CartFlows Review 2024: Is It The Best Checkout Builder for WooCommerce?



Cartflows is an entire package of tools that helps its users with building sales funnels, with an end number of remarkable features that will blow your mind. It has great advanced features with its pricing plans and it's one of the best and easiest ways to sell products and services on your website.

Out of 10


  • Well-Designed Templates
  • Affordable Lifetime Plans
  • Quick Set up of Funnel Pages
  • Extremely cheap and affordable compared to other funnel builders
  • Seamless Integration With WooCommerce Extension
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Order Bumps & One Click Upsells
  • Use Preferred Page Builder
  • Quick Import of Templates


  • Required a Wordpress website
  • Additional Plugins are required
  • No monthly plans


Price: $ 99

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Building a business by selling items online? Is customizing your page the way you desire not possible due to the limited options?

Try Cartflows and you will be able to get your desired customization done.

I’ve used Cartflows for a long time now, and I must say it has helped me a lot! With the current level of upgrades, it has become the best software for creating WordPress sales funnels.

Thanks to Cartflows, I’ve been able to earn a lot of profit from the web market, as well as customize my website the way I desire while keeping my stress level to a minimum.

The amazing features offered by Cartflows are worth the money!

Here are the top 3 best Carflows alternatives that you can try:

  • ThriveCart
  • SamCart
  • OptimizePress


ThriveCart is a website that helps you make money. You can create high-converting carts, upsells, and affiliate campaigns with ease. It's the most professional speech to text voiceover site you can find.


Create high-converting landing pages, sales pages, and membership portals. Get started now! Easily increase leads and sales on your website with conversion-optimized landing pages.

Building and scaling a business is a tough job. You need an optimized sales funnel to survive and thrive in the business ecosystem.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the best sales funnel builder. If you own a WordPress site or a WooCommerce store, I have various sales funnel builder options.

CartFlows is one of them. 

I’ve used Cartflows for a long time now, and I must say it has helped me a lot! With the current level of upgrades, it has become the best software for creating WordPress sales funnels.

Thanks to Cartflows, I’ve been able to earn a lot of profit from the web market, as well as customize my website the way I desire while keeping my stress level to a minimum. 

If you are willing to learn about this WordPress and WooCommerce sales funnel builder, CartFlows is the right choice.

In this article, I will provide you with a detailed Cartflows review of everything regarding this online platform, including its prices, pros and cons, and much more.

Bottom line Upfront:

CartFlows is an excellent choice if you want to create a high-converting sales funnel with a smooth checkout experience. You can boost your cart value by easily adding order bumps, upsells, and downsells. Plus, its integration with SureTriggers lets you automate your workflows.

Notably, CartFlows is budget-friendly compared to other funnel builders. It offers advanced features like canvas mode, dynamic offers, A/B split testing, multi-step checkout, and cart abandonment. All in all, it’s a plugin that’s worth the investment

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CartFlows Overview

CartFlows is a sales funnel builder tool for WordPress and WooCommerce sites that lets you create an optimized sales funnel for better conversions and make money online.

CartFlows overview homepage

It was created by hardcore WordPress users Adam Preiser (WP Crafter) and Sujay Pawer because of the limitations of WooCommerce.

Basically, CartFlows will make your life easier by enhancing the WooCommerce store functionality.

When you install CartFlows on your WordPress, you will have a sales funnel builder with full customization. CartFlows has a drag-and-drop builder for creating high-converting sales funnel pages.

CartFlows offers both free and premium versions. The free version offers a fixed number of features and also restricts you from availing the discounts and enhancing your checkout space. Read my Cartflows Review further as I discuss each of its features, pricing, and benefits in detail.

Why Trust Us For This Review?

At Imagestation, we believe in honest and transparent review. Our team of writers and SEO use devised methods to review each tool. We also have an internal rating card for the features, pricing, ease of use, USPs, and other factors. I’m Ravina, your sales and SaaS tool writer.

I have used Cartflows on our websites, and that’s what I’m going to share today. CartFlows makes it into our list of top 10 sales funnel platforms. Also, not to ignore their customer testimonials.

CartFlows customer testimonioals

With over 200,000 satisfied users, Cartflows has gained massive attention in a short span of time.

My comprehensive review will provide a detailed examination of features, functionalities, and real-world applications to help you make informed decisions for your eCommerce success.

With a passion for staying ahead of marketing trends, I will make sure that this review reflects not only technical expertise but also a practical understanding of the impact these tools can have on your bottom line.

