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About Blurb

Blurb has been in business since 2005. It began as a tool to let individuals print their own books at a minimal cost. Photographers from more than 70 countries use Blurb for all of their bookbinding requirements.

Blurb allows you to create photo albums and other products that you can customise with your own photographs. The website has tools that make it simple for both novices and pros to create magazines or professional photo projects.

Why Should You Take Advantage of Blurb Coupons?

Blurb allows you to create your own professional-quality books, magazines, e-books, and picture books. Blurb is a platform that allows all of its users to easily design, manufacture, publish, market, and sell professional-quality printed books and eBooks.

They have formally developed a team of designers and media experts that share a desire to help people bring their stories to life. Blurb is based in San Francisco and also has offices in London.

Blurb was the world’s first platform for producing, printing, and publishing independent books. It facilitates in the publishing of unusual books that are beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and standardized.

Blurb was one of those fantastic big-picture ideas that came true: a marriage of creative freedom with print-on-demand technology.

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Blurb Ease of Use

When it comes to making a book using Blurb, you have a few options. Bookify lets you create your book online, BookWright lets you design offline, and Blurb’s mobile app lets you design while you’re on the go. All of these materials are completely free.

You can also use your own software, such as Adobe InDesign or Photoshop.

You can upload a PDF to Blurb if you wish to print your design using software that isn’t compatible with Blurb. BookWright provides extensive creative freedom, whereas Bookify and Blurb’s mobile apps are restricted in terms of size, layout, and design flexibility.

Blurb offers professional templates for BookWright and InDesign that may be downloaded.

You may also hire Blurb to design your book, as well as assist with editing and marketing. When you’re happy with your design, you can preview your book in Blurb’s preview mode.


There are four basic designs to pick from: clean and simple, elegant, bold black, and fun and quirky. Your images are utilized to fill the pages in the first style. All of the pages in the Elegant design have a white backdrop.

When you select Bold Black, the entire book is black. You may alter the background color using the Fun and Funky style. But the templates for all styles are the same, and you can also put text in the blanks.

There are also text-only layouts that can be used to style books. It has spaces set aside for the title, the copyright, and the text. You can choose the page layouts based on how many photos you want to put on one page. You can zoom in or out on the photos, turn them around, and fit them in either horizontally or vertically.

Blurb Pros & Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Templates and designs that are efficient
  • Many other photo printing services are more expensive.
  • Option to contribute both photographs and text to the project More creative power over the project, including the ability to submit your own PDF Book style guidelines are included.
  • Offers overnight shipping with good picture, paper, and binding quality.


  • Blurb does not offer phone support.
  • No edit or effects available

Best Blurb Alternatives

Here are a few of our favorite Blurb alternatives that I’ve tried before:

1) Vista Print:

If you want to build a picture book on demand, Vista Print is a wonderful place to start. They claim to be able to print books in around two days, which is great because I wouldn’t order anything from them any sooner. Their quality isn’t ideal, but it’s near, and the price-to-quality ratio makes them an excellent pick.

Vista Print also produces a variety of additional goods such as business cards, calendars, magnets, and more, making its catalog quite adaptable. They also provide extensive book customization possibilities, as well as a vast range of sizes and shapes – far more than Blurb!

2) MOO:

Another online service that can let you publish your book on-demand is MOO. They, like Blurb, provide a variety of book sizes and shapes to pick from. They also provide complete cover customisation for an extra fee, as well as printing on high-quality paper.

In comparison to a Blurb alternative, MOO’s customisation choices are still restricted. While there have been a few complaints regarding the quality of their printing on the internet, it appears that the majority of consumers were pleased with the outcomes.

The advantage is that orders may take up to a month to arrive.

Conclusion: Blurb Coupons, Discount Codes

After browsing the Blurb website and viewing the finished output, we believe it is safe to conclude that this website is ideal for formal or semi-formal projects, particularly book printing or picture bookbinding.

It offers basic, easy-to-use templates and predesigned formats to make users’ lives simpler. The pricing range is also considerably cheaper than those of websites such as Mixbook or Shutterfly.

Check out the Blurb Coupon and promo codes to get your instant discount now.

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