Best Life Coach Websites In 2022: 10 Great Sites And Why They Work!

In This Post, We’ll Look At Best Life Coach Websites You Can Take Ideas From:

Life coaches are in need of a website that is not only visually appealing but also speaks to their ideal customer through essential elements.

The most important factor when it comes to building an effective life coaching business is your ability to market yourself and build trust with potential clients. Your website needs to be the foundation for this, which means it must first capture attention by being attractive and user-friendly, while also speaking directly to your target audience.

We have created a list of the 10 best life coach websites that will help you stand out from the competition by providing all of these key components! This can be used as a starting point for any new life coach looking for a professional yet affordable web presence.

Here are some of the essential pages which you need to have in your website.

  • About This Page
  • Services Description
  • Photograph(s) of yourself
  • Testimonials
  • Forms of contact and/or intake
  • To develop trust and attract people to sign up for your mailing list, give away something for free.

Depending on your products and services, you may have more divisions and pages.

Your website should also be modern, warm, and welcoming, with high-quality visuals and a fresh design.

But Why,

Your public presentation of yourself as a business should always be professional and authentic. You never know who is going to see you or how they will react, so it’s important that your online presence reflects the best version possible!

The world of coaching is becoming more and more competitive. To stand out from your competitors, you need to have a website that can guide potential clients through all of the different courses or merchandise offered by yours truly!

Here are ten of the top life coaching websites available, along with descriptions of what they do effectively:

1. Christine Hassler

Christine is an expert at using social media to market her business. She has a photo of herself on the front page, under which it says “Take this free assessment and build your mailing list.” This leads people who visit another link for more information about how they can get started with coaching from Christine – all while having proof that other organizations have featured her before!

And underneath these features are links straight away towards any podcasts or courses she offers as well as info guides visitors through finding out what package will suit them best if purchased online today (and even some books!).

2. Stratejoy

Molly’s business is all about helping women work towards their dreams, and she does this by providing a safe space for them to explore the big life items that are most important.

Her website offers bright visuals with fonts and colors chosen specifically so they can give an optimistic modern feel throughout your browsing experience – which starts off open-ended enough before requiring subscribers who want access into Molly’s courses as well!

3. Your Kick Ass Life

The website of Andrea is so on-point with her branding. Edgy fonts, edgy language, and bold colors (black or red) speak to a young modern clientele that she has attracted through the use of fresh fun visuals like those seen here in an otherwise traditional design approach for this typeface choice which makes it feel approachable as well!

4. Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is a well-known personality in the personal development world. Her website reflects this, with bold videos of her at the top and bottom on page one as well as shots from relaxing activities such as meditating or hanging out next to Oprah!

Gabby also places calls action directly towards linking into email lists which makes sense because she wants people who view this website but don’t know much about them yet to start following suit – all while making sure there are items available only via purchase online so you can get more information yourself if interested.”

If you want to model this type of website, it’s important that your following is pretty big. But if not and all in just start out small with some local businesses until they catch onto what sorts are most popular these days so there won’t be too many mistakes!

5. On Your Path Consulting

Johanna’s website is a haven of warmth and softness. Her earth tones (green & orange) tie in well with feminine fonts, warm photos that showcase her smiling face for testimonials on the homepage as proof positive why she deserves your custom!

There’s also an introduction video designed specifically to reel potential clients into knowing who you are without any unnecessary fluff or noise getting between them first.”

6. Shinebright

Shinebright is a company that wants to help people create their best life. They have an online presence with warm and positive colors like coral, teal, or sunny yellow combined in nature photos on the website Welcome page as well as other parts of it such as getting started guides where they talk you through each step by phone call (free consultation).

The Shinebrights’ illustration showing how these processes works makes me excited for what’s next!

7. Nicole Nour Coaching

Nicole has created a website that is simple, appealing, and clean. Her photo captures the attention of potential visitors with its simplicity while also being eye-catching enough for people to keep scrolling down the page .

The colors she chose to match her home decor so it’s cozy without feeling too busy or overwhelming- just right! Nicole grounded all aspects about this project by using plenty white space which gives off an ultra-modern feel but not overboard like some other sites out there can turn into.”

8. Kristin Webster

Kristin is a warm and approachable woman with high-quality photos that attract women looking for help to feel centered. Her website design has clean lines, soft colors like white space on dark backgrounds which make it modern while still being feminine so it will appeal to more than just one gender – kings or queens can use this service too!

9. The Well-Grounded Spirit

Dawn’s website has great photography and an attractive banner to welcome people. She uses short, readable text that makes it easy for clients to find what they need on the page without getting overwhelmed with information overload or trying too hard in marketing tactics like using their own name throughout your site (which can be seen as bragging).

The colors are earthy tones which match well against photos of dirty windows; this creates professionalism right away when visitors arrive at dawn’s office via search engines such Google maps if she doesn’t already have rankings due soon after setting up shop!

10. Lisa Shield

Lisa’s page is a breath of fresh air with its bright colors and photos that show off the fun side of her dating coaching practice. In addition, she offers up testimonials from happy former clients who found love thanks in large part because they trusted what this amazing woman had told them about their chemistry right out of colorfully before it even started!


It is important to find a coach that you trust and feel comfortable with, as they will be working closely with you for an extended period of time. I hope this list provided you with some helpful suggestions on where to start your search! If you would like more information about any of these life coaching organizations or have questions about the process of finding a good coach, please contact us today.

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