Best CartFlows Alternatives 2023 | Which is The Best? (#1 HANDPICKED)


SamCart is one of the first eCommerce giants in the market and was built from the ground up while helping brands and organizations boost sales.


OptimizePress is an online tool that can be used by individuals as well as businesses and business owners. This tool assures users of high conversions and a boost in the right direction.

Are you looking to find out about CartFlows alternatives? If you are a marketer in search of some top-notch sales and marketing funnels, you’re in the right place.

Today I’m going to cover all the important information you need in order to make a well-informed decision and take your company to another level.

Try it yourself, as knowing all my options helped me make a decision that fitted my organization best.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, this is your go-to guide for everything you need to know about CartFlows alternatives.

About Cartflows:

Do you wish to create a sales funnel with the page builder of your choice? Look no further, I’m here to tell you all that CartFlows offers you. It is a top-of-the-line sales funnel that you can use on your WordPress page and take your company to new heights.

Cartflows checkout cart software tool

With CartFlows’ amazing technology, you can create a funnel in a matter of minutes, without any restrictions. CartFlows helps business owners boost that sales and profit margin with the help of its easy to use technology and hassle-free check out option.

With CartFlows, you can rest assured that you will be able to navigate through it with ease. An additional benefit that CartFlows offers is that it is well-integrated into WordPress. This means if you can use WordPress well, this will be a walk in the park for you. 

It is also well-integrated with major page builders, so you can start making templates almost immediately. It prides itself on its customer support and responsive and accurate assistance.

With CartFlows you can be sure to create advanced funnels; whether sales or emails, CartFlows is all-set to rush to your rescue.

Check out our detailed Cartflows Review before diving into the best alternatives of this software.

Best Cartflows Alternatives of 2023:

1. WooFunnels

WooFunnels- Cartflows alternatives

WooFunnels is a fantastic CartFlows alternative as it gives users an all-inclusive and immersive experience when it comes to creating funnels.

Let me tell you why this is so. With WooFunnels, you can also create opt-in funnels and ask users to sign up for free and experience what you have to offer. This way, not only can you compile all your leads, but also boost your conversion rate.

If you are a business that sells a wide array of products, WooFunnels has a funnel for global checkouts that can be truly useful to you. With this, you can be sure to increase your sales and expand your customer base effectively.

Apart from this, WooFunnels offers its services on mobiles and desktops too. 


WooFunnels pricing plans

Starter Pack:

With this pack, one can gain unlimited access to funnels for a nominal cost of $199 every year.

You can also get your hands on upsells and downsells with the click of a single button and avail of detailed analytics to boost your business. Apart from this, you can also avail of A/B testing, highly optimized check-outs, the ability to track abandoned carts, and much more.

Growth Pack:

With this $299 pack, you can deploy the funnels of your choice to 25 different sites and get exclusive support from CartFlows’ exceptional team of professionals.

Scale Pack:

This is one of CartFlows’ most famous packages and it costs $499. This pack comes with automation options with regard to emails, and other third-party tools like slack and sheets.

You can also get your hands on smart workflows and speed-up the process of work, thus minimizing time and maximizing sales and profit. This plan also guarantees users a lightweight CRM that is sure to help you expand their horizons.

Pros and cons


  • Offers numerous paid and free themes
  • Gives you the freedom to customize funnels the way you like
  • Does not require one to employ third-party technologies
  • Well-integrated with essential sites required to make the site of our dreams
  • This is a lightweight site and will not interfere with the speed of your work
  • WooFunnels works with a complex and clean code behind it
  • Offers great support when at a dead-end
  • Can be accessed on a mobile phone 
  • Helps boost SEO marketing
  • The site is a well-adaptive one and adapts extremely well depending on the product you wish to sell
  • Gives users access to a number of automated services


  • Requires knowledge of editing to make a great site for yourself
  • One needs to keep WordPress updated constantly, in order to have WooFunnels run smoothly
  • All the options available can be overwhelming to beginners

2. OptimizePress

OptimizePress is an online tool that can be used by individuals as well as businesses and business owners.

