3 Best Adobe Illustrator Courses Online 2024

It is necessary to comprehend and master a variety of academic, visual, and practical skills in order to become a graphic designer. Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics editor, is one of the abilities that students are required to learn.

In this article, we will take you through the 3 best Adobe Illustrator courses online to help you select a course that fits your needs and schedule.

3 Best Adobe Illustrator Courses Online

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Adobe Illustrator Courses Online: Overview

When used properly, Adobe Illustrator is a tremendously flexible tool.

It is used to create both digital and print-ready images, and it is by far the most popular tool for creating and altering vector drawings.

It also works its magic in animation to create logos, graphs, and charts. Similar to how Photoshop has become synonymous with photography, Adobe Illustrator has done the same for graphic design.

Although mastering the principles of Illustrator is simple, using it to its greatest potential requires a lot of knowledge and practice.

There is a tonne of online classes, training programs, and tools accessible for learning Illustrator. We have compiled a list of the top online courses for Adobe Illustrator for your convenience.

Your proficiency with Illustrator will increase quickly, effectively, and effectively. If you want to learn Illustrator as a hobby, expand your skill set for work, or simply brush up on your skills, these tutorials are a wonderful place to start.

3 Best Adobe Illustrator Courses Online 2024

1. Adobe Illustrator for Beginners – Domestika

Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Tina Touli, a creative director and graphic communication designer based in London, offers this well-liked introductory Adobe Illustrator course.

If you’ve never used Illustrator before, this course will give you a firm foundation on which to build your own outstanding artwork. You will also be able to board the NFT train.

Touli guides students through the most recent Illustrator techniques over the course of three days while also setting up a document for digital drawing. Learning how to convert your work into vector graphics may be helpful if you wish to explore the realm of NFTs.

Students should be ready to learn, have an open mind, and be eager to try new things. You must have Adobe Illustrator, and you can use a graphics tablet if you have one.

2. Adobe Illustrator CC – Essentials Training Course – Udemy

Adobe Illustrator CC

Udemy, a supplier of online courses, offers affordable options for purchasing and enrolling in specific courses. For total beginners, this course introduces Illustrator’s many capabilities and applications.

It blends project-based learning, real-world experiences, and instruction throughout nine and a half hours of video footage.

The fundamentals of Illustrator, including how to use the drawing tools and apply color, will be addressed. The course received high reviews from reviewers for its clarity and the excellent resources that the professors offered.

If you have never used Illustrator or are new to the world of graphic design, this course is for you. It’s obviously an excellent place to start given the positive reviews, but it’s also among the top online courses for beginners studying Adobe Illustrator. With some modifications, the course is also available on Skillshare.

3. Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design – Domestika

Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Design

Valeria Dubin, an art director based in Barcelona, teaches this introductory course. Expect a comprehensive introduction to Adobe Illustrator and guidance in its use. As they walk you through the creation of your first document, they discuss the workspace, terminology, and fundamental interface elements.

Through working on a project involving a promotional poster, you will develop practical skills, including how to use the shape-modifying tools and the symbols panel.

Dubin aims to equip you with all the necessary tools to do “professional-quality work for every graphic design task” Here are numerous skills that will help you, as a freelance graphic designer, develop a prosperous customer.

The only prerequisite for this training is access to Adobe Illustrator CC. For those seeking employment or a career in graphic design, this is one of the best available online Illustrator courses. Utilize this course’s 7-day free trial to maximize your learning.

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