Best Freelance Sites To Hire NFT Artists 2023: Reliable & Affordable

If you are looking for the Best Freelance Sites To Hire NFT Artists, then this post is for you.

If crypto is your thing, but your artistic skill taps out at sketching a respectable stick figure, then I’ve got some good news for you. You don’t need to be an artist to mint your NFTs (non-fungible tokens) (non-fungible tokens).

Sure, artists and designers kick-started the trend – but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on making some major moolah.

Honestly, to build an NFT, all you need to do is own a piece of media. And you may commission NFT material from freelance designers just as you would any other project.

But with dozens of freelancing websites promising a quick and easy way to employ an NFT designer or artist, how do you know which platforms are reliable?

I’m wondering no more, pal. I’ve examined the top freelancing websites on the market. From budget-friendly pros to world-class graphic designers, these websites provide all the resources you need to jumpstart your crypto career.

What We Look For in the Best Sites to Hire NFT Designers

There is no one-size-fits-all freelancer website design. In addition, certain characteristics and guarantees are required when considering engaging an NFT designer. The following are the things I searched for while researching this post, keeping that in mind.

  • Easy filtering system: If you’re looking for an NFT freelancer, you’ll need a filter to assist you in narrowing down your options.
  • Designer portfolios: As a result, you can see if the freelancer’s style matches your NFT idea by looking through their previous work.
  • Wide range of art styles: These websites offer a wide variety of art genres, from 2D-pixel art to 3D animated GIFs.
  • Intellectual property (IP) rights: Legal concerns may arise from the trading of NFTs. It is possible to get full intellectual property rights on these websites.

A Note on Intellectual Property Rights for NFTs

Because you’ll be minting and reselling an NFT design under your own brand, I can’t stress enough how critical it is that you ensure you own your artwork legally and have commercial rights to it, if applicable.

Work-for-hire agreements typically provide the buyer the right to take ownership of the work once they’ve paid for it.

Original artwork may be sold as an NFT, but reproductions and distribution are prohibited. As a result, if you’re only selling one NFT, ownership rights may be all you need.

Best Freelance sites to hire NFT Artists

Using the same artwork on many NFTs, on the other hand, could lead to legal concerns. Unless you have a license for commercial use, you cannot produce and sell reproductions of that artwork.

Intellectual property rights usually, but not always, cover both ownership and commercial rights.

It’s a good idea to thoroughly review the platform’s rules and conditions regarding work ownership before hiring an NFT designer. Ask the NFT professional if you’ll receive complete commercial usage rights after payment and, ideally, get this in writing.

Best Freelance Sites To Hire NFT Artists 2023

Here are some of the best freelance sites to hire NFT artists mentioned below:

1. Fiverr [NFT Artists to Suit Every Budget]

Using Fiverr to hire a freelancer is a great idea because it’s so popular with the people who actually need the work. There’s certain to be a freelancer for you among the platform’s tens of thousands of graphic designers and the hundreds of NFT-specific assignments.

According to my study, Fiverr is the best NFT designer out there. This site has some of the best and most high-quality concerts I’ve come across thus far.

It has the most NFT artists and designers, which means you have a lot of options, unlike some other websites. You should keep in mind that this is a new sector, so having more options is always welcome.

Fiverr- freelance sites to hire NFT Artists

You can also locate a designer to fit your budget on Fiverr, where many NFT specialists provide services for as cheap as $5.

You can also narrow your search based on your budget, preferred style of art, or the seller’s reputation. Choosing an artist for your NFT project might be a time-consuming process.

Fiverr’s legal rights are crystal clear, and that is by far my favorite aspect. Once you’ve paid for the job, you own the design you’ve commissioned through Fiverr.

Because all Fiverr designers are bound by the same legal contract, you won’t have to waste your time reading through the legalese to find a designer who can deliver on your needs.

Despite the fact that not all Fiverr sellers allow commercial usage of their work, you can’t utilize this to narrow down your search results. Be prepared to spend extra time on the search for a designer when commercial usage rights are a priority for your project.

2. Upwork [NFT Professional Profiles at a Glance]

Among the many freelance designers and artists on Upwork, you’ll find everyone from relative newbies to seasoned veterans.

