Best Restaurant Website Builder: My Favorites

Patrons can discover new food options more easily than ever thanks to the ease of finding new restaurants and delivery services in their area.

My local Google search for restaurants takes only a few seconds. Nevertheless, the majority of patrons prefer to order takeout from a restaurant’s own website or app, according to a study conducted in February 2021.

It means restaurants can’t rely solely on Google or DoorDash for new customers. Restaurants need a customized website that shows off all their services. 

Great restaurant websites include a menu, specials, contacts, delivery options, geo-location services, and even a blog that keeps patrons up-to-date on the latest developments.

I bet you’re thinking: wow, that must be so much work. No worries, though. When you use the best restaurant website builders, even a non-technical person can create a quality website. You could probably have a website by tomorrow if you started today and spent a couple of hours on it. 

You will learn which restaurant website builder is right for you by reading this guide.

Which website builder is best for restaurants?

In the list below are both general website builders as well as those created specifically for building restaurant websites. 

You should carefully review the list before making a selection, and then decide if you would like to accept online orders, link to a POS system, deliver online orders, etc. A restaurant eCommerce builder may be necessary in this case. 

You can opt, however, for a simple website builder if you only want to showcase your menu, display your contact information, and allow customers to make reservations. 

There are plenty of options on our list that are capable of building an informational restaurant and an eCommerce restaurant, so you’re able to make the most of both worlds.

1. Wix

Create, manage, and design a website with ease ($14/month).

Website builder Wix is a powerful tool that can be used by anyone. Although it isn’t specifically designed for restaurant websites, it still has a lot of features that can help restaurant owners improve their presence online. 

Many of the templates available for restaurants are of high quality. 

No matter what level of experience you have, there are powerful marketing tools on the platform that you can use to attract customers, engage them with emails, promote your menus on social media, and take online orders and table bookings.

Key Features:

  • Restaurant Template Collection: With Wix, you can create mobile-ready websites for any type of restaurant, from local cafes to steakhouses to bistros to food trucks.
  • Wix Restaurants App: Visitors to your site can use this app to make reservations, place orders, and specify delivery times, as well as make secure online payments.
  • Personalized Emails: You can easily send your guests email updates about menu changes, new dishes, special offers, etc.

Pros of Wix: 

  • E-commerce with no commissions
  • Integrated drag-and-drop editor
  • Many restaurant websites to choose from
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Efficient online ordering system
  • Easily integrate customer interaction tools like Google Event Calendar

2. Squarespace

It’s the best restaurant website builder for beautiful pages and full functionality ($16/month).

Besides Squarespace, you can also use Shopify to build a beautiful restaurant website using Shopify. 

Several world-class designers have designed fully customizable templates for it. Templates are primarily image-focused, so you can use them to showcase both your venue and restaurant menu items beautifully. 

You should consider Squarespace if you have never created a website before, since it provides instructions every step of the way to help you launch a restaurant website successfully. 

As you learn how to use the platform’s tools, such as the platform’s powerful email tools, you will be able to reach out to and engage your restaurant’s clients more effectively.

Key Features:

  • Restaurant Templates: Squarespace offers you a variety of fully responsive, expertly designed restaurant templates.
  • ECommerce Functionality: You can sell online easily with the platform’s integrated eCommerce engine.
  • Image Customization: You can customize your images to drive user attention via a variety of tools. There are numerous tools for creating logos, cover pages, and images, among others.

Pros of Squarespace:

  • An advanced visual editor
  • Templates for mobile devices that are highly responsive
  • Customize CSS according to your preferences
  • Monitoring the performance of your site with robust analytics
  • Quickly rank with powerful SEO tools

3. Weebly

If you are just starting out, Weebly might be the best option. Its easy-to-use editor allows you to publish your site in minutes. 

The customization options available on this platform are not as robust as those on other platforms on this list. But, if you want to build a simple informational restaurant website, then Weebly is perfect for you. 

Weebly’s platform offers a number of apps that can help you create an eCommerce restaurant website, including apps to accept reservations, track food orders, and display menus, among others.

