25 Simple Background Patterns

Whether repeated backgrounds or just patterns, for maintaining a graphic design weblog, designers need background patterns to make blog look outstanding. Backgrounds are the images which appears in background on blogs and websites, it can be any solid color, any gradient or just an image containing pattern or something. Background Patterns reflects website’s customization level and simple backgrounds makes it better to attract readers focus.

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A Better Alternative to Google Webfonts

Google Webfonts is good resource for designers and developers to improve the typography using different fonts available on Google Webfonts directory. All of these fonts are free to use and there is good variety to choose fonts.

But now, Adobe unveiled its Adobe Edge Fonts website which seems a better alternative to Google’s Webfonts. Adobe Edge Font provides free fonts just as Google Webfonts alongwith integrated edge tools and services.

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Advanced Techniques And Tips for Google Search

Google is the the most coolest website or Search Engine, and we visit it most of the time in out daily life. You should know some cool google search techniques and tips for google search to find anything desired. Here are tricks and tips for google search. These google search techniques helps you search in advance and get the most relevant results on the web you can.

Advanced Google Search Techniques

For every term you want to find or any piece of information, apps or utility, wallpaper or tutorials, Google helps you in every way. The Google Algorithm Updates helps you discover the only and the most relevant results at the top while the other which are irrelevant are listed at the back.

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