Beaver Builder ShortCodes 2023– How To Add A Shortcode?

Beaver Builder ShortCodes

There is a list of Beaver Builder ShortCodes that allow you to quickly add functionality to your Beaver Builder pages. You’ll learn how to use these shortcodes in this post, and you’ll see some examples!

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A shortcode is a snippet or piece of code that allows quick customization. Input is done by insertion into a page’s content, where the theme or plugin will then handle the processing.

Pages, posts, or widget sidebars could all use shortcodes, as well as custom post types. Modules, rows, and columns may be used. You can save it as a layout template.

Shortcodes utilize layout templates, rows, and columns that have been saved to have IDs or Slugs. Slugs are strings and IDs are numbers in shortcodes.

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How to make a Shortcode in Beaver Builder?


When incorporating a “column”, “layout”, or “module” into a shortcode, it must be saved first in order to get its unique ID and slug.

Steps to Create it            

1. Out for the items, you have saved, get their Slug and ID.

How to get ID/slug for the saved items?

Then, click on Beaver Builder in the admin panel of WordPress and then Saved Rows or Templates in the sidebar.

A window will appear underneath the row module template that you need to edit.

Simply copy the slug value from the slug field.
Copying the URL presented in the browser’s address bar will enable you to acquire the ID.

2. You must create a shortcode using the given format.

[fl_builder_insert_layout slug=”my-post-slug”]

Beaver Builder shortcodes must be created by following these steps. 

How to make a Short Code in Beaver Builder 3

Where can I Insert this ShortCode?

Many plug-ins offer you shortcodes, for example, sliders, displays, and other plug-in forms.

Embedding Beaver Builder shortcodes in other modules, or vice versa, is very simple.

Any content field can be inserted with the Beaver Builder shortcode. These are some of the recordings: 

  • Modulus (HTML)
  • Editing Content is a module 
  • You can use any module from the heading, for example the module of a callout 
  • A Name Field is available in the Tabs Module
  • As a matter of fact, Symbol module contains a test editor 


It is fitting to put the shortcode for the Beaver Builder module in the HTML module if it is not working properly.

Beaver Builder ShortCodes: Pricing

The following are the three subscription plans offered by Beaver Builder:


  •       Number of Sites
  •       Supported for 1 year by world-class experts.
  •       Plugin for creating basic web pages.
  •       Modules and templates at the premium level.
  •       Prices start at $99


  •       Includes all of the previous features, as well as
  •       Adding this to Multisite Capable makes it even more useful.
  •       The price starts at $199.


  •       In addition to the features of the “junior” level plan, this premium plan also promises White Labeling and Multisite Networking Settings.
  •        Starting at $399, the plan offers unlimited data.

Pros and Cons of Beaver Builder ShortCodes


  • It is not possible to edit the original content in a plug-in when there is a problem with the shortcode provided by Beaver Builder.
  • Since the original content is already present, sharing snippets will work well with existing content.
  • Deactivating a user account does not affect the content or shortcodes.
  • You do not need a manual to use this product since it is user-friendly and easy to utilize.
  • They offer fast, efficient, and friendly customer service.
  • Find a page builder that you can trust.
  • Regardless of whether or not the plug-in is disabled, shortcodes will still work.


  • The price is high. There are three types of pricing plans.
    • It costs $99 for the standard plan.
    • Pro plans cost $199.
    • $399 is the cost of the agency plan.
  • For themes, there is an additional charge.
  • Extra features may require an add-on purchase.
  • A page builder may be slower than others in terms of development.
  • Themes and modules are limited.
  • As users might mix up different shortcodes with one another, shortcodes can be tricky and difficult to manage.
  • Since original content may be edited or removed, outdated snippets must be removed.

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Conclusion: Beaver Builder ShortCodes

The technology we use today provides a great advantage to us and we are thankful for it. It allows busy builders to easily manage their businesses online by creating their own websites. The best tool for building websites is the Beaver Builder.

 Simple and easy to use, it offers you the best layout in your hand at the most affordable price. A web developer or designer should use it. As the client’s unique editor, it is mostly used by them. Providing you with a pace to add widgets to your WordPress layout.

When Beaver Builder is deactivated, it is not removed from the website, which is a very nice feature. “Flexibility” and “Reliability” describe it perfectly. 

Beaver Builder ranks high in the ranking of building web pages according to your terms of picking up the best interface.

It’s not difficult to learn how to use it, to use shortcodes and plug-ins is the best method. Also, you don’t have to make any changes to the templates if you do not want to, since the default typography looks great and amazing.

WordPress widgets allow easy access to Beaver Builder content blocks. With Beaver Builder ShortCodes, you can build your landing pages quickly and easily.

We are going to go over how to use Beaver Builder’s shortcodes to control every single part of your website. 

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