Beaver Builder Not Working 2023: How To Resolve Issues Related To Beaver Builder Plugin?

Why Beaver Builder Not Working? What you can do when you’re having problems with Beaver Builder’s page builder is explained in this post.

I didn’t find Beaver Builder‘s troubleshooting guide to mention that occasionally Beaver Builder doesn’t save changes or doesn’t load so I created this post for you and others who may are having the same problem.

In fairness, the problem is usually not the page builder. Rarely is it the case. Sometimes these issues are related to outside factors, such as other plugins, or other factors that interact with the builder. Therefore, a troubleshooting guide wouldn’t include this.

Below I will describe two common problems and how they can be fixed…

How to Troubleshoot Beaver Builder Not Working…

Sometimes, I find the builder does not load or simply hangs during loading.

This specific issue causes the page builder to load fine but not save your changes when it occurs.

In the meantime, you have already dropped and tweaked some elements on your page… only to discover that everything you’ve done so far is about to disappear.

After you’ve screamed enough, do these things:

First, check out the usual suspects to rule out any nonsense:

  • Activate only one plugin
  • Cache should be cleared
  • Give it another shot

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, you can always open an incognito window to bypass cookies.

Note: There may be problems with themes using the Autoptimize plugin depending on your settings. Test that first.

It is possible that you will be able to quickly identify the issue by just turning off the rest of the plugins on your installation.

Whenever something isn’t working in WordPress, you should turn off Plugins first.

You can then reactivate each plugin one by one, while trying the builder after every activation, until the builder loads properly.

You should be able to identify the culprit using this method. It’s possible you will need to find another replacement plugin that works well with Beaver Builder when you do.

But what if that doesn’t work?

It’s likely that you will also run into the same issue I did.

Here’s what we need to do:

Root Cause: loading additional versions of jQuery on the same page.

My website used a code snippet from the Rapid Mailer plugin. This plugin is set up to collect leads externally (so site A runs the plugin, and site B’s code sends the subscriber details to site A).

Due to the fact that this was a subscription form, I added it to the footer widget, which was displayed globally (i.e. on every page).

My mistake was not realizing that the plugin used jQuery (jeez, I don’t read everything) and that when a page loaded (any page), the footer widget was loaded.

The Beaver Builder was then trying to load separate jQuery scripts when I edited pages with the Beaver Builder, causing everything to break.

The moral of the story is that you should periodically check to see whether you have a form on your page, or elements in your footer or header, that can be removed while you are troubleshooting.

We will now examine a second common scenario…

How to Troubleshoot Beaver Builder Not Saving…

Assuming the following scenario:

  1. PageBuilder loads fine
  2. PageBuilder is working well
  3. You won’t be able to save the page

Here’s what to do…

As I described in the previous scenario, begin by checking the usual suspects:

  • All plugins should be turned off
  • If Beaver Builder doesn’t work, try again
  • To find out what’s happening, you can try switching one plugin at a time, attempting to catch the culprit in each one

If the above doesn’t fix the issue, it’s time to contact your host…

Finally, I turned to my host when I had no other options. Imagine their surprise when they discovered…

My firewall threw an error every time I attempted to save an edit. Honestly!

You might want to check the firewall logs with your host if Beaver Builder isn’t saving your work but loading fine.

I switched hosts afterward, just in case you were wondering. In the end, I didn’t bother staying around since I was having trouble with support and the firewall again. My website was finished without any hassles after I switched hosts.

Since I’ve run a digital agency for over a decade, I’ve dealt with a variety of hosts. Originally, I was using an old downgraded server plan with the psycho firewall. When I hit the problem with Beaver Builder, I was working on a test site within that space.

As a result, we ditched the host.

Conclusion | Beaver Builder Not Working 2023

If Beaver Builder is not working, I hope I have addressed most of the aspects (if not all) of troubleshooting the issue.

This article contains everything you need to know to get the best results. Were there any things left out? Comment below if you have any questions. Let us know what you think.  Is it okay to share this on another platform? You will be helping us bring hot-tech news to you in this way.

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