5 Best ClickFunnels for eCommerce Templates: Which One Suits Your Need?

So, can ClickFunnels for e-commerce be used?

This may be one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the use of this software.

This brief article is entirely devoted to assisting you (and demonstrating how to do it).

Best Clickfunnels eCommerce Funnel Templates 

1. Gauge Girl Training 

Gauge girl training-best clickfunnels for eCommerce templates

Gauge Girl Training gives people the chance to find out more about the Macros way of dieting. On the website, an explainer video is shown by using the Live Demo ClickFunnels template.

This video tells people what macronutrients are and why they should keep track of them. On the left side of the video, an opt-in form asks people to put in their name and e-mail address.

When they do this, they get a free “Macros blueprint” that shows them how to count their macronutrients in 10 easy steps. At the bottom of the page, there is also another CTA button.

The goal of the page is to get more people to convert and enter the sales funnel.

2. ClickFunnels Bundle eCommerce 

Carafaceclean seems to be a friend who uses drop shipping to sell a health gadget. They are making money because they use Clickfunnels.

Most people are selling this item for about $20 where they live. They’re selling a lot of things for a lot more.

You can see that they are selling a bundle in the screenshot or on their website.

On this first page, they also do a good job of “selling” you on the product. Also, after you buy this, you’ll probably get a bunch of offers to buy more.

3. GetKombucha 

Get Kombucha targets customers who want to learn more about Kombucha Tea and purchase innovative goods to improve digestion and boost energy.

The Storefront Funnel template used on the page lends it a cozy appearance. Visitors are greeted by images of kombucha goods.

The owner, Dave, is extremely passionate and hands-on about assisting people in finding high-quality Kombucha tea products, which is the company’s distinctive selling point.

4. Grant Cardone

The website of Grant Cardone is for people who want to improve themselves and take charge of their finances.

A live demo video, which is a popular ClickFunnels feature, is used on the page to explain why people should join Grant’s program.

Under the video is an opt-in form that people can fill out to get a free e-book called “10 Ways to Prosperity” in exchange for their names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

There is also a pop-up on the page that asks visitors for their email addresses so they can sign up for a weekly newsletter.

5. Caresole.com 

Caresole- best clickfunnels for ecommerce templates

Caresole.com appears to be an e-commerce dropshipping store that has leaned heavily on click funnels. They have several pages selling a variety of products. Their main funnel appears to be their homepage. It begins as a pre-order page for a foot insert product. Then it continues to upsell several times before the checkout process is completed.

Their copy and page design are among the best examples I’ve come across while conducting this research. And it appears that this business is doing very well.

They have aggressive upsells, as well as separate mini funnels (shown above) that sell similar products.


A potent tool for developing top-notch web pages and sales funnels that turn visitors into paying customers is ClickFunnels.

However, finding a special niche in which you have a lot of interest and ensuring that customers receive the highest calibre of service are essential to the success of a ClickFunnels store.

It’s good to know that there are many practical templates available that you can customise to highlight your goods or services in this regard.

As our examples demonstrate, using ClickFunnels to create a polished, gorgeously designed store that customers will love is both feasible and affordable.

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