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A Brief Discussion About the Six Pitfalls That Bloggers Find Hard to Avoid

Mistakes while blogging are common for first-time bloggers. And if you choose a suitable platform to post your blog contents then you require adhering to certain rules of blog posting and unless you do that your blog do not get posted.

Blogging Pitfalls

So, what are the common mistakes that bloggers make while blogging?

Not Having a Clear Understanding About the Topic

The most common mistake is not to have a clear understanding of the topic on which they write blogs, contents. If you do not have a have a fair notion about the topic then it is difficult on your part to author quality contents and grab the attention of readers. It is therefore advisable to refer to similar contents written by other writers and then check their style of writing, draw inspiration and incorporate the same while authoring contents as a blogger.

Bloggers Often Seem Puzzled How to Put Their Creations to Proper Use

The next important thing that many bloggers overlook is while they blog they are puzzled how to put their creations to good use.

Some write contents with the objective to make money. And if that is the scenario then let me say, mere writing blogs won’t help unless you promote a particular product, service. If your product or service is of standard quality then let me tell you that you can make good amount of money by writing blogs.

Some maintain blogs in order to gain expertise in a particular niche. Getting listed in the lists of top 1o blogs is a big deal and some individuals go after that.

Some write blogs and contents on a routine basis to hone their writing skills, abilities.

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Improper formatting

The other type of mistakes that most new bloggers do is when they do not format the blog posts properly and as a result the content, even if it is well written does not attract the attention of the readers. By a well formatted blog what is meant is short paragraphs, appropriate fonts, sub-headings, bullet points if required. The objective is to make the content attractive so that it draws the attention of more and more readers.

Non-Regular Blog Posting

If you are a regular blog poster and at the same time write quality contents then you can find more and more readers. But if you are an erratic blog poster then your readers will simply lose interest in you. It is therefore advisable to post blogs on a regular basis so that your readers do not lose interest in you.

Bloggers Making Editing Errors

Another big mistake that bloggers often make when they make errors in editing their blog posts properly. If you make mistakes in editing your blog posts, then such actions greatly reduce your chances of success as a blogger. If you are promoting a product or service and you are making silly mistakes then as the readers read your post they get repelled by the contents that you have posted.

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Tips to Check Editing Mistakes

There are a few tips that one can use to check editing mistakes. Once a blog is written, and then check it thoroughly.

Some software is available and individuals can use such software to check the spellings.

If a sentence or a paragraph is poorly written poorly then it is recommended to rewrite it altogether.

Prior publishing seek suggestions from a friend who is skilled in the field of writing blogs and who have enough knowledge in blog posting.


Mistakes which are commonly observed that blog posters post their blogs, contents without giving a clue to the readers the next course of action. For instance, if you are promoting a particular business then you need to provide the link to the business so that the readers can follow the link and get more information about the business. Or if you provide links to social networking websites in your blog contents then you can surely expect your business to proliferate.

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