Really Cool iPhone Cases You Can Check Out for Your iPhone

The phone cases act as a shield for the phone preventing it from any accidental wear and tear. But if you are a user of an iPhone then need for protecting this expensive phone, arise a bit higher. There are many cases out there on the market but they may seem too simple. So if you are looking for something extraordinary cool iPhone cases then keep reading to find out more.

List of Truly Cool iPhone Cases:

Read below to find out some extremely unique phone cases for your iPhone, which are simply awestruck.

  • Classic Volkswagen iPhone Case: The retro style Volkswagen car designed classic iPhone case looks simply stunning. The cover is styled keeping the front view of the car with two glass windows and headlights, along with the Volkswagen “W” logo in it. The mix of color is cool orange and light cream which looks very pleasing.

Classic Volkswagen iPhone Case

  • Book Cover iPhone Case: The moment you see this book cover styled case you will simply fall in love it. A compact brownish color case with golden lining designs in it, which covers both the back and front side of your iPhone. Very stylishly designed that at a glance will look a mini book kept on the table. If you are a book warm, now go match your taste of book with your iPhone by this case.

Book Cover iPhone Case

  • Classic Phone iPhone Case: Do you remember the early antique designed phone with a circled dial pad in it? Well, it’s back now as a case cover for your iPhone. It has a very finished look with black base and rusty color just like the old original ones. Give your iPhone a whole new classic look with this cool iPhone case.

Classic Phone iPhone Case

  • Steampunk iPhone Case: The Steampunk iPhone case cover is certainly the most unique and startling case that you have ever seen before. The case has all the inner mechanical parts of an engine. A color blend of rusty brown and mustard gives this cover the actual look of a steam engine and its mechanism.

Steampunk iPhone Case

  • Harry Potter iPhone Case: Harry Potter is almost loved by all. Now you can have that accent on your phone with this wooden iPhone cover. It has all the writing styles from the world of Harry Potter and looks mischievous. A wooden cover means a tough protection for your phone.

Harry Potter iPhone Case

  • Maze iPhone Case: Are you tired sorting the tangles of your headset all the time? Well, no more worries now as Maze iPhone case is out now that will solve this issue. You can fold the wire of your headset along with the maze and the cover has a holding space for the earplugs of your headset. Now surely you will want this cover after knowing it. No more fights with the headset with this amazing case.

Maze iPhone Case

  • A Cat iPhone Case with Legs: This is one of the coolest and exclusive iPhone cases you will encounter. A case with small standing four legs with white paws, and has a mix of yellow and black color with furry strokes. It simply looks like a cat standing that has a small bell hanging like that from a cat’s neck. You will surely like this case.
  • Mirror iPhone Case: This mirror iPhone case is simply for all those female iPhone users out there. Ladies now no more extra carrying of a mirror. Your phone will serve it for you now. A case that has a flip cover with the built-in mirror in it. Now touch on your make and setting your hair anytime out is not a big deal.

Mirror iPhone Case

  • Banana Case: A banana shaped case of yellow color just like the color of banana for your iPhone. It is made of super-soft quality silicon-based body that is likely to protect your phone from maximum falls. Check this crazy iPhone 6 case that has “PINK” written on it for the trendy funky folks out there.

Banana iPhone Case

  • Multi-Tool iPhone Case: If you travel and trek a lot then no iPhone case can prove to be better than this. A multi-tool iPhone case that has some necessary folding tools attached to the cover. Now your iPhone case is more than just a case and will serve you well in your times of need. This is surely a cool iPhone case.

Multi Tool iPhone Case

  • Batmobile iPhone Case: If you are a fan of all superheroes, especially Batman then nothing could be more interesting than giving your iPhone a cool heroic look with Batmobile case cover. The cover comes in full black with bulky exaggerated sort of Batman look shaped in car style with wheels in it. A very modern look with a hard textured finish that will surely guard your phone well. Having this cover will simply make you stand out.

Batmobile iPhone Case

  • Yoyogi Park Lush Lawn Case: If you are a nature lover then would you like to have some grass on your phone case? This crazy iPhone 6 case is made of plastic with a texture of real grass induced in it that is designed after the Yoyogi Park in Japan. The grasses are made of nylon.

YoYoGI Park Lush Lawn Case

  • YIMOO Swimming Fish Case: This funky cool sky blue color case will bring the inner child within you. The case has blue liquid in it carrying two fishes swishing around when you move the case. A really cool case for your iPhone 6.

YIMOO Swimming Fish Case

  • Baby Bottle Case: This crazy iPhone 6 case is really a funny one with the transparent body and is shaped exactly like a baby’s bottle that also has a sucker on top. If you have looked for something ultimate then go for this. This also comes with an owl strap and a screen protector. This is truly among one of the crazy iPhone 6 cases.

Baby Bottle Case

Once you have a look at all these unique phone cases and also the crazy iPhone 6 cases, which you have never come across before.  You surely will not be able to take your eyes off of them.

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