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Cloudways Stress Test 2023– How To Do Stress Test? How To Setup Hosting Server?

Cloudways provides a stress test that servers are subjected to when they are in Cloud Servers. The system implements bots that mimic website visitors’ browsing habits and starts to generate traffic. This test is done to see how well the web application can handle the load, which can help developers with understanding their projects better.

This article provides a brief overview of Cloudways’ stress test or load testing. It shows what the system is capable of and how useful it is to web developers in improving their projects.

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How Is The Stress Test Done?

Basically, three different tests are conducted. Let’s have a look at them.

The Baseline:

This test happens with 200 current users and advanced at the rate of 2 users per second. It takes about 10 minutes to be completed. The motif of the test is to evaluate the configuration of the test and to ensure that Cloudways isn’t bankrupt before they start.

The Sustained Traffic Test:

This test involves 2000 present users and advances at the rate of 2 users per sec. Easy to say, it takes about two hours to be accomplished through this exam a practical load is represented for a service provider like Cloudways in order that they could perform their own trade without interruption when faced with an enormous server impact in a short time.

The Peak Traffic Test:

This is the final test in the stress test scenario, which happens with a large number of users and advances at a rate of 5 users per second. It takes about 4 hours to be completed with this traffic intensity.

Why Is Stress Testing Done?

A lot of people mistakenly assume that website load and performance testing only need to be done with large websites. However, this is not the case, and it’s very important for small and medium-sized businesses (and individuals) too.

Individuals often go into a frenzy when their site slows or if they see an unexpected spike in traffic or try to publish content on their social media page when they have never experienced it before.

Statistics show that every minute on the Internet, 24 hours of video are watched, 72 hours of audio are listened to, 4 years’ worth of data is sent from cell towers around the world which equals 2 quadrillion gigabytes per year! This makes everything digital at some point vulnerable to a worldwide outage.

It is very important for website owners to understand that there will be a time when they have to put their website through an endurance test and simulate the traffic pattern as if it were experiencing real-world conditions.

Pros of Cloudways

Cloudways manages to offer a lot of benefits, and it has a lot of pros. One of the best things about Cloudways is its affordable pricing.

The users get a secure platform with a lot of features. It is very easy to set up as guides, tutorials, and FAQs are there on the side.

Besides, people who are new to this platform and starting from scratch can also get hold soon. It has other cloud platforms such as DigitalOcean, Amazon web services, and so on.

In addition to all that it has numerous features that will help users to a high extent. Consumer support services are reliable which is great!

Cloudways stress test had some issues. Even though it has a lot of pros such as consumer support service, affordable pricing with a secure platform, and many more it is great!

It also had some downsides such as the fact that even though there are lots of features, not all of them can be accessed and used. This makes Cloudways a bit harder to use and some errors will still be there.

Cons of Cloudways

Since Cloudways is a web hosting platform, it doesn’t provide email hosting. As it provides many features, people might get baffled. Users can’t register their domain names.

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ConclusionCloudways Stress Test 2023

Cloudways is a web hosting company that offers servers in the cloud. They offer powerful, affordable plans for people who don’t need to worry about managing their own server or finding an IT pro to set it up and maintain it.

But if you want more than just hosting – say, email services or domain registration – then this might not be your best option because they don’t offer these things either.

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