Beaver Builder Child Theme 2023– What Is A Child Theme? What Are Its Features, Pros & Cons?

Beaver Builder Child Theme

The following post will introduce you to Beaver Builder Child Themes and explain how a CSS grid layout can be used to build custom child themes for Beaver Builder.

Among Beaver Builder’s best features is the ability to create child themes that you can customize. Parent themes are absolutely dependent on child themes, which are completely dependent on parent themes. Additionally, the website can be modified in an inordinate number of ways without disrupting its original theme look.

What is the purpose of creating child themes for Beaver Builder? Learn how to do it in this guide!

To learn more about Beaver Builder, please read our article.

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Beaver Builder Child Theme: Overview

Children themes of WordPress inherit the functionality of the parent theme from other themes.

When a user wants to customize or tweak an existing WordPress theme without loosing its ability to upgrade, child themes are used.

The past was different, since it was impossible to update WordPress easily, without losing the customizations and the changes done by the user. A major exploit of a popular script is discovered all of a sudden with all the themes having to be updated immediately. The result is chaos.

Users are put in a difficult situation since, on one hand, they will lose their custom styles if they update. Meanwhile, users who do not update the site before it is too late are highly likely to have their sites hacked.

We decided to solve this issue by introducing the concept of parent themes as well as child themes.

Child themes in WordPress inherit all the functionality, features, and even the code of the parent themes without changing the original theme.

The parent theme can still be updated without losing the ability to update the child theme.

There are many existing WordPress themes, but not all of them are good enough to have child themes. In general, a parent theme that has limited functionality and features isn’t exactly what you want as a parent theme.

Generally, a good parent theme, also referred to as the theme framework, consists of the filter hooks and action hooks. In a fraction of a second, this technology permits designers and developers to create custom WordPress sites that are using child themes.

What is a Child Theme?

In the overview, it is noted that a child theme inherits the appearance, feel, and also all the functions of its parent theme, regardless of the fact that it can also be used to adjust any part of the parent theme.

Through the use of a child theme, it is possible to update the parent theme without affecting any customizations the user has made to the site.

You can replicate and port your modifications with child themes to keep the customizations separate from the parent theme functions, and you can keep upgrading the parent theme without destroying your modifications. It’s beneficial to the user due to the testing performed on the parent theme and also a fantastic way to learn how to develop a theme.

Why Should You Use a Child Theme?

WordPress themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your webpages and stores in a variety of different ways. Several extensions and themes are available that can create a unique look. 

However, the designs you have might not fit the niche you are targeting, especially if they are not your best or if you do not have hundreds of dollars to spend on a premium theme.

Here is where child themes come into play. Child themes are a breakthrough solution that will allow you to customize your site to meet industry needs.

They’re based on the free “sandbox” themes as well, so you just need to buy the child theme you like.

Along with their Storefront child themes, the objective is to provide users with a customized store experience.

Once Galleria is installed, and no settings are touched afterwards, you can start selling exclusive fashion goods immediately. ProShop allows users to quickly create sports stores.

Features of Beaver Builder Child Theme

Inherited Functionality:

While it is a simple task to create a child theme on Beaver Builder, if a user encounters any coding errors or technical difficulties, they will always have the option to revert to parent theme functionality, coding, and features.

However, child themes usually inherit all these features from their parent themes, meaning they are easily accessible. 

Appearance Customization:

It is time-consuming to code an entire theme. Therefore, to make changes to your website’s appearance, we recommend you use a child theme, which permits you to make overall changes at a lower cost.

Constant Updates:

When updating a theme, your changes are erased, creating chaos. You can, however, protect your coding by using a child theme.

Operating through theme hooks:

There are several hooks in a theme’s files which can be used to monitor and add content. Themes can be modified from the functions.php file of certain frameworks, although it is rare.

In addition, it should be noted that some extensions are repeated in the parent theme and the child theme. For example, the functions.php file in the child theme appears with the same name in the parent theme along with the additional files.

By using the first, website coding can be easily modified.

Post Formats:

A post’s format and style can be customized using the post’s meta information.

You have to choose a theme, however. Parent themes display content differently than child themes. There are a variety of post types such as aside, gallery, image, audio, video, quote, status, chat, and link.

RTL Support:

An RTL script is one written in the right-to-left direction. Rather than going through the same left to right format that is commonly used, you can display your content from right to left with this extension.

As Beaver Builder already has access to style.css, it’s easy to code with RTL. Whenever you plan on building a multilingual website, you can make it more appealing to audiences in other countries.


In this method, your plugin or theme is advanced and altered to be able to translate it into any language in the world and make it accessible to anyone regardless of where they are in the world.

By using CSS manually, it saves so much time and reduces the demand for frequent updates in the future.

No FTP required:

In website development, FTP is a common method used to make changes and regulations.

It saves you time and energy by not requiring you to use FTP every time you want to alter a theme using Beaver Builder’s child theme.

Easy to Use:

While embracing child themes to avoid the aforementioned issues makes it easier for users to exclude the lack of functionality in parental frameworks, errors are bound to happen. 

Using child themes is the best option if you are constantly adding new features and functions to your theme.

By avoiding errors while coding, child themes save time. However, the lack of parental controls makes them less functional. Selective file and function modifications allow robust template extension on the fly.

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Conclusion: Beaver Builder Child Theme 2023

Previously, Beaver Builder users commented that the Beaver Builder child theme was the easiest to install and work with.

It has never been deemed critical to use the Child theme as you can customize the site’s design while preserving its functionality, so it has not been deemed imperative since all themes have the option to use either a custom style CSS file or a traditional plugin to keep their look.

Overall, a website can be customized without having to make changes to elemental files thanks to this process. Our theme will only function properly if the parent theme also has proper functionality built into it.

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