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List of Best Choice Food – Most Eaten Food in the World

Food immediately can set any mood into a good mood. The mouth watering tasty foods from across the globe have been a mode of leisure lately. Though food is a necessity but various experiments with cooking food took the taste of food dishes into another level of satisfaction. There are so many delish dishes that are immensely consumed by foodies and thus have made its way into the best and most eaten food in the globe.

Best Choice Food

List of World’s Best and Most Eaten Food

Below are bunches of food items that are the Best Choice Food and as well most eaten food in the World.

  • Mac and Cheese: Mac and Cheese a very comfort food of USA and works great during the depression. It is an English origin dish, and Most Eaten Food in the World that consists macaroni pasta cooked with cheese sauce commonly cheddar. Sometimes it is incorporated with other ingredients like; vegetables, meat, and bread crumbs.
  • Tacos: This is a traditional dish and is loved by all but is mostly popular in the Mexican area. It is a handmade tortilla stuffed with chunks of beef that are grilled and rubbed in soil and oil. Then it is covered in salsa and then topped with onions or anything as per likings. It is both eaten as breakfast and lunch.
  • Bacon: Bacon is very tasty and one of the Best Choice Food items. It is though consumed by all those who don’t like pork due to own will or religious cause. But a survey says it is the Most Eaten Food in the World. Since it’s a high calorie food one go hours without feeling hungry.
  • Kebab: Kebab from Turkey is a delish prototype dish representing regional food habitat. There are a variety of kebabs such as orman kebab, iskender kebab, chops shish kebab, etc. So take your pick from them and shove a stick through the kebab that is grilled and ready to eat.
  • Lobster: Lobster is a Global fancy food that is simple and delicious. It is cooked almost everywhere and are chefs’ favourite though, American lobsters are considered to be the best and are big. They are mostly grilled and tastes best when served with melted butter and lime juice.
  • Egg Tart: Egg tart is a type of custard tart, which consist smooth and sweet egg custard in the middle with an outer flaky pastry crust that is baked. It is one of the best and most consumed deserts found in Hong Kong and are best eaten when hot.
  • Donuts: A very popular sweet dish from United States that is liked all over the world. The tasty fat wheel shaped fried dough is a desert food popular in various countries and prepared in a variety of way as a sweet delish snack.
  • French Fries: French Fries are truly the Most Eaten Food in the World that is mostly ordered as a starter in restaurants and also eaten as anytime snack. A delicious and one of the most popular food items among teenagers. It is made from potatoes that are chopped in medium to small stick shapes and are then deep fried. It is dipped in tomato sauce and is eaten or sometimes eaten even without sauce, as per one’s will.
  • Lasagna: An Italian food that took over pizza and most sought-after food that grabbed its place in the list of delicacy. It is a flat shaped and probably oldest pasta sheets that are layered and infused with tomato sauce, baked with chicken, and various other ingredients. It is the Best Choice Food highly liked by kids and adults as well.
  • Fajitas: It is a Mexican dish and holds DIY enthusiast almost everywhere. A meal made of meat with added capsicums, onions, sour cream, guacamole, flour tortilla, and warm salsa into a warm served on the sides.
  • Shrimp Dumpling: Hong Kong offers some of the world’s best food and Shrimp Dumpling is one of them. Succulent shrimps that are not overdone but steamed well, which is wrapped inside a translucent rice paper. This very simple dish popular as dim sum has been a most loved dish since decades.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate is one of the most adored and loved sweet food items across the globe. Chocolate is typically known as the sign of valentine and to express love in a sweeter delish way that instantly melts one’s mood. It is made from cocoa seeds crushed, melted, and mixed with sugar and is processed.
  • Hamburger: Hamburger of Germany is among those foods that people happily spend quite a few dollars in it. Hence, it surely has to be in the list of Best choice Food. It is a sandwich that contains one or two patties cooked of ground meat. The patty may be plain boiled, barbecued, or may be pan fried.
  • Warm Brownie & Vanilla Ice-Cream: A desert food item without which a meal wouldn’t be complete. A desert dish served with hot chocolate brownie all drowned in vanilla ice-cream will never fail to make you happy. This desert after any main course is a must to satisfy your taste buds.
  • Chicken: Chicken is that food item, which is not only most eaten but also most common food that can be served alone or with any dish. It blends well with almost all types of food.
  • Rice Porridge: A very comfort food made in China, mostly known for its healthy benefits. It is mainly treated as an everyday breakfast in Asia and all over the world. It is a very simple dish where small quantity of rice simmers for several hours in a large amount of water. The texture is silky and creamy and often served with half boiled egg and sauce.

All these above food items are from various corners of the world that have become famous all over the world and are said to be the most eaten and Best Choice Food. If you are a food lover then these are surely worth trying if you haven’t yet.

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