ClickFunnels vs Website: Do I Need Both?

Businesses must advertise themselves and present themselves to their target audience at the appropriate time and place. Getting customers today online is still anyone’s guesswork. This is a question that you must have asked yourself if you have been doing this for a while. Do I need both a website and a sales funnel?

What is Website?

website vs clickfunnels

Many people consider websites to be a no-brainer when going online. Businesses can interact with customers and have a dedicated address to be found online thanks to websites. Your website serves as your online address, just like a physical address would (

You adorn your website with a pleasing “get up” in terms of appearance and feel, describe your company, and its offerings, and even offer recommendations for customers to purchase and try out.

Websites are by definition 6–10 related pages with clear navigational links that aim to provide you with as much information as possible about the company, including its goods and services.

Websites can be created using HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, or other coding languages, or they can use a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress.

What is ClickFunnels? 

ClickFunnels alternatives-Deadline funnel reviews

At its heart, Clickfunnels houses a “web editor” that lets you make immediate changes to existing pages. Many people now use Clickfunnels for the development of their entire website due to how easy it makes to create web pages. But then, that’s not what Clickfunnels was designed to do…

The software known as Clickfunnels is used to make funnels. The primary function of a funnel is to generate leads and convert them into customers. Facilitating the development of online sales pages (also known as landing pages or squeeze pages)

Can ClickFunnels be used in place of a traditional website?

Yes and no, in a nutshell. The need for a traditional website is determined by your objectives. What do you hope to accomplish with your website?

It’s easier to choose the right platform once you’ve identified your goals.

Another option is to use both platforms to benefit from the best of both worlds. Simply put, develop a traditional website in order to build trust and brand awareness. Use ClickFunnels to create landing pages that will generate leads and sales.

Traditional websites are frequently labeled as outdated marketing tools that generate little traffic by ClickFunnels. We understand where this viewpoint comes from, but it is still a very bold claim to make.

A funnel-based strategy is the quickest way to convert passing traffic into leads and, eventually, sales. However, we believe that combining the two platforms may be the win-win situation you’ve been looking for!

In-Depth Comparison of ClickFunnels vs. Traditional Website

The best course of action will frequently be to invest in both a conventional and a ClickFunnels website, depending on your business model.

If you want to build a website for online classes, memberships, and e-commerce, this option is particularly pertinent.

It’s not always the best practice to add funnels as an afterthought to a traditional website if you want to make sure that your business succeeds.
Sometimes the most efficient way to run your business is to use a platform for building funnels without spending money on additional websites. It depends on your circumstances, just like everything else.

While some ClickFunnels features can almost certainly be found on conventional websites, the real question is whether they will be cost-effective.

Utilizing external tools like analytics will be part of your attempt to integrate these features into your conventional website.

These additional features will all be expensive.


In order to use your domain name for your landing page, you must first register it with domain servers. This will connect your domain name to the IP address of your server. The cost of registering a domain name typically falls between $9 and $14.99 per year, though the price may vary depending on the domain registrar and top-level domain you choose (i.e., .com, .org, .net).

If you do not want to purchase a domain name, ClickFunnels will issue you a free subdomain that you can use right away. With all of the configurable options and a free domain included, ClickFunnels is likely to be less expensive than other platforms.

Landing Pages

The conversion-focused design of landing pages makes ClickFunnels more efficient.

With tools like Pay-Per-Click ads and Google Adwords, ClickFunnels landing pages send web traffic straight to your business. With these extra features, you get more people looking at what you’re selling. Landing pages on ClickFunnels lead people to a call to action page, where they can buy what you’re selling.

While homepages tell people about your brand, products, and services, a landing page’s main goal is to tell people what to do next. This could be buying something from you, signing up for a service, or anything else that would help your business grow.

Social media marketing, distinctive branding, search engine placement, and SEO-focused websites are some of the digital marketing options for conventional websites. It is simple to conduct efficient marketing to draw visitors to a website with the many options available on traditional websites.

As a platform that is focused on generating sales, ClickFunnels also uses a number of online marketing strategies.

These consist of affiliate programs, Facebook ads, groups, and profile promotion. Both options offer a wide range of digital marketing opportunities.


Data from several source models may be easily combined and shown with the use of advanced analytics tools like funnel charts.

ClickFunnels is one of the best funnel-building systems available today, especially for more complex funnels.

To accomplish the same goal with a conventional website, though, you’ll need a funnel-building solution. You’ve probably already guessed that ClickFunnels is where your money’s best spent on this particular function.

Split Testing

Split testing is a technique that is used to identify which landing page, message, or web design choice results in the highest conversion rates. This technique helps content creators improve their pages’ content.

ClickFunnels, on its landing pages, has an excellent split testing feature. This feature provides website designers with a clear indication of what attracts visitors and what prompts them to leave the page right away.

You’ll need to use a third-party software program in order to conduct a successful split test on conventional websites.


Do I require both?

It depends on what your goals are. If you want a website to help you achieve certain things, then you need a traditional website. But if you also want to use ClickFunnels to create landing pages that convert leads and bring in sales, then you can do that too.

You can even use both platforms at the same time! Some people might say that traditional websites are outdated or have low traffic, but that’s not always the case.


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