Best LinkedIn Learning Paths 2023

A well-known eLearning program called LinkedIn Learning aids students in improving their employment prospects and professional prospects.

Nearly every subject imaginable is covered by LinkedIn Courses, which also offer individualized learning paths. The 4 best LinkedIn learning paths for enhancing your business, development, IT, and leadership skills will be discussed.

Over 15,000 courses are available on LinkedIn Learning, all of which are instructed by authorities in their respective fields. There are continually more LinkedIn courses being added, and since Lynda Learning was acquired, those courses have also been moved over to LinkedIn Learning.

The platform’s main goal is to connect newly qualified learners with possible employers, and it gives students lots of social interaction possibilities. A certificate is given when each lesson has been successfully completed.

Best LinkedIn Learning Paths

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Best LinkedIn Learning Paths 2023

1. Become a Project Manager

become a project manager

The demanding field of project management requires practitioners to be multi-skilled in a range of areas. Outstanding leadership, planning, communication, and problem-solving skills are required of project managers.

You’ll need a lot of flexibility, the ability to deal with conflict, and the capacity to respond to unforeseen situations in order to execute a project on time, on budget, and within scope. The Become a Project Manager course on LinkedIn addresses each of these issues.

18 LinkedIn courses (items) were selected by subject-matter experts to cover all of these questions in detail. Sessions could last anywhere from 30 and an hour. Each module or item has a distinct goal, and by completing the challenges, you can put your new skills to the test.

A Certificate of Completion is given once all of the training sessions have been completed.

2. Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)

Obtaining professional certification as a Project Management Professional is a requirement for everyone who wants to have a successful career in this field (PMP). The multi-award-winning project manager Sandy Mitchell will make sure you are appropriately ready for the infamously challenging exam.

All of the significant difficulties listed in the Project Management Body of Knowledge handbook are meticulously reviewed over the course of six hours.

Even subjects that aren’t included in the guidebook but could come up on the test are covered. Any of the 15 training sessions for the LinkedIn courses can easily fit into a busy schedule due to how short they are.

You will be ready to take the official exam with confidence if you have access to a lot of study materials, exercises, and practice tests. You will also complete the 35-hour educational prerequisite for the test throughout this phase.

Certified project managers can take this LinkedIn course to fulfill the requirements for maintaining their certification.

3. Become a Leader

Become a Leader

Teams that focus on achieving common goals have replaced hierarchical management structures in modern businesses. Teams have their own dynamics, and for a team to work effectively and efficiently, exceptional leadership is needed.

You may build and put into action your strategic vision with the help of the course Become a Leader, which will prepare you to take on leadership tasks with confidence.

The 10 learning content items are presented by a variety of experts over the course of nine training hours. Sessions typically last between one to one and a half hours.

The training starts with this subject since many managers find it difficult to transition from being managers to being leaders. Every session builds on the fundamentals of the one before it, and the last one teaches participants how to lead with intention.

This LinkedIn course is open to everyone, not just managers. This book might be useful to anyone who wishes to develop their leadership skills.

4. Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

Project managers and team leaders need to be able to address problems quickly and efficiently. Complex projects necessitate taking into account a number of factors. There will always be issues and hiccups because it is difficult to plan for every conceivable circumstance.

‘Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills’ is a collection of six LinkedIn courses with a combined teaching time of almost four hours. The lessons can last anywhere from 30 and an hour.

The course’s innovative approach to the material shows how problem-solving can be handled from a variety of angles and that various factors need to be taken into account. Four experts talk about themes such as decision-making procedures, strategic planning, and critical thinking.

All team members should take part in the problem-solving process; it is not just the work of the project manager or team leader. As a result, anyone can benefit from this instruction.

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