Best Python Courses Online 2024

Python is one of the top five most popular programming languages in the world. In 2022, learning Python will help you get work in industries that strongly rely on data science. Best Python courses online from reputable providers are discussed in this article.

It can boost output in contrast to other programming languages. Python has a wide range of applications, including those in game development, AI, ML, financial analytics, and web design.

Best Python Courses Online

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Python Courses Online: Overview

Python is a powerful programming language with a wide variety of libraries supported. Despite the fact that Python is a general-purpose language and is used by many developers.

Python is well-liked since it’s the programming language that data scientists prefer! Python is the programming language that is most similar to plain English and has the most basic syntax.

Due to advancements in AI and data science, there has been a recent increase in demand for data scientists and Python developers and this trend will continue in the future. You can start your career as a software engineer, data scientist, or data analyst.

In addition to being well-liked because of Python’s capabilities, being a Pythonista can be financially profitable. Python developers can expect to get a starting salary of $70K and a maximum income of $120K. Large corporations like Google frequently utilize Python, thus there are many fantastic work chances.

Best Python Courses Online 2024

1. Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero – Udemy

Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero

A milestone project where you may use your coding skills concludes the Complete Python Bootcamp course. Everything is covered, from fundamentals to cutting-edge concepts. The price is fair, and Udemy frequently offers discounts on its courses.

The full course comprises 22 hours of on-demand videos, 14 articles, and 19 code assignments. After a quick introduction to the language, topics like Python setup, data types, object-oriented programming concepts, modules, functions, and creating GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system are covered. You’ll also create games like tic tac toe and blackjack!

The mobile app for Udemy allows you to download course materials, including videos, so you can continue learning while you’re on the go. After completing a payment, Udemy issues you a certificate of completion and gives you lifetime access to the course contents.

2. Learn Intermediate Python – Udacity

learn intermediate python

More than just a course, the well-known and recognized online education portal Udacity provides a nano degree in Learn Intermediate Python.

Complex Python subjects and large codebases with libraries are covered. Basic Python concepts are covered in the first segment and using free and open-source modules to enhance your work is covered in the second.

To enroll in this nano degree, you must be familiar with Python concepts and have some past Python experience. The initial monthly payment is $399, and the initial two-month payment is $558. There are additional ways to pay for installments.

If you put in 10 hours a week, you can complete this online Python course in around two months. Udacity also offers technical mentor help and a community where students can collaborate with others who share their interests.

Udacity also provides job placement support, a Github review, and LinkedIn profile optimization with this nano degree.

Since Udacity is a reputable provider in the industry, getting a certificate at the end will significantly improve your professional prospects. This is one of the greatest online Python courses accessible for anybody interested in a career in data science.

3. Introduction to Python – Datacamp

Introduction to Python

With the development of data science, Python is growing in popularity. The Introduction to Python course at DataCamp teaches you the essentials of Python, including lists, functions, methods, packages, and Numpy. You may test your coding skills with a range of exercises. There is a community Slack forum accessible.

Students initially study Python’s foundations (variables, data types, operations). The second chapter goes into more detail on using Python lists to store, access, and modify data. In the third module, functions and packages for Python are discussed.

The last chapter looks at the Python data science library Numpy. Students learn how to create 1D and 2D arrays while continuing their data research.

One of the best Python courses online may be taken without any prior coding experience. After that, you can carry on with a course in data analytics or financial analytics.

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