This tool assures users of high conversions and a boost in the right direction. With OptimizePress, one can not only build marketing funnels but also gain access to membership sites, training, blogs, etc. I’m here to tell you all you can do with OptimizePress and why it is the perfect CartFlows Alternative

The site hosts a live editor and other tools that are sure to help you increase your sales and meet the required targets. OptimizePress also gives users inclusive templates and above 40 customized elements that truly allow you to make the site your own.

If you wish to release content in a drip manner, you can get access to the feature with OptimizePress

OptimizePress’s responsive site, layout, and design also aid in providing you with the site of your dreams. The site also hosts a shopping cart that allows users to save on expenses that would be incurred if one had to employ a third-party for the same.


OptimizePress pricing plans

Essential Plan

This plan only costs $99 but offers only a single site. However, with this plan, you can get your hands on a page building forum and also create as many pages as your heart desires.

You can also create themes yourself and turn your dreams into a reality.

This plan also offers above 25 integrations, thus taking some load off your back. Users of this plan can avail of OptimizePress’s all-new features and updates and gain support from OptimizePress executives via email. 

Business Plan:

The Business Plan costs a total of $149 on an annual basis and offers users unlimited leads, to help their business reach new heights. With this plan, you can also gain access to above 250 templates that can be customized as per your likes, dislikes, and vision. What does this plan give you that the Essential Plan does not?

Well, it offers you the option to add alerts on your site in times of scarcity, thus helping your clients make a good decision. 

Suite Plan:

This plan costs $199 and allows for a whopping 20 sites in total. With this, you can gain access to OptimizeCheckouts and help customers make payments in a hassle-free manner.

OptimizeLeads will also be at your disposal with this plan and you will also be able to gain access to OptimizePress’s exclusive collection of templates.

Pros and cons


  • Free templates give you the chance to explore and choose what you want to work with
  • If you can navigate WordPress, working with OptimizePress will come easily to you
  • OptimizePress integrates well with other plugins 
  • OptimizePress does not slow down your site, but in fact, boosts the speed and allows you and your clients to work in an efficient manner
  • Rolls out new features and improvements regularly


  • Some say OptimizePress’s designs are a tad bit out-dated as compared to the other sites in the market
  • Its plugins only work with the updated versions of WordPress, which can be challenging t times
  • Although OptimizePress offers customer support, the response time is long and is not always prompt
  • A few bugs still exist in the software that can make using the site troublesome.

3. Thrive Membership

Thrive membership- Cartflows alternatives

Speaking of Thrive Membership, it is included in the Thrive Suite, which is an all-inclusive box of tools, ready for you to use and up your game. With this software, you can get access to Thrive’s dashboard, plugins, themes, and additional themes that you can customize; at your disposal. 

With Thrive Membership, you can also get the software to manage your products efficiently. You can also issue a license for all your products with the advantages that come with availing of the Thrive Membership.

All you have to do is download a plugin available to you, as a member and upload it on your website. Once this is done, you can simply sign in to your member account and install everything you need. 

With the membership plan, you can also get your hands on a plugin that takes you to the homepage from anywhere on the site. All the tools Thrive Membership has are sure to give you an easy and effective experience.

As a member, you can also get to incorporate all the updates and improvements made before the rest of the world. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? I thought as much!


Thrive membership planbs

You can get your hands on a Thrive membership plan by only paying $19 every year. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? This is the lowest price offered by any software in the market and it does not skimp on quality just to offer its users a low price.

With this plan, you can access all the plugins available with Thrive and its theme builder.

Apart from this, you can also gain unlimited access to its support group and get access to its updates almost immediately. You can also be a part of Thrive University with this plan and use its unique tools on up to 25 sites.

With the membership plan, you can get your hands on architecture and optimize features at a lower cost.

You can also avail of ThriveLeads, ThriveComments, ThriveWidgets, and much more. You can also avail of the drag and drop option that makes accessing and working on the site an easy experience. 