To find NFT professionals on Upwork, it’s simple to look through their directory and view their most important characteristics immediately. There’s only one drawback to Upwork, and that’s the antiquated and archaic user interface.

In the design, it appears as if you can select a freelancer’s talents by clicking on them, but this is not the case. If you’re looking for a specific type of art, this is a huge disappointment.

Upwork- freelance sites to hire NFT artists

On the other hand, one of the most useful aspects of Upwork is the ability to publish a project and invite freelancers to see it.

The job posting is completely free, and it can save you a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to search through dozens of freelancer profiles.

Upwork’s Service Contract Terms normally apply when commissioning an NFT on Upwork, unless the designer chooses to utilize their own contract.

As long as you pay Upwork as agreed, you retain ownership of all intellectual property created over the course of our collaboration. Additionally, if you plan to release numerous NFTs, you will have the ability to disseminate your design as standard.

3. [Artists From Nearly 250 Countries]

One of the things we loved best about our review was the database of freelancers from all over the world that hosts.

Even though I couldn’t locate any NFT-specific graphic designers, there is a reasonable amount of options.

It’s easy to work with freelancers. You can either contact a freelance designer directly, submit a job, or use their Recruiter Service to get a hand-picked list of designers to contact you.

In the event that you plan on commissioning many NFTs, you can even employ a project manager to work on your behalf. - best sites to hire freelancer NFT artists provides you with the option of using an Intellectual Property Handover Contract when you construct your NFT project.

Your freelancer agrees to transfer all intellectual property rights to you by signing this contract.

There wasn’t much information available on this contract. Commercial rights are usually included with IP rights, but it’s a good idea to check. After asking about the contract’s commercial rights, they were vague in their response.

Honestly, it appeared as though they had simply copied and pasted a paragraph from the contract I had already found.

You should be aware of this if you’re thinking of commissioning a single NFT from rather than several copies.

4. Toptal [Hire a Vetted Professional Artist]

Given that NFTs are still a very new (and contentious) trend, it’s reasonable that many artists haven’t yet ventured into this area or have chosen not to. NFTs are not offered by any of the excellent graphic designers on Toptal.

Despite this, Toptal remains a viable option for putting your NFT into action. Once you’ve paid your invoice, you have full intellectual property rights to your work, which includes commercial rights.

Toptal- freelance sites for NFT artists

Keep in mind that the primary goal of the Toptal platform is to foster long-term partnerships between clients and freelancers. As a result, they ask for a $500 deposit, which is refunded on your first bill.

For a one-off design, or if you’re on a limited budget, I’d consider looking at Fiverr or Upwork rather than hiring a full-time NFT designer. They do not demand a deposit when you hire an NFT artist through these services.

5. DesignCrowd [Your Next NFT Can Be Crowdsourced]

Unlike the other websites on this list, DesignCrowd is specifically built for clients to crowdsource their designs.

This time, you’ll post a job with a description of what you’re looking for as well as your brief, as well as a due date, and a budget, and wait for artists to submit their designs.

While other platforms allow designers to choose their rates, DesignCrowd charges a flat cost based on the type of assignment.

More designs and revisions are included in the higher-priced packages; on the lower end, you receive a few designs and revisions.

Designcrowd- best sites to hire NFT artists

A “private” project option is available for an additional fee, allowing only the project’s creators to view it. Using this method, an unexpected NFT can be released.

As soon as you’ve gotten your drawings, you have the option of either requesting adjustments to narrow down your search, or selecting a design and paying the artist.

Searching through artists to locate a style of art that you like might be a lot quicker this way. You can also request a complete refund if you don’t like any of the designs.

Because DesignCrowd has so many freelancers, it’s riskier to commission an NFT this way because it’s difficult to sift through all of them.

NFT-specific designers don’t appear to be available on this platform. You may not get any designs to your liking. That means that you may wind up wasting some time searching elsewhere.

However, there are no copyright issues to worry about. As soon as you pay the artist, you’ll have full ownership of his or her design, including commercial rights.

How Do I Sell NFTs?

The process of selling NFT paintings isn’t as difficult as some people believe. Although it may sound like an exclusive club at first, it’s actually rather straightforward once you get the feel of it.

Here’s a step-by-by-step guide to getting your NFT work for sale.