Key Features:

  • Drag-And-Drop Editing Tools: Website builders like Weebly let you drag elements like text, images, and other elements to build a page.
  • Stylish Restaurant Website Templates: Weebly’s template collection is small, but the food-oriented designs it offers are exceptional.
  • Reliable Support: This platform offers a number of support methods, including live chat, email, and phone support.

Pros of Weebly:

  • Site-building tools that are simple but powerful
  • A video background is available
  • Search function on the site
  • You can choose from tons of customized fonts
  • Ecommerce and business plans are available, as well as a free plan

4. Zyro

For only $2.90/month, you can build exceptional websites using an AI platform.

Creating a restaurant website is easy and quick using Zyro’s tools. At an extremely low cost, this platform gives you all the features and technicalities of a modern, high-performance restaurant website. 

To help your audience learn more about your restaurant experience, you can embed reviews from Yelp, Google, and Trip Advisor. Also, Zyro is cross-browser compatible, fast loading, and mobile-ready. 

You can also use the platform’s basic SEO tools to rank your restaurant website quite easily. Zyro also offers a range of AI-driven tools that can help with website creation and management.

Key Features:

  • Map Integration: This feature allows you to add a map so your customers will be able to locate you more easily.
  • Restaurant Templates: There are many modern, minimalist templates for restaurants available.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Zyro has AI tools to create slogans, copy, logos, and business names.

Pros of Zyro:

  • Tool for building website menus
  • Page editor that is simple and easy to use
  • AI tools that are easy to use for beginners
  • Design templates for restaurants that are stylish and professional
  • Starting at only $3.90 per month, they offer unlimited bandwidth plans that are affordable

5. WordPress with Thrive Themes

Platform with the best flexibility, full customization, and the best price ($228/year).

41% of all websites on the internet use the WordPress CMS (content management system). Using this software, you can create a restaurant website that is free and open-source. Thrive Themes is a company that offers both hosting and themes for this software.

Create WordPress websites using Thrive Themes’ plugins, widgets, and themes. If you choose this site builder, you will also have access to a wide range of tools for building stunning and conversion-focused landing pages, as well as email marketing tools, customer satisfaction surveys, reviews, comments, etc.

Key Features of Thrive Themes:

  • Stunning Restaurant-Specific Templates: With Thrive, you will be able to create a restaurant website that is high-quality and fully customizable.
  • Online Menu Plugins and Add-ons: You can add a restaurant menu to your website using the wide range of tools that are integrated into the platform.
  • Thrive University Training: Thrive offers free training to help you build the best restaurant website possible when you sign up for its suite of tools.

Pros of Thrive Themes:

  • Marketers and salespeople have access to a wide range of tools
  • Conversion-focused, 100% responsive theme
  • Drag-and-drop editor for creating pages
  • Integrations with third-parties
  • The product is very cost-effective

6. Square Online

Our web platform makes it easy for you to launch a restaurant website online (starting at free).

Square Online is an eCommerce website builder for businesses that is tailored specifically to restaurants. 

From the first day that your site goes live, you can begin boosting your visibility online with powerful search engine optimization tools. Social media platforms can be connected so you can start selling immediately. 

There are built-in inventory management features, as well as a shopping cart designed to increase the value of your transactions (similar to ThriveCart or Samcart). Free versions of all of these features are available, but as your business grows, you can select the best plan for your needs.

Key Features:

  • Online Selling Tools: Square Online lets you sell, ship orders, deliver locally, and accept curbside pickups.
  • Get Started for Free: Restaurants on a budget will appreciate the fact that you can build a website for no monthly charge.
  • Fast and Easy Setup: The site builder has been designed to make it quick and easy for you to create and publish your restaurant website.

Pros of Square Online:

  • Restaurants can use an eCommerce plan for free
  • Use Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to sell
  • Website templates for eCommerce businesses
  • Donations and membership fees can be accepted online
  • Improve your search ranking with SEO features

7. Flavor Plate

Website creation made simple ($39/month) for established and new restaurants.

A restaurant website can be created using Flavor Plate. Whether you own an established restaurant or you’re just getting started, it has all the features you need. 