Pros and cons:


  • Hosts a menu that is easy to navigate and does not require a learning curve
  • Offers tutorials via video, making it easy to follow and understand
  • Provides members with access to webinars to increase their knowledge base
  • Guarantees members permission to use any updates or themes that will be rolled out in the future
  • The price is a locked-in one, meaning there will be no additional charges and members can avail of all the services and tools at the same price
  • Purchases can be made individually


  • The support system available to customers does not require them to categorize their requests in a systematic manner
  • It may not be the best option to go for if you have a strict budget and are in search of a single theme.

4. ThriveCart

Thrivecart cart and checkout software

Let me tell you why ThriveCart is a great CartFlows alternative. It hosts some incredible features including direct Teachable integration, which coordinates with various participation stages like Wishlist member, etc.

It also has fantastic integrations with payment partners like PayPal and Google Pay. It is easy to utilize too, all thanks to its one-click upsells. 

It also has an automated responder that can help you integrate several services with a ThriveCart account. ThriveCart also offers bump offers on checkout pages just with the click of one button. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

With ThriveCart, you can also avail of advanced coupon codes that can help you avail of all of this software’s amazing tools at a discounted rate.

The check-out page available with ThriveCart also offers high-converting checkout pages. This software also allows you to create products in under two minutes. 

What’s more interesting is that even someone who does not have a background in technology can easily utilize ThriveCart without any issues. With this software, everything is a step-by-step process.

ThriveCart is only going to get better and better in the days to come, with more features and much more to explore.


At $495, ThriveCart offers a lifetime deal that only requires you to pay a one-time fee and enjoy an eternity of its features. With this, you will never have to pay an on-going free and can boost your business at all times. This deal is a great investment and ThriveCart also offers a refund, should you be dissatisfied with its services.

With this, you can get your hands on exclusive templates, no limit of check-out pages, customer service, affiliate programs, and much more; making it a great CartFlows alternative.

With this nominal price for a lifetime, you can enjoy having no limit on your upsells what-so-ever and have several conversions and boost your business.

Pros and cons:


  • ThriveCart focuses on conversions and hosts templates that aid in doing just that
  • Its page building technology is modern and top-of-the-line
  • Its A/B split test abilities are one of a kind and make it stand out
  • Vendors can avail of profitable affiliate programs
  • The check-out option is well-integrated with WordPress
  • Having several modes of payment makes it easier for clients to use ThriveCart
  • It also offers support on taxes for online sales
  • Bump offers help increase sales
  • Exciting discount codes and sales help gain a wider customer base
  • Well-integrated email platforms
  • Excellent customer support


  • ThriveCart does not allow for a free trial, thus not giving customers a feel of what the site has to offer
  • The templates seem limited at times and adding more could give users a more varied range to choose from
  • Cryptocurrency may be difficult to understand when it comes to payment
  • Offers a limited range of customization as compared to its competitors
  • Lacks a feature that allows for supports instantly like a live chat option
  • ThriveCart is not the most ideal when it comes to being a seller.

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5. Retainful

Retainful- Best Cartflows Alternatives

Retainful is online software that can come to your rescue while tracking all your customer’s carts successfully.

With this technology, you can not only track those who leave after reaching the final checkout page, but also those who exit before they reach there

With the help of this software, you can automatically catch the email address when the client enters it at the checkout point. Additionally, you can personalize codes before sending them to customers.

These shortcodes can be used for cart items, coupons, recovery links, etc. It also gives each customer a unique referral link with a code. I have some great news for you, customers can also share their code with friends on social media and help your company gain popularity. These codes and links can be shared through the mediums of Twitter, Facebook, and Email.


Retainful pricing plans- Best Alternatives to cartflows

Starter Pack

With this, you can get your hands on up to 2000 contacts and boost your sales immediately at only $15. You can also keep an eye on the activity in your potential customers’ carts with the help of Retainful’s cart tracking and recovering technology.

This plan also allows you to integrate a number of other third-party sites and also get coupon codes and follow-ups on them.

