Best Dictionary Apps For Android To Improve Your Vocabulary

“As vocabulary is reduced, so are the number of feelings you can express, the number of events you can describe, the number of the things you can identify! Not only understanding is limited, but also experience. Man grows by language. Whenever he limits language he retrogresses!” This famous proverb by Sheri S. Tepper is ultimately true. Having good vocabulary is ultimately necessary to win the battles of life. In whichever field you go, having eloquent vocabulary will always provide you with cutting edge of success over others.

Best Dictionary Apps

In this world of technical evolution, there are various ways to improve vocabulary. Unlike the ancient period where knowledge was limited to books, now there are various means to improve vocabulary. One of the best means is using mobile applications. Here we will discuss best dictionary apps for android to improve vocabulary.

Why would you need a dictionary to improve your vocabulary? Unless you are a super human it is very tough to remember the meaning of every word. English dictionary app is always handy and will help you whenever needed. It is highly recommended that one should have the best dictionary app installed on their android device.

If you are looking to prepare for GRE like course, Magoosh and Kaplan are two amazing courses. Read the Magoosh vs Kaplan comparison here.

Following Are the Best Dictionary Apps for Android:

1. com

This is one of the most widely used dictionary app. It supports all android versions and is very easy to use. The graphical user interface is also very pleasing. Whenever you search for the meaning of a word you get the pronunciation, synonyms and origin as well. This helps you a lot while writing any document.

Also one more important feature is that you don’t need to pay anything to use dictionary offline. Apart from this, it has a word of the day which helps you to brush up your vocabulary regularly. You can disable the word of the day feature if needed. One more additional feature present is that you can translate from English to any other language.  This mind blowing feature makes it the best dictionary app. The latest version also has a feature of voice search which not many apps embrace.

One drawback you might have noticed is that you get advertisements below while using the app. If you want to remove advertisements you need to pay around 2-3$. You also get some additional features when you upgrade it to premium version. One smarter way is that you can go offline while using this app.

2. Dictionary – Merriam-Webster

Some of the users and professionals have a complaint that has robot generated examples. This might be true to a certain extent. If you are highly specific to your work Merriam-Webster dictionary can turn out the best dictionary app for you.

This app also has word of the day features. GUI is simple and yet very efficient and pleasing to use. Also, it helps you pronounce the word. Additional feature is that you can play games in this dictionary app to test your memory.

However, a big disadvantage is that you cannot upgrade to offline dictionary without having the premium version. Removing this disadvantage it’s still the one of the best dictionary app for android platform.

3. Oxford Dictionary of English

I still remember when I was in school, Oxford dictionary was the dictionary every student used. Not only students but also teachers used it. It would take me to surprise if Oxford English Dictionary is not included in the list of best dictionary app for android.

It is a simple dictionary app with a decent user interface. Also, it is adding free.  It is a basic app which provides you with word of the day feature. However, you cannot disable this feature. You need to open the app every day to check out the word. You can also use it as an offline dictionary. It has a huge database of words.

One disadvantage is that you do not get thesaurus i.e. synonyms while using the dictionary. If you have simple need of just meaning and no additional features this might turn out the best dictionary app for you.

4. Offline English Dictionary

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, this is a name of the app itself. It is one of the best offline dictionary applications for android. When you download this application for the very first time it is saved into your micro SD card or local memory of your phone. When you install, you are all set to use it offline.

One might have a question that as the database is in the local memory, the words might be limited and also we might have restrictions in language. This is not the case in this application. It has been systematically designed and implemented. You have freedom of more than 50 languages to choose from. The user interface is good as well as the number of examples present are adequate. If you are willing to browse dictionaries in different languages offline this app is the best dictionary app for you.

Conclusion – Best Dictionary Apps For Android

Other apps such namely English++ Offline Dictionary, Dictionary Word Web, and Hindi Dictionary are also quite good and may help you to boost your vocabulary.

However, it would be wasting time reading reviews of 7-10 apps that too for the dictionary on any blog. Just download any of these apps and you are good too.

The database of words in all dictionaries is almost the same, so only a few factors like user interface and additional features come into the picture. One more important to improve vocabulary is the Magoosh app.

Although it is intended for Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and is not actually a dictionary, it has a very unique and novel way to help you to memorize the words. It has around 1000 words ranging from common words to difficult words.

These words can help a lot to improve your vocabulary and might turn out the best app for you. I personally would recommend this app to everyone. Apart from the app your efforts to improve vocabulary also plays a crucial role. Good luck.

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