Cloudways Promo Codes 2024– Get $30 Off Cloud Hosting Solution

Cloudways promo code is the most lucrative option that will offer you a substantial discount to buy cloud hosting services. This would help you get the best-managed cloud hosting at a discounted price. On top of this, there are various offers running, so keep an eye on them to get your desired deal.

Now that we have got the basic thing clear, let us talk about what is Cloudways and why it has become so popular in such a short span.


Earlier when the developers wanted to deploy their apps on cloud hosting, they had to manage everything themselves. This includes servers, software setup, scalability, and more. If anything went wrong with this entire process, it would take forever to resolve the issue.

But now with Cloudways, your task is made so much easier because Cloudways has become the leading cloud hosting platform that offers ultimate convenience for WordPress developers and businesses by providing managed cloud hosting.

How To Use Cloudways Promo Code?

Step 1: Visit This Link to activate the $30 discount deal.

Step 2: Now, you will be landing on the Cloudways site and click “Get Started Free”

Step 3: You have to register for the Cloudways account with your email and other details. And there, you can see the option “Got A Promo Code?”

Step 4: Click the “Got A Promo Code” button and enter the Coupon code – WPGLOSSY

Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform, Start your Free trial today and get $30 off on any plan. Cloudways provides you with servers in multiple locations so that you have the fastest possible page load time.

It has a unique tool named Cloudways Thunder which helps you to migrate your site from an existing host to the cloud within minutes. Also, you get a dedicated Firewall and IP address, with no additional charge.

Cloudways provide speed and stability without the hassles of managing your own servers and infrastructure. It makes building, testing, and launching web applications as simple as a few clicks.

Features of Cloudways

  1. High-Speed Performance

The very first reason for recommending Cloudways is its fastest SSD servers that would make your site load lightning quick.

Cloudways servers are PHP-8 ready preconfigured with the PHP-FPM to improve the loading time. Moreover, they are HTTP/2 supported to boost the communication speed between the server and browsers.

Another reason to choose Cloudways over other hosting providers is that their team can help you install almost any CMS or Blogging platform.

Whether you are looking for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, or any other popular Content Management System/Platform, the experts at Cloudways will make every installation task a breeze.

2. Managed Hosting

Cloudways is a managed cloud platform that helps you to focus on your business growth with piece of mind.  As Cloudways is the managed hosting type, you don’t need to face any technical complexities, and yes, the company will handle the site optimization tasks for you.

After a successful registration, you do not need to go through the hassles of searching for a relevant control panel in order to manage your web hosting service.

Cloudways offers you an easy-to-use interface that will help you setup and install all necessary scripts for your website within minutes. Besides, it also provides server speed optimization services so that your site will never lag behind in page loading speed.

3. Top-notch Security:

Cloudways offers 24/7 customer support and a dedicated OS-level firewall for all hosting servers. They offer the SSL certificate at ZERO cost and firmware upgrades to avoid vulnerabilities. Security patches are done on a regular basis as well as the easy-to-install SSL Certificate.

4. Dedicated Support Team

The most recent support team that Cloudways launched is the Dedicated Cloudways team. The Dedicated Cloudways team specializes in solving problems and have a high level of expertise. They are available 24/7 through the live chat and ticket system, so if you want a reply back quickly or need a question answered, they will be very quick to respond.

Cloudways offers a variety of hosting solutions to suit your budget. Whether you’re looking for flexibility, scalable performance, or reliability, we’ve got you covered with monthly pricing from as low as $10 per month.

Cloudways is fully managed, which means that they can take care of everything from backups to security patches – all without requiring any additional time on your part.

5. Affordable Pricing

You will be able to use a wide variety of pricing plans that are offered by Cloudways. You can get any plan you want without getting the credit card involved in the process. The free trial for these plans is also available.

You can get the assistance of this platform easily by using the live chat that is available on Cloudways.

Cloudways is a great option for those who want a fully managed service.

Pros of Cloudways

  • Enjoy the speed performance of Cloudways due to the advanced caching and PHP 7 servers.
  • Managed security with dedicated firewalls and free SSL makes this an appealing option because it ensures that my content is safe from malicious emails or from being compromised.
  • Cloudways gives me full control over my site so I can manage it like a Pro.
  • It’s also affordable and easy to integrate CDN with no pain.

Cons of Cloudways

  • No email service available
  • There isn’t domain registration

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Conclusion- Cloudways Promo Code 2024

Cloudways is a powerful web hosting service that provides servers to deliver affordable, easy-to-set up site hosting.

It doesn’t offer domain registration or email services; however, it does provide the tools you need to build and maintain your website with ease.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive web host solution from one provider, this may not be the best option for you–but if what’s most important to you is having access to fast server speeds without paying through the nose for them, then Cloudways might just have everything your business needs!

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