Top 5 Biggest Educational Technology Trends In Near Future 2024

This article explores the “Top 5 Biggest Educational Technology Trends In Near Future.”

While prior educational trends have met with varied degrees of success, the trends that have emerged over the last few years have fundamentally altered the nature of the industry and are, without a question, here to stay for the foreseeable future.

All levels of schooling, from kindergarten to graduate school, are beginning to use online and cloud-based delivery systems.

A USD 30 billion market is expected to develop in India over the next decade as a result of the disruptive nature of edtechs, which are the new School 2.0.

The range of possible learning experiences has been substantially expanded because to the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud storage, and immersive settings.

Top 5 Biggest Educational Technology Trends In Near Future

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The Following Are the Top 5 Biggest Educational Technology Trends In Near Future

1. Subscription Services For Lifelong Learning:

Major shifts occurred in the way that schools functioned even within the past two years. The exponential growth of digital resources has prompted a fundamental change in the way schools and students use educational resources.

The emergence of learning aggregators like DBMCI’s digital platform eGurukul, which provides students with an alternative to time-consuming and inconvenient in-person coaching by providing them with convenient online learning opportunities, has contributed to the growth of online education.

This is one of the trends that will be around for good since it was developed specifically to satisfy the needs of modern businesses.

2. A Mixture Of Real, AI, AR, And VR

We’ve come to expect our news and entertainment to be delivered to us in short, bite sized chunks that catch our attention immediately. The advent of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) is certain to change every aspect of human life, including schooling.


Using these resources, students will be able to advance at their own pace and excel at any work assigned to them, paving the way for more personalised forms of instruction and distance learning.

3. Nano-Learning

The innovative use of EdTech in this class is introduced. This new form of digital distribution allows students to access a wealth of information in the form of ultra-bite-sized courses whenever and whenever they need it.

Since nano-learning so naturally accommodates people’s need to learn new things in today’s fast-paced environment, it will continue to grow in popularity.

4. Personalized Education

No longer are parents willing to look the other way while a single teacher oversees a class of at least 50 pupils.

Personalized education is quickly becoming the standard in today’s schools because of the rising diversity and complexity of today’s classrooms and the availability of technology that helps teachers better address the requirements of each individual student.

Technology technologies may help educators broaden their students’ horizons beyond the prescribed curriculum.

5. Gamification

The word “edutainment” has been widely shared around in the industry for some time now, and its position there is now firmly established.

Students are more likely to actively participate in lessons when they are using many senses, since the immersive nature of educational games promotes active learning.


Education’s future is uncertain if it doesn’t adapt to the changing technological landscape. The fact of the future of education is that keeping up with the latest technology advances is no longer a choice but a need.

The quick, modular, and addictive nature of today’s approaches to skill acquisition guarantee that these fads will continue to grow in popularity.

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