Best Masterclass Alternatives in 2023

Are you looking for an alternative to MasterClass, the popular online learning platform? You’ve come to the right place. MasterClass has some great teachers and courses, but it may not be for everyone.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of alternatives that offer quality online classes and tutorials at various levels and prices. 

Whether you’re after free or premium content, there are many options available for those who want to learn something new. From virtual seminars to self-paced courses from well-known universities, this list offers plenty of ways to further your knowledge in different areas.

So read on and explore what these best masterclass alternatives have to offer! With a range of topics covered like writing, photography, business, and more, you’ll be sure to find something that piques your interest. Let the learning begin! 

Some of the Best Masterclass Alternatives

1. Mindvalley:

The professors are outstanding and well-regarded in their respective fields, making this a fantastic alternative to Masterclass. Mindvalley is an excellent resource for specialty courses that are unavailable on Masterclass.

There are other intriguing areas to explore, including spiritual development, social development, and lifestyle. The selection is limited yet beneficial for individuals seeking specialized courses. The professors are outstanding and well-regarded in their respective fields, making this a fantastic alternative to Masterclass.

2. The Great Courses:

This platform, once known as Learning Management Systems and now as The Learning Company, has existed since the days of VHS-based courses. Courses are now accessible through CD, DVD, and internet streaming. This is a platform for non-credit online education at the college level.

There is a substantial backlog of older (but still relevant) courses that may be streamed online. The courses are offered in several forms. Besides videos, several courses are accessible on Audible. Notably, The Great Courses and The Great Courses Plus are provided by the same firm but are accessible through separate websites.

3. Skillshare:

Skillshare overview

Similar to Udemy or LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare is an open-source learning portal. However, compared to these two, Skillshare tends to have a lower success rate because to its low entrance barrier.

More than 25,000 distinct courses are available on Skillshare. However, the slide format does not lend itself nearly as well to painting or music creation instruction as the video format does.

As a consequence, many courses provide little value, but you may discover a course that focuses on a particular subject that interests you.

Skillshare may be an alternative to MasterClass for gaining access to a single course on certain expertise (like the course on buying and tasting wine smarter by Gary Vaynerchuk). In most circumstances, though, there is a superior alternative.

4. LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda) is an additional open-source video-class platform with a vast selection of video courses. Similar to other crowdsourced platforms, the quality of LinkedIn learning courses is variable.

Some are well-executed, while others leave a great deal to be desired. LinkedIn Learning provides access to a vast database of over 14,000 professional-led courses. These courses cover several topics of interest to creatives as well as numerous irrelevant topics.

Learning Paths give course selection advice. The mobile application is ideal for mobile learning. LinkedIn Learning is a prospective MasterClass substitute for LinkedIn users. However, the majority will decide that another paid or free MasterClass option is superior.

5. Coursera:

Coursera does for postsecondary education what Khan Academy aspires to achieve for elementary and secondary schools. It provides access to a variety of self-paced and timed (4-12 weeks) courses from reputable institutions and universities.

Coursera provides access to more than 3,900 courses and specializations. Specializations are comprised of a sequence of classes and a culminating project. These courses and specialties range from computer science to art history but lean toward the math and scientific side of academics.

Creatives will discover a sufficient, but not limitless, range of applicable applications.

Coursera is one of the few platforms that, in cooperation with authorized institutions and universities, provides access to approved courses and degree programs. People who are seeking a certificate to assist them in acquiring a job in a certain sector may find these programs especially valuable.

6. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a platform that is appealing to both elementary school instructors and students. However, creatives may find its use restricted.

It provides a variety of courses with a primary emphasis on school-level topics and a preference for STEM disciplines.

Arts & Humanities is a minor category surrounded by Math, Math by Grade, Science & Engineering, Computer Science, and other similar subjects.

In addition, the Arts & Humanities curriculum targets school-aged pupils (especially high school students). This solution is widely used by teachers and schools since it teaches the school curriculum and has built-in assessments.

This is a free MasterClass alternative for elementary and high school students. There are just a few relevant courses for creatives.

7. CreativeLive:

CreativeLive is an alternative to MasterClass that may seem to be a straight competition but is really a wonderful supplement to the leading online learning platform.

CreativeLive, like MasterClass, offers high-quality videos from experts in numerous industries. There are no user-uploaded courses here, so you can be certain that every selection is of top quality.

CreativeLive provides a far larger course selection than MasterClass. This platform offers over 1,500 class choices, the majority of which are classed as business, skill, or software-related.

In the Photo & Video area, for instance, you may discover anything from technique guides and genre-specific seminars to software tutorials and business tools.

Their professors and the subject matter are the solutions. Although the teachers at CreativeLive are highly experienced, they are not celebrities like those at MasterClass.

Content-wise, CreativeLive courses are often more pragmatic than MasterClass courses, which emphasize theory. This last factor is what makes the two platforms complementary to one another.

8. Udemy:

Udemy Overview

Udemy is a platform for crowdsourced online education. All online courses are self-paced, and each purchase includes a permanent all-access pass.

Some instructors provide office hours in the form of discussion groups on a separate chat platform, although the courses include the true material. Due to the fact that anybody may build a course on Udemy, the site has gathered a vast collection of online courses.

There are a number of courses connected to writing, painting, music composition, and singing, albeit they are scarcely confined to or particularly centered on creative disciplines.

Everything is addressed, from how to apply mascara to how to manage people. For every subject on Udemy, from social media to private equity, you will have to go through a large number of courses to locate the best ones.

However, the platform’s features make it a viable option as a paid or free MasterClass alternative.

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Conclusion on Best Masterclass Alternatives in 2023

With the best masterclass alternatives listed above, you can find a great way to learn something new without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re after free or premium content, there are plenty of options available for those who want to further their knowledge in different areas.

From virtual seminars and coding gigs to video lectures from experts in various fields, these online classrooms offer great content at different prices. So explore what these platforms have to offer and start learning today! 

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