BeaverBuilder Review 2023: Is it the Best WordPress Page Builder?

Are you thinking about using Beaver Builder on your WordPress site?  You may not be familiar with Beaver Builder, a visual page builder plugin for WordPress. Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to build custom designs.

You will learn how Beaver Builder works as well as what I believe are its strengths.  You will know at the end of this Beaver Builder review if it is the right product for your needs.

Okay, let’s begin…

What Can You Use Beaver Builder For?

If you find that the default WordPress editor does not provide you with enough creativity, you can use Beaver Builder.  Beaver Builder allows you to create nice-looking blog posts at a basic level.

Your home and about pages can be built with Beaver Builder, which is a common approach. In addition to Beaver Builder, there is also the Beaver Builder landing page builder plugin for WordPress.

Custom fields even let you create a truly custom WordPress site with dynamic content.

Beaver Builder Review

The Basics of How Beaver Builder Works

Add content elements or templates by clicking the plus sign in the top right corner. The modules available in this section are listed in a list.  The modules are easy to add to your design since all you have to do is drag them onto it.

Settings interface can be dragged anywhere on the screen, and as a sidebar, it can also be added to either side.  With Beaver Builder, you can customize the text directly on the page. The visual preview allows you to enter text directly by clicking and typing.

Responsive Design Settings

You can control the way your Beaver Builder designs look on a variety of devices with some extra tools included.

There are different styles available when you work with style settings, like fonts and spacing. Beaver Builder updates the preview automatically as you toggle between different device settings:

Save Your Designs

The Beaver Builder saves and reuses designs in the following ways:

  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Modules

The Saved tab allows you to quickly insert something once it is saved.  Save your templates as Global as well. Just edit a template once, and all instances of it will be updated.

White Labeling/Branding

One of the few WordPress plugins that offers white labeling is Beaver Builder, which is great for building websites for clients.

The Beaver Builder branding can be replaced with your own branding, essentially. As a result, your clients will receive a more personalized experience.

Final Thoughts on the Beaver Builder Interface

Beaver Builder is my favorite interface overall. Unlike Elementor or Divi Builder, it does not necessarily have the same collection of modules and design options, but it offers everything most users will need.

Further, Beaver Builder has strong points in three additional areas:

  • Speed – There are no lagging or glitches in the interface and it is super-fast.
  • Stability – Beaver Builder prioritizes stability over rapid release of new features, which is why it doesn’t have as many options as some competitors.
  • Pleasant – Beaver Builder is generally pleasant to use, but this is somewhat subjective. Easy-to-use features such as automatic column creation and dark mode greatly enhance the editing experience.

Beaver Builder Pricing

Based on the features you need, Beaver Builder will have a price that is appropriate for your budget.

There is a free version of BeaverBuilder available at However, it’s quite limited, so I think you can only really use it to learn the interface. Plugins that build WordPress pages free are available if you’re specifically looking for them. Free features are more generous with other options as well.

Regardless of which premium plan you choose, Beaver Builder can be used on unlimited sites. As an alternative to other WordPress page builders, there is no hard-cap site limit.

There are three plans:

  • Standard – 
  • For $99, you will have access to the premium plugin for page building.
  • Pro – 
  • One-year license for $199 – adds the Beaver Builder theme and WordPress Multisite support.
  • Agency – 
  • For $399, you’ll get white labeling support and more advanced Multisite network settings.
Beaver Builder Pricing

Final Thoughts on Our Beaver Builder Review

With more than a decade in the WordPress page builder industry, BeaverBuilder has built a great reputation in the industry.  The quality of the product is excellent, and its team is top-notch. New entrepreneurs will appreciate its ease of use and ease of learning

How does Beaver Builder compare to other page builders?  You might prefer a plugin like Elementor if you would like fancy animations.

In my opinion, Beaver Builder excels when you’re also interested in maintaining a reliable product. There aren’t as many bells and whistles found in some other page builders, but it’s a solid product and can do the job most people need.

Visit the Beaver Builder website to learn more about this WordPress page builder plugin.

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