Bright Data Scraping Browser Review 2024: Bypass Toughest Blocks

Bright Data Scraping Browser


Bright Data Scraping Browser is an all-in-one automated browser created specifically for data scraping. It has a number of features and advantages that make it a viable tool for data scraping operations. Bright Data Scraping Browser saves you time, money, and resources by providing you with a browser that can do anything.

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  • A fast-speed reliable network for working with data.
  • Operational support.
  • Simple and efficient to use.
  • Operational support.
  • Flexible pricing plans.


  • Certainly not the cheapest service around.


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Are you tired of getting blocked while trying to scrape data from websites? Look no further than Bright Data’s Scraping Browser.

This innovative solution comes equipped with built-in website unblocking capabilities, including CAPTCHA solving, automatic retries, and more, making data scraping a breeze.

But don’t just take our word for it – with a success rate of over 90%, it’s no wonder that Scraping Browser is the go-to solution for businesses and developers looking to scale their data scraping projects.

So why continue to struggle with getting past website blocks when Scraping Browser can do it all for you?

What Are Scraping Browsers & Why Use Them?

A scraping browser is an automatic browser that coders use to get information. It can be controlled by high-level APIs like Puppeteer and Playwright, and it has built-in ways to unblock websites.

A scraping browser is different from an empty website in that it has a graphical user interface (GUI) that lets you choose how it works.

When developers scrape data, they use automatic browsers to render a page in JavaScript or connect to a website. For instance, moving, changing pages, clicking, and even taking screenshots. Also, browsers can help with big projects that need to scrape data from many pages at once.

A scraping Browser is a much better way to scale data scraping projects and get around blocks than using empty browsers. Headless browsers don’t have a user interface that you can see.

When scraping data, these browsers are often used with proxies, but software that protects against bots can easily find them. This makes it hard to gather a lot of data at once.

The fact that Bright Data’s computers can open Scraping Browser is also a plus. Because of this, it is great for projects that need to be made bigger.

Developers can open as many Scraping Browsers as they want without having to pay for a pricey system on their own computers.

Also, software that looks for bots is less likely to find the Scraping Browser because it has a GUI interface. This makes it a better tool for scraping data that people can trust.

What is Bright Data Scraping Browser?

The Bright Data Scraping Browser is an automated, all-in-one browser that was made for scraping data. It is run by a proxy network that has won awards and has more than 72 million IPs and the ability to target any country, city, carrier, or ASN.

This paid proxy service is the best option for developers who need to scrape a lot of data. It also works with Puppeteer, which makes it stronger than automated and headless browsers.

Bright Data Scraping Browser Review

The Bright Data Scraping Browser is made to make scraping data fast, simple, and safe. It uses high-tech tools like AI-driven captchas and bot detection to make sure that data extraction goes smoothly.

With the Bright Data Scraping Browser, users can easily and quickly get information from any website in a safe way.

Features of Bright Data Scraping Browser

Web scraping at scale is made easier with Bright Data’s scraping browser.

1. Automatic management of website unlocking operations

A key part of the program is that it handles the process of unlocking websites automatically. This means doing things like solving CAPTCHAs and getting the fingerprints of browsers, among other things.

This can save developers time and money if they need to get a lot of data from websites.

2. Outsmart bot-detection software

Another important thing about Bright Data’s scraping browser is that it can fool software that looks for bots.

Not only can scrapers use AI technology to get around bot-detection systems, but they can also get better opening rates when they use proxies instead of AI technology.

3. Highly scalable

Bright Data’s scraping browser is also easy to scale up, so developers can add as many browsers as they need to their scraping projects as they grow.

The browsers are housed on the infrastructure of Bright Data, which is made to handle a lot of traffic and requests.

4. Compatible with both Puppeteer (Python) and Playwright (Node.js)

Lastly, Bright Data’s scraping browser works with both Puppeteer (Python) and Playwright (Node.js), which lets developers deal with browser sessions and interact with websites to get data.

This can help with scraping projects that require hitting buttons, scrolling, or adding text to web pages.

Bright Data Scraping Browser – Major Benefits

Bright Data Scraping Browser is an automatic browser that can do everything. It was made for scraping data. It has a lot of features and perks that make it a reliable tool for data scraping projects. Here are some of its most important advantages:

Bright Data Scraping Browser's Features

1. Saves resources & time:

Bright Data Scraping website gives you a website that can do everything, which saves you time, money, and other resources.

With the Scraping Browser, makers don’t have to build their own infrastructure or rely on third-party services to open. The browser is set up so that it is easy to scrape data, which makes it a useful tool that saves time and money.

2. Ideal for scaling:

Scalability is one of the most important benefits of using Bright Data Scraping Browser. The browser can handle tens of thousands of sessions at once if it is saved on the Bright Data server.

Because of this, it is great for projects that need to scrape a lot of data from many pages at once. The Scraping Browser is made to handle multiple sessions, which makes it a good tool for getting information from many websites at once.

