Best 3 Public Speaking Courses Online 2023

Merriam-Webster defines public speaking as the ability to effectively communicate verbally with an audience. But for many of us, learning and mastering this art seems to be a challenge. I’ll show you the best 3 public speaking courses online in this article so you can get ready for both career and personal success.

Stage fright, or the fear of speaking in front of an audience, usually prevents us from presenting outstanding speeches, even if there are numerous tried and tested tactics for doing so.

On the other hand, effective communication skills are important as long as people must interact with one another in order to accomplish anything of importance. The good news is that everyone may develop their public speaking skills.

Best 3 Public Speaking Courses Online

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Best 3 Public Speaking Courses Online 2023

1. Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization: Coursera, University of Washington

Dynamic Public Speaking Specialization

If you want to gain more self-assurance and presence, learn how to craft compelling speeches, and sharpen your body language-based delivery techniques to engage your audience, this online public speaking course is for you.

As you progress through this course, you will have the chance to develop skills in storytelling, issue framing, and discussing evidence. They, like many other top public speaking programs, also cover PowerPoint design.

The University of Washington Speaking Center was founded by and is directed by Dr. Matt McGarity, who has received recognition from both Toastmasters and the National Speakers Association for his efforts.

Kinesthetic learners will enjoy the applied learning project that completes this four-course specialty. You must create and record a genuine presentation, which you must then submit for review. You’ll be able to view and evaluate other students’ work as a consequence.

2. Speak and Inspire – Lisa Nichols, Mindvalley


The public speaking course Speak and Inspire is available on Mindvalley. It’s for those who desire to use the power of language and communication to significantly alter the course of history.

In this curriculum, anyone may learn how to effectively use words, whether it’s for a business enterprise, a board meeting, or a motivational speech.

Over the course of 30 days, the workshop will lead participants on a transformative journey of using their inner energy to motivate and influence others. You can gain the skill of superb speaking in just 10 minutes each day as a learner.

Through four modules, starting with an introspective look, harnessing your own unique gifts, and owning your own voice, Lisa’s helpful suggestions will lead you. The complexity of engaging with your audience will next be covered. Before you start sowing the seeds of inspiration, figure out how to engage your audience’s hearts.

The third session will teach you several of Lisa’s techniques for projecting strength and charisma as well as how to combine them to become a skilled speaker.

One of the best online courses on public speaking, it pairs well with Mindvalley’s personal development courses, which are a perk of membership.

3. LeVar Burton Teaches the Power of Storytelling, MasterClass

LeVar Burton Teaches the Power of Storytelling, MasterClass

LeVar Burton, an actor best known for his roles in Star Trek and Roots, as well as his 23 years as Reading Rainbow’s host, has developed a MasterClass that emphasizes the importance of effective storytelling.

The Emmy and Grammy Award winner is now sharing his advice on how to use storytelling to create a lasting impression on your surroundings.

The ability to tell a good story will help learners engage their audience and hold their attention. His writing workshop focuses on finding your purpose, finding your voice, and using your experiences to make your tale interesting and lively.

In this well-known public speaking course, you’ll learn how to use stories to connect with your audience while maintaining their attention.

You can also get help from LeVar Bruton in coming up with your own story. The complexities of storytelling for children, adults, and public speaking will also be explained to the pupils.

By the time it’s over, you’ll have come to the conclusion that anxiety or fear is nothing more than repressed excitement, and that the latter is easier to deal with rationally than the former.

One of the best online courses accessible for anyone wishing to improve their public speaking abilities is this one.

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