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5 Best and Latest Apps for Android

The never-ending collection of native apps is the sole reason why Android has an upper-hand over iOS. Any day, at least one noteworthy Android app is added to the global collection, enriching the platform, never like before. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for productivity apps or some customization ones; there will always be some worth-counting-in ones. So, if you are someone who wants to Stay Smart, you should keep an eye on the latest apps in Play Store. But, don’t worry if you haven’t been paying much attention.

We’ve created a list of the 5 Best and Latest Android apps you can have for Android. Most of our suggestions are from Play Store, but there are some great things you’d miss in Play Store, you know. Now, shall we start with the list of apps?

#1 InsTube

To begin with, we have an Android app that you cannot have from Google Play Store. Sounds weird? Don’t worry; InsTube is one of the best and latest apps you can have right now. It’s a free video downloader, which you can use for downloading videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tune, SoundCloud and many more. Every download takes place with the best speeds, even with its complete support for full HD downloads. You can use InsTube as a free music downloader, keeping downloaded videos in a private vault etc. Considering all these features, InsTube will be a must-have for almost all the media-junkies out there. Despite being not available in Play Store, you can easily download InsTube from its official website.

InsTube App

#2 Blue Mail

From the productivity category, we have an amazing Android app named Blue Mail. Definitely, it’s a kind of better replacement for your native email app. You might be having a secondary email account for work and you can count on Blue Mail for managing the account and related activities. When compared to others, Blue Mail offers better organization and an intuitive User Interface. From reading a mail to organizing them for a better access, everything happens in a few taps. As far as compatibility is concerned, Blue Mail simply works with almost all webmail services, including Gmail and Outlook. So, in case if you want a change from default Gmail app, you can give Blue Mail a try.

Blue Mail

#3 Firefox Focus

Everyone loves a faster, secure and non-disturbing web browser app for Android, right? And, Firefox Focus is the best option you have in the Play Store. It’s a simple browser that automatically gets rid of the annoying ads, privacy threats and tracking. Of course, you cannot expect those fancy features in the app. It’s just about entering the URL and visiting the particular page. Once you close the session, all the traceable information will be deleted from the device. If you think your life needs to be free from online threats, tracking and those annoying ads, you can try shifting to Firefox Focus. It’s all possible only if you don’t need the fancy features, except basic sharing and all.

Firefox Focus

#4 Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is another Android app that can boost your productivity. This free app, which comes from Adobe itself, lets you scan documents and store them digitally. Once scanned, you can use the documents in many ways too. For instance, if it has text content, you can analyze the document using OCR and go through texts. Similarly, you can adjust and enhance the various aspects of the scanned image. You might have seen some other scanning apps too, but this one is brilliant in many terms. For instance, you can easily store the scanned image in PDF format. If you have to store a lot of documents, business cards or even posters, you will find it really useful.

Adobe Scan

#5 Audvel

At the fifth position, we have one of the best apps in the collection, named Audvel. You must go for the app if you’re someone who loves podcasts. It’s more of a platform that lets you find the best podcast content in the world of web. You can easily create an account and start searching for podcasts. The best part is that you can even sync the data with the web-app and access the same podcasts through your PC. We must say that the podcast library of Audvel is nothing less than incredible. You will find the right podca[[s from almost every genre. If you identify yourself as an audiophile, Audvel is one of the must-have new apps in the world of Android.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the 5 Best and Latest apps we found for Android devices out there. Most of them are available via Play Store but even the others are 100% secure and reliable. When it comes to downloading a video, or listening to a worthy podcast, you can rely on those apps for sure. Do you have any other apps to suggest? Do let us know through your comments.

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