3. Unblocks sites for you:

One of the hardest parts of data scraping is getting around website blocks. Bright Data Scraping Browser handles new blocks, CAPTCHAs, fingerprints, and retries quickly and looks like a real user.

Coders don’t have to worry about unblocking websites by hand or paying for third-party services when they use the Scraping Browser.

4. Puppeteer compatible:

The Bright Data Scraping Browser works with Puppeteer, which is a well-known API for scraping data. This makes the Scraping Browser better at getting around tools and site blocks that look for bots than automatic and empty browsers.

With Puppeteer, developers have more freedom and power over how the browser works. This makes it easier and more reliable to scrape info.

Bright Data Scraping Browser & How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Visit the Bright Data Scraping Browser website and select your preferred plan.

Visit the Bright Data Scraping Browser website

Step – 2: Enter the requested information, check the box, and click “Create Account”.

Enter the requested information

Step – 3: Complete the sign-up form and click on the ‘Sign up’ button.

Complete the sign-up form

Step – 4: Go to Bright Data Scraping Browser and click on ‘Get Started’.

Now 'Get Started'

Step – 5: Click on the ‘Save and Activate’ button.

Click on the 'Save and Activate' button

Step – 6: Complete the billing information, and then click on ‘Save address’.

Complete the billing information

After you have completed the payment, you are all set.

Let me discuss the pricing plans so that it is easier for you to make the choice:

Bright data Scraping Browser pricing Plan

The Bright Data Scraping Browser is priced so that businesses of all sizes, from small startups to big corporations, can afford it. The company has four pricing options, including Pay As You Go, Growth, Business, and Enterprise, to meet the needs of different users.

The Pay As You Go plan is made for people who only need to scrape small amounts or small amounts of data from time to time. It’s a plan with no commitments that lets you pay only for what you use. This plan costs $20.00 per gigabyte + $0.1 per hour.

The Growth plan is perfect for businesses that need to scrape more or more extensive amounts of data. It costs $500 per month and gives you a 10% saving on the Pay As You Go plan. This plan costs $17.00 per gigabyte plus $0.1 per hour.

The most popular plan is the Business plan, which is made for companies that want to grow their data scraping activities. It costs $1000 per month and gives you a 25% saving on the Pay As You Go plan. This plan costs $15.00 per gigabyte + $0.1 per hour.

Lastly, the Enterprise plan is made for businesses that need an SLA (service level agreement) and can grow to any size. The price for this plan is based on your unique needs and requirements and is made just for you.

This plan has benefits like a dedicated account manager, custom pricing per GB, and support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also, you can pay annually and save up to 40% if you want to SAVE more.

Why Do I Recommend Using Bright Data Scraping Browser?

Bright Data Scraping Browser is a type of browser that can be used automatically to get data. Here are some reasons why I think you should use this browser for your projects that involve scraping data:

1. Puppeteer & Playwright Compatible:

Bright Data Scraping Browser works with two famous APIs for automating data scraping: Puppeteer (Python) and Playwright (Node.js).

Puppeteer & Playwright Compatible Features

This makes it easy for programmers to get as many browser sessions as they need and use Puppeteer or Playwright to work with them over a CDP interface. 

2. Scalability:

Bright Data Scraping Browser is kept on Bright Data’s computer, which is very scalable. This makes it great for growing projects that scrape info from the web.

Bright Data Scraping Browser's Scalability Features

With Scraping Browser, developers can add as many browsers as they need to their data scraping projects without having to build an expensive system in-house.

3. Outsmart Any Bot-Detection Software:

The systems that find bots are getting better, which makes it harder and harder to get around them.

Outsmart Any Bot-Detection Software Features

But Bright Data Scraping Browser uses AI to automatically learn how to get around these systems as they change, so developers don’t have to deal with the trouble and cost of using third-party services.

Systems that look for bots see the Scraping Browser as a real user’s browser, which makes it easier to open than proxies.

4. Bypass The Toughest Website Blocks:

Bright Data Scraping Browser handles all jobs for unlocking websites right away and out of sight. This includes JavaScript rendering, cookies, picking data, automatic retries, browser fingerprinting, fixing CAPTCHA, and more.

Bypass The Toughest Website Blocks Features

This tool saves developers a lot of time and money, especially when they have to do difficult things to open a lot of data.

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Conclusion: Bright Data Scraping Browser Review 2024

Bright Data Scraping Browser is a powerful tool for scraping data that has a number of features and benefits that can help you make your scraping projects go more smoothly.

With its ability to open websites quickly, its compatibility with Puppeteer and Playwright, its scalability, and its AI technology, this browser can save you time and money while giving you a better chance of success than proxies. 

Its ability to automatically unlock websites makes it a great tool for scraping in large quantities, where complex unlocking processes are needed.

Whether you run a small business or a big company, Bright Data Scraping Browser is a reliable tool that can help you streamline your data scraping operations and get useful information from the internet.

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