Using the platform, even complete beginners can build a stunning restaurant website that looks professional and affordable. You don’t need any technical skills.

The easy-to-use platform makes it easy to create eye-catching menus, manage social media channels, synchronize updates, set up the calendar tool, promote upcoming events, and more, even if you’ve never created or managed a website before.

Key Features:

  • Built-In Revenue Boosting Tools: With Flavor Plate, you can use features like online ordering, gift cards, etc. to increase revenue.
  • Robust Customer Support: The platform provides 24/7 customer support to make sure you’re able to get help when you need it.
  • Award-Winning Design Team: They will provide you with assistance with setting up and managing your website (upon request).

Pros of Flavor Plate:

  • Templates for restaurant websites that are mobile-friendly
  • Menus and photos are unlimited
  • Secured with SSL
  • Integrated contact forms
  • Including a custom domain name
  • No credit card needed for 14-day free trial

8. Let’s Eat

A unique restaurant website created by all the tools you need ($10/month).

Creating a website for your restaurant business doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive with Let’s Eat’s innovative website builder. 

Thousands of free professional restaurant website templates will save you time on design. 

The templates can be easily customized to match your restaurant’s branding so you don’t have to build your website pages from scratch. 

Let’s Eat can also provide you with paid or free services. Extensions for your website can be found on our marketplace. You can integrate the following apps into your restaurant website as seen in the image below:

Key Features:

  • Email Marketing: By utilizing email marketing tools built into your website, you can send users timely notifications about your services, updates, and special features.
  • Satisfaction Surveys: Post your restaurant’s satisfaction surveys on your website to allow other users to share their experiences.
  • Online Ordering: Your website visitors will be able to order online through the OpenDining service through Let’s Eat.

Pros of Let’s Eat:

  • Social media integration with top networks
  • Create a custom logo, colors, and background for your website
  • Templates for restaurant websites that are responsive
  • Select from dozens of classic and modern fonts
  • All budgets can benefit from simple pricing

How Can a Website Builder Help You as a Restaurant Owner?

It’s not only nice-to-have, but a necessity these days to have a website for your restaurant business. 

Moreover, to compete effectively in such an incredibly crowded market, it is essential that your website be engaging and attractive, highlighting your menu and location and providing all the information your customers might need. 

Either you can hire a developer (which is fairly expensive), or you can create the website yourself with a website builder

Learning how to code websites is unnecessary with the right website builder. It makes your job easier and faster and lets you connect to social media sites, third-party review sites, and a wide range of marketing apps and tools so you can manage your online presence in a centralized location. 

A website builder will enable you to create an online presence that increases your restaurant’s profitability.

Website Builder For Restaurants FAQ

Why does a Restaurant Need a Website?

For a restaurant, a website is a good way to build a strong brand image and increase visibility. 

You can also use a website to tell customers about your services, provide your menus, your location, and customer reviews, keep people informed about upcoming events, and offer an online reservation and ordering system. 

What Pages Are a Requirement for a Restaurant?

It might be a good idea to include some of these pages on your restaurant’s website, depending on the type of restaurant you run:

  • Home
  • About
  • Menu
  • Reservations
  • Online Orders 
  • Shop
  • Contact 
  • Special events 
  • Testimonials

If you want your website to be a source of current information about your restaurant, it doesn’t matter what pages you choose.

What Tools Can Help Me Take Reservations Online? 

Online reservation systems can be easily integrated into your website in order to allow customers to make reservations online. 

The following list includes some of the best restaurant reservation software options available today:

  • Resy
  • Eat App
  • Yelp
  • Wisely
  • OpenTable
  • Tock
  • Eveve
  • Table Agent

Is it possible for you to build your own restaurant website?

It’s no different than creating any other website for a business. A website builder like those listed above makes this easy for anyone – without any prior technical expertise.


Here is the conclusion of our article about the top restaurant website builders. With this information, you should be able to determine which of the options listed here would be the best fit. To summarize:

Square Online is my top recommendation. 

The free plan comes with eCommerce functionality, making this a powerful restaurant website builder.


You can test out the platform’s features before committing to a paid plan with all the options featured here offering either a free plan or a free trial.

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