Growth Pack

This package costs $39 and apart from all the benefits that come with the starter pack, you can also avail of up to 5000 potential customers. This pack also allows users to send mails from their own domain and get access to live chat support for any difficulties they may come across.

Professional Pack

This professional package costs $159 and hosts all the tools and functions that are available in the starter pack and the growth pack. Apart from this, users can also use Retainful’s on-site specialist that offers dedicated and accurate information.

Pros and cons


  • Retainful is the right choice for those who are just starting out in the field and have a small customer base.
  • Its cart recovery technology is one of the best in the business and helps retain and call-back customers
  • Reduces the number of potential customers who abandon their carts and leave your site without making a purchase
  • Sends emails and reminders to customers about products in their carts or products they have abandoned
  • Helps those with eCommerce stores to boost sales in no time
  • It also issues a coupon for your customers’ next order, thus urging them to return to your site
  • The software’s premium features help boost sales
  • Countdown timers help show customers a sense of urgency about when a deal is about to expire


  • Requires a learning curve to get a hang of the software
  • Those with no technological experience may have a tough time navigating the site
  • There are a few bugs that make using the site troublesome.

6. SamCart

SamCart software- best cartflows alternatives

SamCart is one of the first eCommerce giants in the market and was built from the ground up while helping brands and organizations boost sales.

SamCart not only focuses on stores and businesses but also on products and what each merchant is selling. This software aims to provide you with tools and functions that you need in order to succeed in this cut-throat competitive industry.

SamCart also provides users with an easy-to-use interface and effective and accurate customer support from its professionals. 

SamCart is sure to help you present your product in the best possible way to give customers the authentic feel of what you have to offer. With this software, you are sure to get your hands on upsells with a click of a button, A/B testing, efficient check-out pages, and much more.

With the help of subscriptions, memberships, exciting discounts, and coupon codes, you can get all these benefits with the click of a button at a subsidized rate.


Samcart pricing plans- Best Cartflows Alternatives

Launch Plan

With this plan, you can avail of unlimited products and pages by just paying a minimum of $49. You can also use the drop and drag feature, get advanced subscriptions for your customers, get customized emails, and much more.

With this plan, SamCart will also give you the chance to avail of its services that help you with taxes and an SSL certificate. Additionally, you also get a thank you page, and branding. 

Grow Plan

Apart from getting all the benefits that come with the Launch Plan, you can also order bump collections, have up to 3 users on the same account, and get your hands on advanced level reporting at only $99. 

Scale Plan

With this plan, you can get your hands on all-inclusive A/B testing, and also an affiliate program. Apart from this, your customers can make cancellations on their own and also have a well-integrated experience at the cost of $199.

Pros And Cons Of Cartflows Alternatives


  • A user-friendly interface gives users the opportunity to have a seamless experience
  • Users are sure to have a hassle-free check-out experience
  • The software makes it easy to create coupon codes
  • The site also offers training resources so that you can upgrade your skills
  • The drag and drop feature is one that makes the site easy to use
  • SamCart gives users a money-back guarantee that allows them to get a refund, should you not be satisfied with your experience


  • Supports minimum payment options, making it exclusive to those with PayPal and Stripe
  • The monthly pricing option is slightly high, especially if you are on a tight budget
  • There are no inclusive tax calculations, making billing a tiresome process.

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FAQs On Best Cartflows Alternatives:

👉 What are CartFlow’s payment options?

With CartFlow you can use some of its well-integrated payment options like PayPal, iDeal, Strips, etc. For upsells, you could also pay via CartFlows’ cash on delivery option.

💥 What is the main difference between SamCart and OptimizePress?

With SamCart, you can create detailed sales reports, which are not possible with OptimizePress. However, with OptimizePress, you can pay a one-time fee and also create a page for your blog, which SamCart does not allow.

💼 What is offered to users in the Thrive Suite?

Here, users can get their hands on all the plugins offered by the website. They can also get round the clock support, access to exclusive and unique templates, and much more.

