WP Super Cache vs WPRocket

If you are looking for a free cache plugin for WordPress site, then WPSuperCache is definitely the choice. But if you want a more powerful cache plugin by investing some money, then WPRocket is the choice. If you want to decide between WPSuperCache vs WPRocket, then look at the features and choose one.


WP Super Cache

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Features comparison of
WP Super Cache vs WPRocket

Ease of Use
Reduce HTTP request
Lazy loading
Database Optimization

More about WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is a free caching plugin that generates static HTML files so the web server serves these optimized files instead of heavier scripts. Almost 99% of your site visitors will be served static HTML files for over thousand times. There are three types of caching viz. Expert, simple, and WP-cache caching. the WP-cache caching caches your site for known users who are logged in or those who leave comments. If you want to use WP-cache caching, then set the constant “DISABLE_SUPERCACHE” to 1 in your wp-config.php or else leave it to 0.

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More about WPRocket


Working with WPRocket is not a rocket-science. You simply have to install the plugin, activate it, and enjoy a rocket speed website performance. Your site loads ultra-fast with automatic page caching right away. Even if you have an online store on WooCommerce, your site will run smoothly with no clutters in the purchasing process. WPRocket is one amazing WordPress plugin that works seamlessly with any WordPress theme and web hosting service, so you have a stress-free experience. RocketCDN is custom CDN service that makes your site loading time super-fast for international visitors.

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WP Super Cache's Pricing

You don’t have to pay a single penny to use WPSuperCache as it is completely free. Simply go to the plugin section of your WordPress dashboard. Search for WPSuperCache, click on Install, and then Activate the plugin.

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WPRocket's Pricing


You can choose WPRocket plans based on the number of sites you run on WordPress. If you have a single website, you can choose the Single plan at only $49 per year. For more sites, you have to upgrade the plan.

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WP Super Cache's Support


WPSuperCache is free WordPress plugin with support and documentation available from the WordPress team. You can checkout tutorials on how to get started with the plugin.

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WPRocket's Support


For any technical issues, general issues, or sales related question, you can contact the WPRocket support team and get response within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better WP Super Cache or WPRocket

If you are a looking for a free WordPress caching plugin, then WP Super Cache is the best. But if you want a premium WordPress caching plugin, then WPRocket is the best.

What is the best caching plugin?

WP Super Cache is the best caching plugin that allows you to automatically cache your site and boost your site speed.

What does WP Super Cache do?

WP Super Cache is a free WordPress cache plugin that optimizes page load times by rendering your site & server load. It stores a static copy of posts and images and serves the user the static files. This loads your site faster from any location.

A free plugin comes with basic features, so if you want more features that improve your site SEO and conversion rate, then choose a paid plugin. Comparing between WPSuperCache vs WPRocket, we can conclude that even though WPRocket is not free but offers bundled features. If you have just started a website, then choose WPSuperCache, otherwise WPRocket is the best plugin.

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