How Can a Blogger Excel as a Twitter Specialist

The great Mark Twain in one of his letters to a close confidante had expressed his desire to write a short letter, but said that time didn’t allow him to do so. This is a fact, which has been proved repeatedly over the years. Modern day bloggers offer some great articles when the required content may be anywhere in the range of 400 to 600.

However, if there is a need to give out a 140 character message on twitter, plenty of them will falter. It can really get tough to get your viewpoint to readers in a mere 140 characters. Moreover, a key factor to note that any small mistake in those 140 characters can have a devastating impact. One may lose out both on readership and reputation.

Twitter Specialist
Twitter Specialist

However, one must note that with twitter messages being a key part of modern life, it just cannot be ignored. The key should be to market the blog and twitter messages certainly play a key role. One will therefore have to get it correct and here are a few steps, which if followed should make sure that the twitter messages are equally great as the blogs.

Check the Spelling and Grammar:

Be it a small message or a blog, one should never forget the basics of writing. It is essential to make sure that grammar and spelling need to be perfect. One must convey the message quite concisely but in perfect English and without hiccups.

Keep a Cool Head:

One should note that plenty of people will say or even do absurd stuff. However, that certainly does not give one the liberty to abuse on twitter. One must note that twitter has a wide reach and soon the small tweet may come back to haunt. In fact, there have been instances where abusive tweets have even lead to alienating of followers. However, that does not mean one takes everything lying down. One can always criticize factual policies, but without crossing the line.

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Just Ignore Any Twitter Attacks:

Now, just because you have not crossed the line does not mean that the followers are expected to listen here. There are bound to be instances when followers may use abusive terms on the twitter. Here, it is essential to note that one should not get into a counter slang with them. Experienced twitter followers say that is best to ignore these online troublemakers and they will look for some other playground.

It Should Only Be the Hard Facts:

Twitter is certainly not the place where one may get to write a history or geography examination. It is a factual communication place and in those 140 characters one will need to communicate the entire crux of the matters. Hence, it should only be nothing but the hard facts.

Try to Be Neutral:

A celebrity can always boast about his/her personal belongings and achievements. However, as a blogger who has taken to twitter, it is best to keep a neutral viewpoint. Going overboard regarding a specific product will only lead to a suspicion in the mind of followers that you may have accepted money from its makers. This can hamper credibility substantially and followers may no longer want to trust you.

Sound Like an Expert:

Experts have insisted on being a complete political blogger or staying off it completely. It is dangerous to tread the middle path. In fact, most experts insist that the tweets should never breach a subject. The key will be to stay focused and convey the message thoroughly.

Do Not Commit Mistakes:

As a blogger, who has taken to the twitter, one should never commit mistakes and be a laughing stock for others. Years of hard work as a blogger can be wiped out due to a bad tweet.

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These are a few areas, which a blogger one will need to work upon. It is essential to send out the perfect tweet and not commit and mistake or even cross the line regarding issues of insensitivity. A small but wrong 140 character tweet can wipe out all hard work, which one may do to get established as a blogger.

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