How to Contact Customers Who Left You a Bad Amazon Review

Especially bad reviews have caused Amazon Sellers to worry about their products on their store. Reviewing and getting feedback on professional performance is a must for everyone.

Prior to now, Amazon did not contact vendors who left negative reviews, but now they have. The application will allow vendors to store their reviews and reach out to customers who left negative reviews.

“We’re now offering a brand-exclusive benefit that enables you to communicate with buyers directly who have bought your branded products with critical reviews (1 – 3 stars) via template emails that automate your conversations with buyers.”

“In our opinion, this will build brand trust and help you establish stronger relationships with customers.”

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You’re right, of course! Through its live chat system, Amazon enables its vendors and customers to communicate. In other words, it isn’t a prank.

It’s time to get started!

This Amazon Feature is there to help you out!

During the early days of Amazon’s launch of this feature, I would not recommend sellers reach out to the customer who left a low star rating review, because many sellers have had their accounts suspended because of the uncommon language they use in their messages, which again would not be good for quality communication. Despite the fact that Amazon has become a well-known brand for quality service, its sellers can communicate with customers effectively using its template message.

By clicking on the Check Buyer button, you can access basic information about the buyer and see the order ID. It used to be difficult for sellers to find the order ID of the buyer who left them a bad review so they could contact them directly. In this way, sellers can easily gain access to customers’ order IDs in order to give the customer a replacement if the experience is bad.

How to Reach Customers Who Left You a Bad Review -step by step

Let’s look at how this feature can be used.

  • To access this feature, you must have an Amazon Brand Registry account to reach out to customers who left a 1 to 3-star review on your Amazon product. To read customer reviews, go to the Brands Menu and select Customer Reviews.
  • On the landing page, there is an option to send direct messages to customers who have specifically rated you 1 – 3 stars.

There might still be a few bugs here and there in some accounts since this feature is brand-new. For instance, there is no button to contact the buyer in either Project X or Project 5K accounts. As a result, we receive a message stating that “You can only contact the buyer when you are the seller.”

Is everything running according to plan now?

  • If you click on one of the reviews, you will see a Contact Buyer option on the right side of your screen.
  • Clicking on that button will take you to a new page that will ask you reasons for contacting us. Customer review and courtesy refund.

Amazon is straight-up offering a full refund or replacing the product as an option of Courtesy Refund. What a great idea!

  • The Courtesy Refund window appears when you select this option. Right now, only English will be displayed.

What seller did not think there would be a day when sellers would be able to convince their buyers to have a better experience next time?

Why Would an Amazon Seller Want to Use This Feature?

To Ensure Good Ratings of their store.

Review ratings and good reviews are essential to the establishment of a credible and reliable brand image. All sellers should use this feature so that we can turn negative reviews into positive ones. No, it doesn’t work like that. There is indeed some complexity to it. Your customer service team can assist in creating a new buyer-seller relationship if you reach out to people who leave bad reviews.

Creating a long-term customer base.

Your ability to make your Amazon experience a tad better can impact the size of your buyer base. A client who observes these behaviors is more likely to become a long-term customer and even tell others about you. Getting exposure will certainly enhance your brand’s image.

To Build Brand Credibility

A seller should always ask customers, if there is a problem, what they would like to see corrected. Your customer will see your brand and you in a more positive light as a result. If a customer is convinced you will always find a way to fix any mistakes you make with their order. Additionally, communicating with your customers will provide you with an insight into what your customers want and don’t want. You can mould your brand according to your target users, which will certainly help your amazon store to thrive. One day or another, you will start getting good reviews, and you will be at the top of your game!

Are you moved enough by these facts to take advantage of this feature? Make sure you register your Amazon brand ASAP if you don’t already have one. Using this feature will help you get your life back on track.

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