosting server, i.e, where you are going to host website. Note down the name-servers. In the domain settings, from where you’ve registered the domain, you will find the settings for forwarding name-server. Just paste the name-servers in the settings, and that’s all. The next job after having your own domain and a hosting to host your domain, is to host/upload the pages to your hosting, so that everyone can visit your website’s pages.

What kind of pages:

Now, you can either make your own pages by using a free software like frontage or Dreamweaver etc or can host free website scripts which are widely available on internet. After creating the pages, just upload them to your website’s server either through control panel (mostly provided by every hosting), or if you want to host a quiet large website having pages for videos, articles and includes the services for message sending and everything which is social, then you better host a ready-made script for that.

You can also see all these scripts in a single place in the control panel. Most hostings offer some in-built auto scripts installer in their control panel like Fantastico De Luxe, Softaculous etc. By using this auto scripts installer you can install free blogging software like WordPress or you can also find some good scripts and can upload it yourself. Most of them require that the files are uploaded and need a database to do settings for the website. You can make databases easily through control panel. You can also have a demo of it on cpanel’s website.

You can Host Free Scripts like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP Fusion, PHP Nuke, Xoops, Dolphin, Zikula, etc. The advantages of these scripts are that they provide so many applications and services which are easy to use without coding. Also, there are many plugins, mods, addons and modules available for them which can be easily installed. You can also place advertises to earn money. We hope that you enjoyed this resourceful article. Don’t forget to share it.

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