Five Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Blog Archives

If you have been blogging for a while it is not unnatural to find yourself sitting on a pile of old posts and backlogs. However, procrastinating upon the archiving work is the biggest mistake you can possibly make at the moment. So today we are here to discuss how to make the most of all your blog posts, both your newest ones and the oldest ones.


ReShare the Awesomeness

If you have created it you must re-share it. It is that simple. All your old work which is now under piles of posts, links and shares need to be excavated once again. You can share them once again on Facebook or Twitter or you can simply share a part of their infographics on Pinterest. This is a very important step by which you can reach out to your old audience and build a new fan-base by sharing useful content.

You can also create follow up posts before hitting a re-share …

A very easy to way to create a buzz about an old post besides re-sharing is to create follow up posts. For example, if one of your posts saw an incredibly high response from the audience, you should immediately seize the opportunity to create a new post with elements from the old one. Following up is an effective way to let your readers re-discover popular old posts and gaining high footfalls.

Use Wholesome Mailing Solutions

Create a mailing list of your old followers and do not forget to remind them of the jewels they unearthed at your website. This is a fairly simple process where you can manually incorporate a number of your faithful followers and readers into a weekly, bimonthly or monthly mailing list. The mails usually bear links of posts old and new which you are at complete liberty of choosing. This is really a great way to share old content and redirect traffic towards your blog archives.

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Do Not Forget to Update Your Old Posts

This is a super easy way to attract some good reader attention to old posts on your website. This is not as time consuming as it may look like because a good blogger always knows his way around the contents of his old posts. Once these posts have stopped creating a stir, it is time to attend to the old reader comments you may have “missed”, you can choose to correct grammatical errors, tweak a little with the contents, add a new picture or infographics and re-share them on social media. This is a very old and yet very effective strategy to rejuvenate old posts and keep your blog memorable.

Always Classify Your Posts by Tags and Categories

This makes it extremely easy for anyone to find old posts. Instead of skimming through thousands of posts at random, a person can look through particular categories with the help of particular tags to locate a specific post from the past. The list of categories should be balanced, because –

  • A very small list of categories defeats the entire purpose of categorization.
  • A huge list confounds the readers and saps the value of the categorization process.

Categorization should aid the process of exploring past posts based on broad topic areas without creating any confusion.

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Do Not Shy Away from Using Archiving Plugins

These snazzy plugins can do much more than simply arrange your blogs according to dates and months. You can simply add these shortcodes to your blog website template and get awesome visual categorization of your posts according to dates, topics, alphabetical orders and much more complete with thumbnail introductory pictures. Studies show that archives with such appealing looks attract more visitors as compared to the plain Janes doing their rounds in the tech-world.

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