Some More Brief On Cartflows Alternatives

1. Optimize Press

The list of alternatives begins with one of the most affordable options to the CartFlows, which is none other than the Optimize Press. It is a lot focused on WordPress websites. The process of creating the marketing funnels becomes a whole lot easier.

Here you can not just build a comprehensive funnel for sales, and you also get a chance of making the journey of your visitors pretty interesting. With this platform, you can be building webinar funnels, launch funnels, sales funnels as well as list building funnels.

It is super easy to create a funnel and pages of different types if you wish to expand the subscribers and sell them the deliverables.

You just have to choose the type of funnel you wish to create and then choose the one amongst hundred of beautiful and optimized funnel types that the platform has to offer. It is super easy to control all the visual aspects of the creation as well as editing on the basis of your needs.

Its pricing plan starts from 99 per year.

2. Thrivecart

ThriveCart sales funnel builder- Thrivecart vs Cartflowes

The next Cartflows alternative on our list is the Thrive Cart that offers you a wide range of features as well as great pricing. ThriveCart can work wonders when creating pages that can convert well, sales funnel in just a click, affiliate programs, and track the businesses.

With this platform, you get to lay hands on the intuitive and optimized checkout templates that are ready for use and can improve the rate of conversion. The best part about these templates is that they can work well on any device, and thus purchasing becomes easy for the users.

You can make changes in just a few simple clicks and get a plethora of features to lay your hands on, like the embeddable cart, funnel builder, upsells, 1-click bump offers, A/B testing, discount URL, auto-

responder integrations, coupons, webhook, auto follow-up, customer hub, in-depth statistics, auto-retry, 2-step cart, and 2-factor authentication. The platform also offers you a wide range of robust integrations.

3. SamCart


SamCart is the third alternative on our list with the drag and drops feature that can be pretty helpful in improving the rate of conversion of the website. You can also integrate with the tools you like making the working of your website super smooth.

With SamCart, you can design the sales page efficiently, optimize the revenue and offer incredible customer support. There are three paid pricing plans that start from about $49 every month. Before you commit to the product, you get a free trial of 14 days.

4. PayKickStart


The next robust sales funnel builder we will be talking about is the PayKickStart. With this platform, you can build your sales funnel along with the form editors and the checkout pages. This feature-packed solution has an in-build affiliate management center and great payment systems.

From their more than 50 checkout templates, you can get started with the process. The checkout can be either embedded to the site or added as a popup.

Its custom API lets you add PayKickStart to the backend. The platform also enables you to add the upsells, downsells as well as order bumps.

You also get flexible models for pricing to choose from. Other features offered by this solution include advanced-level analytics as well as reporting systems, integrated system for licensing, lead CPA tracking, robust integrations, and a lot more.

5. Kartra

This all-in-one solution can do a wide array of jobs for you. It can be a funnel builder as well as a shopping cart software right at the same time.

It can also serve as a tool for email marketing. The platform offers various business tools Marketplace, Helpdesks, and Calendar.

Kartra offers advanced level checkouts in order to sell the products online. It can tag the buyers automatically and score them on the basis of the engagement. Your leads get hyper-targeted emails on the basis of lead scoring. It can prove to be a course membership program, a funnel builder, and an email marketing solution.

Conclusion – Which is the Best CartFlows Alternative?

Choosing a sales funnel can be a daunting experience. Sales funnels help businesses grow beyond compare, not just monetarily, but also in terms of their customer base. Getting your hands on the right sales funnel can mean exponential growth for your company. 

Before you go ahead and choose a sales funnel that can impact your company, it is essential to do an in-depth analysis of all the options available to you.

Apart from this, before you make a decision, it is important to make a detailed list of all the needs you want the software you choose to fulfil.

Only once this is done, can you analyze the features, pros, cons, and tools offered by each software and make a decision. I hope you have got some valuable information through this article on the Cartflows Alternatives and you are not on the right path to choosing the software that will help your company best.

Before you make a decision that can impact the future of your company, it is essential to know more about what your options are. Gaining insight into CartFlows alternatives is sure to help you make the best decision for your company. If you don’t believe me, you can try it for yourself.

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