Below, I have divided each of the Cartflows features into step-by-step guides.

What I liked about Carflows?

  • It provides a free version to help you start, though it comes with limitations on advanced features. The free version supports cart abandonment, dynamic linking, a two-column checkout layout, and integration with Facebook Pixel.
  • CartFlows offers excellent features to design upsell, downsell, and order bump pages before checkout. You can add multiple upsells, downsells, and order bumps to boost the average order value.
  • The tool includes pre-designed sales funnel templates tailored for various businesses like course creators, eCommerce sites, and eBook stores. It integrates with popular page builders such as Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, etc., allowing you to customize these templates.
  • A dynamic offer feature considers multiple customer data points to display relevant pre and post-purchase offers. It also generates a visual flowchart of your checkout flows, providing insight into the customer’s journey.
  • It supports A/B split testing, enabling you to test multiple variations of offers and landing pages within your sales funnels to identify the best-performing ones.
  • The cart abandonment feature automatically transfers customer details to your CRM if they don’t complete the purchase. This allows you to send personalized email alerts and remind them to finish the checkout.
  • CartFlows also integrates with SureTriggers cross-platform automation, which is available for Pro users only. This integration allows you to automate workflows and business processes.

What I don’t like about CartFlows?

  • You can have only one checkout page per flow. 
  • The biggest bummer is how caching works. For any specific Cart Flows, both the checkout pages and the upsells and downsells, you will have to exclude them individually and specially from the cache both on the plug-ins and on the server site.
  • CartFlows only has customized abilities that you can have without going into full CSS. If you want to fully tweak all of these things up, let’s say not to give this a border but only underline, etc, you will have to go with Custom CSS.  
  • I don’t like using their templates only because I like full customization ability. I do prefer Elementor, so I prefer working with that better than with their templates. 

Funnel Building in CartFlows

Cartflows lets you create visual funnels called flows.

The tool makes your flows portable and indicates that you can use the import/export functionality to any other website with the use of flows. All you have to do is visit the dashboard in WordPress and click on the Flows option.

You can use the import and export buttons to import and export the structure as well as the flow settings. 

In the latest version of the Cartflows, you can import the flows along with the content from the Export/Import option

  • Export Flow: You can export a flow by clicking on the export option. You can also do it by simply hovering your mouse on the flow, and then an export link appears. By clicking on that link, you can automatically download it. JSON file on your gadget. 


  • Import Flow: You can import a flow, you have to click on the import option and then upload the JSON file which includes the flow, and then click on import. Once the flow is uploaded, there will be a success message on your screen. 

Importing page templates in Cartflows

Step 1:

Import flos to JSON

Step 2: Visit back to the flows, and you can find the imported flow available in draft mode. 

Creating draft in Cartflows

Every page builder deals with the content differently. However, since you possess the Import/Export functionality, you can shift your templates around several websites. 

Smart Funnel: 

This is one of the best features available on Cartflows that will enable you to improve the transformation rates of your funnels. The common procedure of a funnel builder platform is that it includes an order page and is later followed by down-sell and upsell pages.

CartFlows funnels

In the common process, whenever the customer decides to upsell the down-sell page, what happens is that the following page that appears is subsequently the same upsell page. 

However, this is not the case when it comes to the smart funnel feature. In the smart funnel, each time a customer makes a choice regarding the upsell or the down-sell page sequence, depending on their answers, these choices can be directed to a new upsell page option.

Accordingly, this makes the journey of every customer through the funnel different according to their choices. 

Suppose a customer intends to choose the first upsell page and clicks on the yes button; it will open the next upsell page flow with various options.

But if the customer does not intend to choose the first upsell page and clicks on the no button, then a flow two upsell page opens with completely different options available.  This is an extremely beneficial strategy as it provides various options and provides a varied persona to the customers.

Using the Cartflows, it is very easy to do all of this. Once you have completed customizing and naming the pages, you can deal with the sequencing with the help of conditional redirecting features as various funnel paths. 

Checkout Offers:

Another outstanding feature is available on the Cartflows platform that avails you to come up with unique bundled offers for your product checkouts which can be made available at specific discounts.

Cartflows checkout cart builder

Whenever a customer makes an order for a particular product, this special bundle page will appear on the web.

It may include other colors and sizes available at a huge discount price—the customization of the entire page for accepting or declining an offer with the help of custom text. 

