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15 Best Carrd Examples 2022: [Best Carrd Examples And Ideas You’ll Love ]

Carrd is a great (and did I mention free?) way to create a one-page website for your business, cause, or even your own profile.

Here are 28 examples of Carrd websites to give you ideas.

From pages for K-pop fans to a directory of personal portfolios to a landing page for marketing to a simple one-page business site.

I hope these ideas for a Carrd website will give you some ideas.

Carrd is free to use, but if you want extra features like a custom domain, you should get the pro version, which starts at only $9 per year.


15 Best Carrd Examples

Here are some of the best carrd examples:

Best Carrd Examples

1. 5576

In addition to his corporate branding and 3D illustration work, Ivan has a branded portfolio website called 5576 dedicated to his best work.

2. Mudrex

Mudrex started cryptostars to help promote up-and-coming crypto influencers on YouTube.

Carrd, which is usually used for one-page websites, was used to build a well-designed landing page. Every URL on this landing page is a link to a site outside of this one.

3. Email Octopus

EmailOctopus made a landing page for one of their pages with resources. Carrd websites are often used in the same way: to make a simple one-page site that collects emails and subscribers.

4. My Connection

My Connection is a security company that helps businesses stay connected and send and receive emails and messages in a safe way.

This simple business website, which was built on Carrd, has a number of tabs and a contact form to generate leads.

5. Machine Gum Music

Machine Gun should not be mixed up with Kelly and Machine Gum make their own pretty cool experimental music.

Eduardo Palma is the one who made this cool animated sci-fi rainbow home page.

6. Haven Wellness

Haven counseling tries to use evidence-based methods like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy to help people with mental health problems get better.

Their website has a simple design; clients can use an online form to schedule a counseling session.

7. Aaron Payne

Aaron Payne is a visual artist who focuses on portraits and photography of products. On his website, there is a beautiful picture of him as well as links to his online portfolio.

You can also follow him on different social media sites.

8. Songs and Sorcery

People in the Carrd community use personal profile pages a lot. Here is the profile of the anonymous person.

Elliot (SongsAndSorcery) talks about the strange things he does as a digital artist and his background in different projects. Send him a message if you want to hire someone to make a sick piece of art.

9. 3JCarts

Another common thing to see in the Carrd community, especially among KPOP fans, are fan pages.

Carrd lets you change the layout and design, so fans who are creative can have fun making a cool fan page for their idols.

10. Mar-Vell Aiyunis J

Carrd is free and easy to use, so many people have spent a lot of time making simple websites about movies, music, art, and other things.

Mar-Vell is a fan site where people talk about characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and X-MEN.

11. BTS Content

This Carrd website was for people who like BTS.

Here, they linked to a massive list of English-subtitled BTS content, including interviews, music videos, behind-the-scenes clips, docuseries, and more!

12. Monsta Access

The K-Pop boy band Monsta Access has more than 10 million fans on social media.

Carrd created this website in order to keep fans updated on the group’s projects, radio shows, music, and social media activities.

13. Mya

Another Carrd profile page or K-pop fan site! Mya made this cute fan site because she really likes Chae Yeong from Itzy.

Given how well the pastel green background and the font go together, this website’s design is something to be admired.

14. Compounding Copy

Desi Chandler is in charge of the group of writers who make up Compounding Copy.

This page on Carrd’s website is a landing page that he made so that he could give his subscribers free, in-depth critiques of their writing. If you want to learn how to write, you should check it out.

15. KeeHos Luvr

This Kee Ho fan site has a really nice design. This design is really unique because of the fonts, formatting, and layout, none of which are typical.

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Conclusion: Carrd Examples 2022

If you’re looking for an easy (and free) way to create a one-page website, Carrd is a great option.

With a wide range of templates and easy-to-use tools, you can have a professional website up and running in no time.

And if you need extra features, the pro version is just $9 per year. So why not give Carrd a try?

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