The Best Search Engines of 2022

It’s hard to believe we’re already well into the 2020s. The last decade has flown by, and the world of search engines has changed a lot in that time. In 2010, Google was the undisputed king of search, with Bing and Yahoo! lagging far behind.

But fast-forward to today and things look very different. Google is still on top, but Microsoft’s Bing has made significant inroads, while Yahoo! has all but disappeared from the landscape.

Well, now it’s time to do it again. Here are our predictions for the best search engines in 2022.

Best Search Engines of 2022


Google logo- best search engines

There’s no doubt that Google will still be one of the top search engines in 2022.

The company has consistently innovate and improve its search offerings, delivering searchers exactly what they’re looking for—and then some. In addition to traditional text-based searches, Google now offers image searches, video searches, and even voice-activated searches. And with the company’s recent purchase of wearable technology company Fitbit, it’s likely that Google will also become a major player in the fitness tracking market.

There’s no surprise here. Google is still the king when it comes to search engines. They handle over 3.5 billion searches per day and have over 70% of the market share.



Founded in 2008, DuckDuckGo is a relative newcomer to the world of search engines. But don’t let that fool you—DuckDuckGo is a powerful search engine that offers a number of unique features. For starters, DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect or share any personal information about its users.

While they’ve had to make some changes to their algorithms to keep up with the competition, they’re still the most accurate and user-friendly option out there.

This makes it a great choice for anyone who values privacy. In addition, DuckDuckGo doesn’t show different results to different users based on their location or search history—something that other search engines do (including Google). As a result, you’re always getting unbiased results when you use

What sets them apart from other search engines is their commitment to privacy. They don’t track your searches or sell your data like Google does, which has made them very popular with users who are concerned about their online privacy.


Bing- best search engines

Bing is Microsoft’s answer to Google, and while they’re not quite as popular, they’re still a force to be reckoned with.

While it still trails Google in terms of market share, Microsoft’s Bing has come a long way since its launch in 2009. These days, Bing powers searches not just on Microsoft’s own properties like MSN and Edge, but also on Yahoo! and AOL.

They handle over 12 billion searches per month and have a market share of around 5%. One of the things that sets Bing apart is their integration with Microsoft products like Office and Outlook, which gives them an edge with users who are already familiar with Microsoft products.

In addition, Bing has partnered with a number of other companies, including Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, to power their searches as well. Thanks to these partnerships, as well as its own continued innovation, Bing is now a serious contender in the search engine space.


Once upon a time, Yahoo! was one of the most popular sites on the internet—but those days are long gone. These days, Yahoo! is powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. While this partnership has helped keep Yahoo! afloat, it’s safe to say that the once-mighty company is now a shadow of its former self.

Yahoo! may not be as popular as they once were, but they’re still hanging in there.

They offer a solid search experience and have a market share of around 2%. One of the things that sets Yahoo! apart from other search engines is their focus on news and current events. If you’re looking for breaking news, Yahoo! is always a good option.


There you have it—a look at some of the top search engines that are likely to be leading the pack in 2022. While Google is still expected to dominate the search landscape, there are a number of other companies that are making significant strides in this arena.

So, whether you’re looking for a privacy-centric option or just want a change of pace from Google, be sure to give one of these other search engines a try in the coming years.

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