The checkout offer page is well suited for sellers in some nations as one can create various checkout offers with the help of some payment methods that don’t make use of one-click upsell.

Steps to set up pre-checkout upsell in Cartflows: 

  • Step 1: Navigate to CartFlows ( WordPress Dashboard ) > Flows > your_flow > Edit the Checkout Page -> Navigate to Checkout Offer tab -> enable the Enable Checkout Offer option > select your product under Select Product option.

cartflows checkout offers- cartflows reviews

  • Step 2: Visit the Checkout Page on the front. Once you are done filling in the details, when you click on Proceed to Checkout, an offer popup will be displayed.

Cartflows checkout page

Cart Abandonment Recovery: 

Cart Abandonment starts when a consumer selects a product and adds it to the cart, and it comes to an end when the consumer returns to buy it. The cart abandonment flow is an attempt at the email recovery process, which is done when the customer has abandoned the cart. 


With conversion-optimized, proven, and excellent checkout pages, Cartflows has succeeded in recovering the majority of abandoned carts as its features minimize friction and have obtained the trust of the consumers. 

You can customize the checkout pages entirely and discard any demand by the payment processor, which seems to be unavoidable. Therefore, the customer experience is smooth; they are less distracted from the page, and there are fewer possibilities of them leaving the page due to demotivating aspects. 

The testimonial aspect, which is added to the checkout page, brings about a huge difference as it boosts the trust of the clients, and also, the money-back guarantee makes them put their faith in it.

Even a slight 10-15% increase in the recovery of abandoned carts can make a massive difference in the business.

 You can find a plugin that Cartflows offers in the WordPress stockroom, which can be installed separately on any woo-commerce shop.

Here is how the final report looks like:

Cart abandoment recovery plugin

You can install it, and then you will find a new option on the woo-commerce called ‘Cart Abandonment.’ You can set all the recovery mails and settings to recover the maximum number of abandoned carts.

Cartflows Templates: 

Cartflows’ most prominent feature is its templates. The quality of its templates proves the significance of the creator of the Astra theme in WordPress.

Cartflows templates

The themes in Cartflows are contemporary, responsive, and elegant. The templates are extremely well organized and are divided into different categories, such as upsell pages, checkout pages, downsell pages, thank you pages, and landing pages. This is a very helpful aspect and comes in handy while developing a funnel page. 

Cartflows has provided ready-to-go templates for some of the funnel builders, such as Elementor, DIVI, Beaver Builder & Guttenberg, and you can import them from the library of Cartflows. However, if you want a template for Thrive Architect, you have to log in to that website, and then you will have to download the template as a zip file.

You can import both the flow as well as the step templates by using the following steps: 

For Importing flow template: 

  • Step 1:  Choose your favorite Page Builder that you want to design the CartFlows step pages. To select the page builder, navigate to the CartFlows [WordPress Menu] -> Settings.
  • Step 2: Now, navigate to the CartFlows [WordPress menu] -> Flows.

Cartflows-templates-wordpress (1)

  • Step 3: Click on the Add New button on the top of the screen to view the templates for the page builder that you have selected in Step 1.

Adding Cartflows templates to WordPress

  • Step 4: As you click on the button a template library appears in the popup containing the templates.

Pre-made templates list- Carflows reviews

  • Step 5: Now, hover over to the template that you want to import and click on the import button. This will start importing the Flows template.

Flow templates for Cartflows

The steps mentioned above will help you import the ready-made flow templates for all the Page Builders that have been mentioned at the start of this article. 

For Importing step template: 

  • Step 1: Navigate to the flow in which you want to import the new step. As mentioned in the screenshot, we have used the flow name Test Flow.

Cartflows stem templates import- Crartflopws review

  • Step 2: Click on the Add New Step button. This will display the same popup, but it will display only the templates. Such as Landing, Checkout, Option, Upsell, Downsell, and Thank you pages.

Cartflows import step template

  • Step 3:  A template library will be opened in the popup

Step templates for funnel builder- Cartflows reviews

  • Step 4: Select the step category from the menu. Using this, you can decide which page template you want to import.

Cartflows cart funnel builder

  • Step 5: Hover on the template that you want to import and click on the import button, and the importing process will be started.

Cartflows step templates funnel- cartflopws reviews

During the process of importing the flow templates or step templates for the page builder you desire, there is a chance that you might receive some sort of error message or notice. There is nothing to worry about in those messages.

