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5 Best Scalable WordPress Hosting To Increase Server Resources Easily In 2021

Is your website running out of space and you want to upgrade your hosting plan? You might want to take a look at these scalable WordPress Hosting to increase server resources and enhance your website performance.

List of 5 Best Scalable WordPress Hosting To Increase Server Resources Easily In 2021



Cloudways provides you with a scalable, high-performance hosting service that can be scaled according to your needs. Let us worry about the complexities of web hosting while you focus on what matters to your business – growing and delivering amazing products/services!                                                                                                          

The company offers unmatched reliability and scalability for all types of websites. It does this by placing them in state-of-the-art data centers where they’re monitored 24×7. You’ll never experience downtime ever again. This is due to the provision of a 99% uptime guarantee at no extra cost.

It guarantees you’ll never experience any downtime, server slowdowns, or security breaches. Their support team is available 24×7 through email, chat and phone (1-888-656-5974). It has redundant network connections in each data center.

High Availability ensures your website will be accessible at all times by distributing traffic across multiple IPs located in different regions. Additionally, Google’s Global Anycast Network is used for routing traffic to the nearest exit point.



Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting service for everyone. Whether you are using it to power small websites or bigger needs, Kinsta’s scalable web hosting will help you rock over your competitors with ease.

It runs its technology on cutting-edge hardware and takes customer support seriously. This is because that’s what their true priority is: ‘support.’

With Kinsta as an option, customers can focus on growing the business while knowing they’ll always have expert assistance from when they need it most. Whether there be any issues with the website itself or services provided by Kinsta themselves, it will be resolved.

Last month, Kinsta made it to the Google Cloud Platform Partner Directory, to showcase their hosting platform and services. They showcased challenges they face in order to continue providing optimal service for their growing clientele.

The interview was with Founder Vincent Dignan. The representative addresses how proper use of Google Cloud Platform enabled his company to grow as well as plans moving forward. This includes all things GCP-related!

We encourage you to see what Kinsta is up on Github/Gitlab and check out some of these useful tools:

Kinsta Autoresponder:

This is an easy way for users to get notified about important updates and new features from Kinsta. It also gives us an easy way to reach out about any issues they may be having with their sites.

Kinsta Security:

We have a dedicated team that looks out for potential security issues. The network of security researchers, who continuously scan the web and check for vulnerabilities in CMS’s we support are a part of this.

Our goal is two-fold: prevent downtime by detecting and automatically fixing problems before they occur on your sites and make sure your data is safe from hackers.

Kinsta Docker Integration:

The first WordPress hosting service to offer full Docker integration, so users could take advantage of building their own custom application stacks (go figure!) or simply leverage ready-made solutions such as WP Offload S3.

Kinsta Search:

This is built with the latest Elasticsearch 5, which offers a variety of powerful features including automatic updates, no downtime migrations and support for AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

Kinsta also has you covered when it comes to search engine optimization, offering custom settings that are easy to install. And users can add custom Apache htaccess rules directly from the control panel to take advantage of server-side caching on their sites.



10Web hosting is a managed hosting platform for high-traffic websites; just scale your site on super-fast, scalable website hosting at an affordable price.

This tool uses Google’s best cloud servers and SSDs which provide you with fast page loading speeds that are 3 times faster than the normal web host.

With their FastCGI caching, LXD containers (which automatically optimizes images), PHP scripts & Nginx it’ll be easier to make adjustments.

This can be done without any downtime or slowdowns in performance. If you do not know how to use these technologies but don’t worry they’ll help setup everything right so all can run smoothly!

Plus, unlike other web hosting providers, 10 Web Hosting offers its customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If your website goes down or any of your instances get offline, they will immediately replace the instances for you without charging you an instance fee.

They also provide free domain registration allowing you to control and secure your own domain – that’s not something most cheap web host companies do!

The best part is their prices are really affordable starting from $3/mo which makes sense if you want fast and reliable performance but don’t have deep pockets to buy expensive solutions. Fast loading time with minimal downtime- 10 Web Hosting does it all!



If you’re looking for a reliable WordPress hosting provider with excellent customer service, Nestify can help. With its expert engineers and free migrations from other providers.

It has innovative features that will optimize your site speed, increase conversions, and eliminate outages to keep things running smoothly.

It is one of those rare companies in this industry that actually cares about their customers. They make sure customers have all the information necessary when making decisions.

The basic information includes which web host company would best fit them as well as provide tips on how to maintain healthy website traffic levels going into 2020-2021!

They are considered to be the Cloud Expert Hosting Company with their super fast speed, so your site will load in no time. With SEO experts on board they have also applied for “Google’s preferred hosting partner”.

Nestify is an excellent host that provides free migrations from other web hosting companies. They take pride in their customer service and offer a 35-point checklist to ensure you’ll love your new cloud hosting plan. Their plans include: shared hosting, dedicated servers, WordPress optimized servers and much more!

WP Engine



“WP Engine’s platform is built specifically for WordPress. As an easy-to-use, all-inclusive platform, it is the easiest way to get your business’ website up and running in no time”.

With a host of plugins, features, and tools designed with WordPress developers in mind, you can create a beautiful website.

It is popular because users can access their websites via the client panel or using SSH. The company also provides Media Delivery Network (CDN) which helps improve load times. This enables faster browsing across various browsers as well as operating systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make WordPress scalable?

To scale your WordPress site, you should use caching technology, CDN, and other security measures.

Is WordPress site scalable?

If you choose the right WordPress hosting with scalable resources, then you could easily scale your WordPress site.

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

Cloudways is the top managed WordPress hosting provider that helps you install WordPress at one-click with all the top-notch security features.


Some of these scalable WordPress hosting platforms are expensive but trustworthy. It is always better to spend more money on trusted companies that offer scalable WordPress hosting solutions with good support.

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