1. Decide What You Want to Sell as an NFT

If you’re selling anything online, you need to have a clear notion of what you’re trying to achieve.

And while it’s tempting to create a massive collection of NFT art in order to raise its resale value, I suggest settling on a single design for the time being.

2. Create or Commission NFT Artwork

Go ahead and bring your design to life if you’re an artist!

People without the blessings of art deities need not be concerned, though, for NFTs can still be created. NFTs can be created by a variety of freelance artists and designers.

Although I’ve listed the five greatest places to find and hire NFT artists above, I’d suggest starting with Fiverr and Upwork as your first stops.

It’s possible to find NFT artists on these two sites, and both have written contracts that guarantee that the artwork you commission will be yours when you pay.

Upwork comes included with the ability to purchase commercial rights, however not every seller on Fiverr does. In order to sell numerous NFTs of the same artwork, you need to have commercial rights. This means that you may even sell your design on T-shirts and posters.

To be on the safe side, I usually suggest speaking with the person you intend to hire first to establish your legal rights.

3. Choose an NFT Marketplace

There are a plethora of NFT marketplaces to choose from these days. Choosing which marketplaces to use and why is a whole other matter. However, before you can proceed, you must select a marketplace.

Despite the fact that there are many NFT marketplaces, Rarible, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Foundation are among the most popular. It’s important to conduct some research here, as certain marketplaces try to curate specific sorts of NFT art.

If you haven’t opened a bitcoin wallet yet, you have a little more leeway. Only a select number of wallets are supported by most marketplaces.

4. Open and Connect a Cryptocurrency Wallet

Now that you’ve determined which marketplace you’ll be selling on, it’s time to get your wallet in order. Many different wallets may be found, each with its own set of features as well as fee structures and security standards that vary widely. Ethereum (ETH) isn’t supported by all wallets, either.

That said, make sure you shop to find the best deal possible, which is an entirely different subject.

5. Purchase Ethereum

You’ll need ETH to create an NFT. The reason for this is that minting and trading NFTs require fees to be paid to your selected marketplace. In addition, there are charges for:

  • Every time you buy or sell an NFT, you must pay transaction costs.
  • Fees for generating a certificate for each new NFT, known as the Certificate of Authenticity charge.
  • The cost of processing NFTs in the blockchain is covered by gas fees. Depending on the marketplace, this may or may not pay all of your costs.
  • In order to list your NFT on the marketplace, you’ll be charged a price.

When you buy ETH, you’ll also have to pay transaction fees. And all of these expenses, notably the gas fees, which are based on the price of energy, are always shifting.

Your NFT may lose money if it is priced too low, thus it is important to keep this in mind while pricing it.

6. Upload and Mint your NFT

Begin the process of minting your NFT at the marketplace of your choice. You should be able to find some sort of guidance on this in the market.

There are a few marketplaces that allow you to upload NFTs in a variety of file types, including GIF, JPEG, and PNG, as well as MP3/MP4 for audio.

In order to mint your NFT, you must pay a fee that varies by market and is depending on the current price of electricity.

7. Promote and Sell your NFT

Depending on the marketplace, you may be able to sell your NFT for a set price or leave it open to bids from other buyers. Make sure your NFT isn’t priced too lowly again.

If you’re having a bidding war, you’ll need to market your NFT on social media in order to attract possible buyers.

8. Yay, It Sold! Now What?

As soon as the sale of your NFT is completed, you will be paid in your wallet minus any costs and your NFT will be transferred to the buyer’s crypto wallet automatically. You’ve just sold your first NFT, which is a huge accomplishment!

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Conclusion: Best Freelance Sites To Hire NFT Artists 2023

NFT design requires a lot of consideration, which is why I recommend partnering with Fiverr or Upwork to get the job done.

One-off NFT commissions and recurrent work can be done on both platforms, and NFT-specific designers can be hired through each one. In addition, the legalese is simple to comprehend.

In order to avoid any potential legal difficulties, Upwork automatically permits commercial usage of your NFT, and it’s an add-on purchase that you can make on most Fiverr gigs.

Even while DesignCrowd doesn’t have a team of NFT designers, the crowdsourcing part is creative and can save you time if your project doesn’t have a specific style in mind.

You should use DesignCrowd if you’re okay with letting artists have more creative control over your brief.

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