30 High Quality And HD Desktop 3D Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers are different kind of wallpapers which have retina effect. There are lot of High Quality Desktop 3D Wallpapers online and we have best 50. Best 50 means, they are not like the wallpapers you see in daily life, they are much more amazing and will look perfect on your Desktop.

3D Desktop Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers gives Natural Effect, they look like as they are really in front of us. We have gathered up some amazing High Quality and Inspiring HD Desktop 3D Wallpapers which will make your Desktop look really cool.

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10 HD Minimalist Wallpapers for Your Desktop

I always use Minimal Wallpapers on my Android Phone as it become somewhat messy with other wallpapers. I always uses light color backgrounds , wallpapers which don’t clutter your desktop. some wallpapers are just damn, they hide your desktop icon and messes with windows that we open.

10 HD Minimalist Wallpapers for Your Desktop

We all love to customize our desktops, except girls, yes they have a lot of icons on their desktops. Boys keep the desktop clean and much better than that of girl’s. I have collected up with the most beautiful, attractive and well designed minimalist or say minimal wallpapers for your desktop.

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Nine Inch Nail Free Desktop Retina Wallpaper for Mac

Just a day before, I have come to see an awesome retina wallpaper for mac which was really amazing. It is called Nine Inch Nail Wallpaper, and I landed on its Flickr Photo-Stream. And there were more such wallpaper with same tone and same art of capturing.

I am loving those wallpapers and I have gathered up these wallpapers in my favorites collection in Wallpaper Wizard Mac App. I collect up all my favorites in the app and its quite easy to manage and keep your favorite wallpapers. If you love desktop customization, then I recommend you Wallpaper Wizard if you are running on Mac.

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10 HD Car Wallpapers

While selecting wallpapers for this week for my Mac, I decided to with the category Car Wallpapers and I got some really cool wallpapers. I came across many sites which were offering HD Car Wallpapers though not every wallpaper was as to say brilliant.

You are not going to believe this, but it took me a whole day searching these wallpapers for personal use. But I would like ti showcase such Awesome Car Wallpapers on the blog too. Actually, look wise, my favorite Car is Aventador in black, it looks like really amazing. Unfortunately its not listed below. Apart from the look, other of my favorite is Bugatti which is compiled below, it also looks gorgeous.

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10 HD Gaming Wallpapers

Everyone Loves Video Games,so we have gathered up HD Gaming Wallpapers for your Desktop. I love Video Gaming and I mostly use Game Wallpapers on Desktop. I am fan of Need for Speed Most Wanted and Burnout Paradise, and some other games too, mostly Racing Games.

HD Gaming Wallpapers

Windows is the best if you are Game Lover, and I recently bought Black Ops for Windows. If you are a true Gamer, you would definitely love to see your Desktop with HD Gaming Wallpapers and other Devices too.

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Official Galaxy Nexus HD Wallpapers Collection

We have gathered up best galaxy nexus wallpapers and backgrounds with high resolution size. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has got awesome official photo wallpapers. Galaxy Nexus is one of the cool devices from Google, in company with Samsung, and the device is super-cool. It has got high end specs and its camera produces crispy photos, which is nice.

HD Galaxy Nexus Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Google Nexus family includes Galaxy Nexus, Player, and recently released Nexus 7 Tab. Google produces smart-phones, and they look gorgeous. I am just talking about Galaxy Nexus in Black color, looks really amazing.

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30 Free Christmas Wallpapers for Android

Christmas is one of the most awaited and enjoyable occasion which comes once a year. Here are some free christmas wallpapers for android users. I am power android phone user, I have Sony Xperia Phone and I like to change its looks, customizations and everything when I get bored with my android customization. So, Christmas is not far from the day, and we have gathered cool christmas wallpapers for android phones which you can download free.

Christmas Wallpapers for Android

Christmas is an annual celebration day for the birth of Jesus Christ and also widely observed holiday, generally celebrated on 25th of December. Its the biggest day for Christians, and they start preparations for Christmas from a month back.

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