Best 3 Language Learning Apps 2023

Gaining respectability, gaining self-assurance, and increasing your opportunities to make friends from other cultures are just a few benefits of learning a new language.

Fortunately, there are numerous language learning tools available that can help you learn the language or languages of your choosing. Their approaches, viewpoints, and goals differ.

We’ve covered the best 3 language learning apps below, along with their features, benefits, and downsides, to help you choose the best tools for learning the language of your choice.

Best 3 Language Learning Apps

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Best 3 Language Learning Apps 2023

1. Rosetta Stone

roseate stone

Rosetta Stone offers acclaimed lessons in 25 different languages. The list includes all of the western European and Asian languages in addition to Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Filipino, Hindi, and Farsi.

Sadly, many positive reviews complain about Rosetta Stone’s expensive pricing. Despite the high price, there are unique benefits to be had.

Students can take advantage of up to 30 personalized sessions with a native speaker through iTalki. 10 in-person lessons with a natural speaker of the target language are also included. Even low-cost flights and accommodations are available for Europeans to travel and communicate in their native tongue.

TruAccent, the distinctive speech recognition technology offered by Rosetta Stone, can surely help you pronounce words more clearly. You can always revisit a course in your native language if you run into problems. Using comprehensive phrasebooks will help you get up to speed quickly (in a few languages only).

Not to mention, the entertaining scavenger hunt-style activity Seek & Speak allows you to employ commonplace items as conversation starters. Rosetta Stone is without a doubt one of the best language learning programs available, despite its high cost.

2. Memrise


With the aid of the Memrise language study program, you may gain a better understanding of 23 of the most widely spoken languages in Eurasia.

In addition to using their website to learn, you can also download their app for Android or iOS. Memrise won the 2017 Best App award on Google Play and the iStore, respectively. With more than 60 million users, it is one of the most popular and successful language learning apps accessible.

Memrise’s content is broken up into multiple smaller pieces. All of the foundational lectures on Memrise were professionally designed with mnemonics in mind to help students remember new vocabulary. But users have also contributed to certain sessions.

The utilization of audio and visual media varies among these materials. Typically, lessons start with an English word, its translation, and its most popular mnemonic. By regularly taking tests, you can keep track of your development.

Some assessments claim that using the flashcard and gaming techniques to improve fluency is highly implausible.

Memrise is an easy-to-use program for learning languages that can assist beginners in expanding their vocabulary, which is a great way to lay the foundation for learning a new language.

3. Busuu


English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish are just a few of the 12 languages you may learn with Busuu.

Even notoriously difficult languages like Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, and Russian have alternatives. Busuu claims that 22 hours with them is equivalent to learning a language for an entire semester.

Scheduling time is easy because lessons only last ten minutes each. The creation of lectures has taken into consideration the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), a commonly utilized benchmark for language instruction.

The CEFR has six levels, ranging from complete novice to fluency. Busuu lectures cover the first four levels, from beginner to upper-intermediate.

Each lesson includes a test that you can take once you’ve completed a level; the test is approved by McGraw-Hill Education and includes a variety of exercises. Despite the fact that you may download lessons for iOS and Android, learning online gives you the opportunity to communicate with real native speakers.

There are free language learning apps available, however, according to some reviews, monthly Busuu subscriptions are only available with agreements of six, twelve, or twenty-four months.

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