Wordfence vs iTheme Security

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wordfence security good?

Wordfence security is one of the best WordPress security plugins to protect your site from hacks and malware.

Is iTheme safe?

iThemes security plugin is another good plugin for WordPress security with a suite of tools to eliminate most of the threats.

Is iThemes security Pro worth it?

You can choose either iThemes security free or pro plugin. The free plugin as obvious comes with less features. Going with the pro plugin will give you advanced features to protect your site 360 degrees.

Security is essential for WordPress sites as it is easy to get hacked and expose personal information. To secure your site from vulnerabilities like malware and hacking attacks, you need a security tool. Wordfence and iThemes security are two of the best security plugins for your WordPress site. So read this in-depth comparison between Wordfence vs iThemes security and secure your site from attacks.



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iTheme Security

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Features comparison of
Wordfence vs iTheme Security

Real-time monitoring
IP blacklisting
Premium Support
Limit login attempts
Email alerts

More about Wordfence


Wordfence helps you stay ahead of your attackers with real-time monitoring of your WP site. In real-time, the plugin blocks all the IPs that are known to attack WordPress sites, thereby improving site performance.  You can check your site reputation to detect whether it is blacklisted or unharmful for users. Your site is protected around the clock with latest firewall updates blocking malicious content. With premium support, you will never be left out alone anytime till you are using Wordfence.

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More about iTheme Security


iThemes is the best security plugin for WordPress site taking out the guesswork with no technical expertise required. You can limit the number of login attempts per user so when the login attempts exceeds, the user get locked. If a hacker managed to get into your site and make changes, you will get notified alerts on your email. If you are not working on your site for 24 hours, you can lock the access for everyone, so nobody could make the changes. To confuse the attackers, you can change your WordPress login URL.

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Wordfence's Pricing


Whether you have a single website or multiple, you can choose a plan of your choice depending upon the number of sites you have. The basic plan is $199 per year. As you increase the number of subscription years, you will get discount further.

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iTheme Security's Pricing


The iThemes security pro offers three packages starting at $80 per year for a single website. If you want security for more than 10 sites, you can upgrade the plan.

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Wordfence's Support


The Wordfence premium support is awesome with senior support engineers responding to premium tickets within few hours. There is a direct line to the QA and development teams.

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iTheme Security's Support


iThemes provides support from Monday to Friday via email. You can choose a question, fill up the form, and submit your issue. You will be responded within 24 business hours. For any technical issues, you can contact the help desk by signing in to your account.

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So, are you ready to protect your site with an intelligent security WordPress plugin? Choose from the two most widely used security plugin after comparing their pricing and features. Wordfence vs iThemes security will help you choose the best one. iThemes Security has more features than Wordfence, hence is a preferred choice.

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