Carflows Integration:

Carflows comes up with a feature that allows you to export our templates for our sales funnels. Now, what does it mean? It means that you can share your funnels or even design funnels and sell them.


There are so many marketplaces out there where you can sell them on your websites, and elegant themes are coming out with a marketplace where you can sell your designs.

So, I think it’s a great opportunity for designers to use their skills and design sales funnels for small businesses or even consultants and entrepreneurs. 

Cartflows is the software that you use to create sales funnels. It is the sales software that we use in Cartflows, and you should buy it.

The features you get outshine most of the page builders on the market today.

You can build sales funnels with order bumps, upsells, and downsells without paying a huge amount for a page builder. It’s an incredible option for beginners. 

What’s included in CartFlows latest updates?

CartFlows has introduced new features in the latest version, and you will be glad to know it has everything that a sales funnel builder should have. Apart from the features given above, I have found these new features in the latest update:

  • SureTriggers offers cross-platform integration, allowing you to connect your preferred sites and plugins for automating workflows seamlessly.
  • The tool features a multi-step checkout layout style designed to enhance the overall checkout process for users, making it smoother and more user-friendly.
  • CartFlows has introduced integration with WooCommerce Payment gateway support and Paypal Payments for WooCommerce, specifically for upsell and downsell purposes.
  • The addition of Gutenberg Blocks provides users with more flexibility and control when designing funnel pages, allowing for a more customized and tailored approach.
  • The release of the Modern Cart add-on aims to elevate users’ buying experience, introducing features or improvements to make the process more modern and enjoyable.

Carflows User Interface Review

CartFlows is quick and easy to set up. Like WooCommerce, you can install it as a plugin and use the dashboard to proceed with the use. CartFlows has everything right in the WordPress interface, so you don’t need to go to their site.

Cartflows user interface

Some of the features that are important about the Cartflows plug-in are that they’ve created a ton of templates. They are creating a lot more, so you can import them, tweak the way you want to, and put your content on them, and you’re ready to go. These templates are all made using some of the most popular page builders out there.

I can explain to you what a flow looks like in Cartflows.

  • You have the traffic coming into a landing page where you’re promoting a product.
  • Then, the user clicks on it.
  • To purchase the product, everything happens on one page.

There’s no add to cart or view to cart or to change quantities in or different pages or update that. There’s none of that. It’s all a one-page easy thing to do.

Then, you have options for upsells.

Do you know where you’d like to make that combo meal?

We’re all familiar with that fast food checkout experience, and CartFlows enable you to give that experience to your buyers, which results in higher sales per transaction and more revenue per transaction, which is really what you’re after and, of course, at the end of its a Thank you page. 

CartFlows Pricing Plans

CartFlows has two pricing options- Free and Pro Plan.

The free version of CartFlows provides ample features for creating a basic sales funnel, including a checkout page and thank-you page. If that’s all you need at the moment, the free version should be enough for you.

However, if you aim to build more advanced funnels that include order bumps, upsells, and downsells, opting for the premium version is recommended. Especially for established online stores or businesses looking to maximize profits, these advanced features become essential for a more effective and lucrative sales strategy.

We have also written a comprehensive article on CartFlows free and pro comparison.

Here are the pricing tiers of Cartflows:

CartFlows-pricing options

The Starter plan, priced at $129 annually, is designed for single-site usage. It adds a few features to enhance your checkout pages.

The Plus plan, with an annual license cost of $249, is more suitable for small agencies and eCommerce sites that sell physical products and services. This plan supports ten websites and includes some advanced features like upselling, downselling, and order bumps.

For those seeking the most advanced features like automation, split testing, canvas mode, analytics, etc., the Pro plan is the way to go. Priced at $449 annually, it supports up to 30 websites.

When comparing CartFlows pricing with competitors such as FunnelKit and SamCart, CartFlows is relatively more cost-effective. Other funnel builders in the market typically range from $129 per year to as high as $208 per month.

CartFlows starter vs pro

How Good Is Cartflow Customer Service?

Customer support is one of the key indicators while reviewing any tool. That’s because when I get stuck or face technical errors, I always look up to customer support.

Talking about their support, CartFlows offers round-the-clock support but…. CartFlows offers support through ticket support and social media. In case of discrepancies, you can submit the form through ticket support.

I think their support needs improvement. First, there is no customer support through phone numbers or email, and second, you will have to wait for some hours for their ticket response.

You can use their knowledge base and resource center page to solve your issues on your own.  However, the core concern is getting a stern response.

