Beaver Builder Booster Review 2023: Is It Worth Your Money?

Beaver Builder Booster Review : Beaver Builder Booster provides Beaver Builder with a variety of new modules. By using these modules, it is possible to design sites with more creativity and originality.

Each module has a wide variety of styling options that allow them to blend with your subject’s style. In addition to using Beaver Builder options like responsive controls and advanced selections, these modules incorporate some of the most recent qualities as well.

Using Beaver Builder, making unusual looking content in WordPress becomes as stress-free as possible. This plugin is equipped with an extensive range of natural page building elements.

You Can do the Following with Beaver Builder:

  • Parts can be added to a material in order to create custom posts and pages
  • HTML data is not required, and there is no coding required
  • The WordPress subject you currently have can be used
  • As soon as you begin working on your project, you will see its eventual results.

By virtue of what has been described thus far, Beaver Builder ought to end up being particularly valuable for most clients, site owners, and WordPress engineers. This allows users to work with site content much faster and more efficiently (and regardless, create destinations without any planning).

A key weakness of WordPress as a phase can be resolved by Beaver Builder: The way that there’s no unreasonable arrangement for clients with no site experience – particularly those needing to make uncommon looking content alone.

I’d like to start this Beaver Builder review with a more significant analysis of what each individual feature of Beaver Builder needs to offer.

Modules Provided in Beaver Builder Booster

Advanced Google Map Features: 

A plugin that integrates Google Maps features in the most advanced way possible is available here. A responsive map with a variety of features can be quickly generated.

By displaying your location by either latitude and longitude or by its address, you can effortlessly customize it from the front-end as desired.

Moreover, it allows you to display and customize a number of locations on one map simultaneously.

With this feature, you can give your customers a simple and efficient way to navigate through the regional sections of your site or give them geographical information about your company.

By simply clicking on a few buttons, you can install an attractive interactive map on your WordPress-driven website.

Those who are interested in the layout of the maps may customize the icon of the maps or the style of the Map theme by changing the visual display of elements such as roads, built-up areas, or the height, width, color, and font size of the combined display.

Info Box

Info box feature - booster

The purpose of an Info Box is to elaborate on the products and services you offer. This feature presents you with various layouts and themes as a way to compose and display information about your services on your webpage.

You can add a captivating photo or icon or a generic title prefix, a catchy heading, illustrative if required and a button that takes the client further on a different link, to be acquainted with your products.

It is a receptive design that offers a cross-platform program, displaying your page on multiple browsers. It also provides a clean modern code, making it simple to write, read, and maintain your code.

Image Box

The advanced display features of this module overcome Beaver Builder’s limited flexibility. The image can be resized or cropped into several geometrical shapes such as Landscape, Panorama, Portrait, Circle, etc.

Additionally, you can specify the alignment of the photo within the column. If you display a text or heading below the image, it will align according to the alignment selected for the image.

The image box can also be embellished with animations, margins, and several other features that make it more appealing to clients.

Flip Box

Flip Boxes are essentially advanced versions of Info Boxes that allow you to attach a rotating box on your screen and use it to navigate through the components contained inside. An Infobox is combined with a Call to Action.

For cycling through the components, you can apply diverse flip animations and add a variety of information with many operations. Your website can be enhanced with the help of this plugin by adding a responsive slider.

The display options can be tweaked with ease, such as font color, border, and typography options.

Advanced Progress Bar

The horizontal and circular progress bar module enables you to display information about developments and progress.

You can enter a number or percentage and the counter will start at 0 and go up to it.

In order to display absolute values, you can prefix the number with an R or suffix it with a . There are several ways to display these numbers: horizontal, circular, vertical, and semicircular. 

Using the bar, you can compare items by setting a maximum value. In addition to changing the progress bar’s animation speed, the color and text specification can be provided. 

Before and After Image Comparison

Before and after image sliders can be created horizontally or vertically. By using these layout options, you are able to seamlessly display and differentiate landscape and portrait images.

With the help of this module, you can reformat the typography, colors, border, contour, and more, easily and efficiently.

In addition to adding a custom text to the generic Before/After labels, you can also change the positioning and styling of them. Multiple sliders can also be added to a page and their appearance can be changed.

Split Text

Change the typeface, font color, and font size of individual words in a text using this feature.

A label can also be customized by changing the words and a single color background to a multi-color background.

Advanced Separator

Using this module, you can separate two pieces of content by inserting a horizontal line. Styles such as color, animations, visuality, margins, spacing, and alignment are all customizable.

Moreover, it allows you to separate the title of a particular piece of content from the description. This can be achieved through a single line, an icon, captions, or any other modifications that aid in navigation.

Social Icons

With the Social icons module, users can share content, like it, or publish it to their own social networking site, and a link will appear to the recent page, or to any other URL you specify, such as your website’s home page.

You can choose between Facebook, Google+, and Twitter in the Social icons module.

During the website design process, you can customize each social network icon. By using this module, you will be able to improve your website’s performance and speed up your social sharing.

Additionally, you can customize social icons, the size and shape of the icons, alignment, etc.


Extra space can be added to a page by adding a module between other modules. Both the rows as well as the columns can be styled with general and other detailed styles.

General styles let you change the spacing and width between both columns and rows, while advanced settings let you change border width and color. Global settings can also be eliminated by using it.

Pricing | Beaver Builder Booster Review

It is an exclusive plugin for Beaver Builder subscribers. A user can download it from their website and only enable it with their configuration wizard if he or she has an active subscription.

Beaver builder booster has various domain names, for example,, and so on. Templates and modules are available.

Depending on the domain, price ranges from Rs. 147.41 to Rs. 1079.

In Conclusion: Beaver Builder Booster Review 2021

In essence, it is an add-on to WordPress and Beaver Builder that provides advanced features that can be accessed both from WordPress and Beaver Builder.

This will allow designers and developers to enhance creativity to develop an attractive content page or post by optimizing the builder’s usage.

By eliminating most of the issues users face, it complements the builder in a highly effective way. It helps in uplifting the user’s work from a basic form to a sophisticated website.

Utilizing these modules on your website will optimize its performance, show your products and services in an attractive way, allow you to add and modify features, and optimize the site for search engines.

The plugin will revolutionize the development of more creative pages for all designers and developers who face limitations when using a standard page builder.

It’s time for you to experience the difference Beaver Builder Booster has made to the way many designers work.

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