However, you can join the community group on Facebook to discuss your issues with the team. It’s, in fact, a good place to engage with the business owners alike.

CartFlows Alternatives To Consider

CartFlows has its share of good and bad. Despite being on the list of best sales funnel software, it is not perfect in every department. That’s why I have got some of the better CartFlows alternatives you might want to check.


When it comes to building a sales funnel, FunnelKit is a pretty prominent option for a WooCommerce Store.

Funnelkit- Cartflows alternatives

This plugin can be really helpful in attracting a lot of leads as well as bringing about an improvement in how your store performs.

FunnelKit is a pretty powered-packed solution that offers various features like the sales funnel builder, the option to upsell, customize the checkout page, and great customer support.

With the A/B testing offered by the platform, you can figure out which of the sales funnel is working the best. You also get three pricing options to choose from, and it starts from as low as $199 per year.


The next on my list is OptimizePress, which is considered to be one of the most affordable options you can choose from the other alternatives of Cartflows. It is a lot more focused on WordPress sites.

OptimizePress- Cartflows alternatives

The creation of marketing funnels is a breeze with OptimizePress. It is not limited to just a page builder; it also lets you create a comprehensive and distinct sales funnel that makes the journey of your visitors a lot more interesting from the very beginning to the end of the purchase.

With this platform, you can build launch funnels, sales funnels, list-building funnels, and webinar funnels.

It is super easy to use, and you do not have to be a technology expert to create funnels as well as various pages for expanding the subscribers, delivering the relevant content, and selling the deliverables.

Their pricing plans start from just $99 per year and can go up to $199/ year, where you get a license for about 20 websites.

Check out: Best OptimizePress Alternatives

Thrive Membership

With access to a plethora of tools to improve conversions and leads, Thrive Membership is one of the best alternatives when it comes to CartFlows.

Thrive Ultimatum Overview

This all-inclusive suite is full of impressive and incredible plugins, themes, and tools. You get access to constant updates and fresh plugins easily.

There isn’t a need to be a tech expert with knowledge about coding to build websites and landing pages with Thrive Membership.

By using the Thrive Architect, it is easy to create pages with the drag-and-drop feature. With the Thrive Theme Builder, you get access to the Shapeshift themes, and Thrive Optimize can be used for the A/B testing.

Thrive Quiz Builder lets you engage with the visitors on your site, whereas Thrive Leads enables you to create opt-in forms. With the Thrive Ultimatum, you can boost sales, and Thrive Ovation can help you with managing the testimonials.

The Headline Optimizer and Clever Widgets let you optimize the site, and Thrive lets you create professional-looking courses. You can manage the WordPress comments with the Thrive Comments.

Their pricing starts from about $19 per month for about 25 personal websites.


SamCart is a platform that offers a drag-and-drop checkout option that helps improve the rate of conversion on the website. It also lets you integrate with your favorite tools to let your website run smoothly.

SamCart homepage

You also get various sales page templates that are pre-designed, helping you to attract a lot more customers.

Their tools also boost your store’s revenue. You also get email and chat options for connecting to the support teams and three paid plans that start from about $49 each month.

Before you commit to the product, you also get a free trial of 14 days.

Cartflows Review on Reddit Comments

Opinions about CartFlows
byu/MrJames93 inWordPress

byu/MrJames93 from discussion

Conclusion: Is CartFlows The Best Sales Funnel Builder?

For WordPress users needing a sales funnel solution, CartFlows is a great option. It’s not only affordable but also versatile enough to build various types of funnels.

The plugin provides customizable templates to streamline the building process. While it’s user-friendly, those less familiar with WordPress might face a learning curve. Nevertheless, mastering the skill of creating effective funnels is valuable.

If you’re unsure about CartFlows, you can test it out with the free plugin before making a decision.

However, it always comes from your own experience, so don’t just go by my words but try it yourself. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. 

FAQs on CartFlows

Can I use CartFlows for my clients?

Yes. You can use Cartflows for agencies as well as up to 30 client websites.

How many funnels can I create with CartFlows?

You can create unlimited funnels using CartFlows.

Does CartFlows work with Thrive Architect

CartFlows work seamlessly with Thrive Architect and offers amazing integration.

Does CartFlows offer lifetime offer?

CartFlows lifetime deal is available only for private users. You can get the yearly subscription.

Does CartFlows offer a free trial?

It does not have a free trial but there is a free version in CartFlows.

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