20 Retina Wallpapers for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is released just a few days back, 12 September and we are here with amazing HD Retina wallpapers for new iPhone 5. I was gathering these iPhone Retina Wallpapers for personal use, but I decided to share these Retina Backgrounds. All of them are handpicked and are favorite Wallpapers of mine.


All the Wallpapers are in HD, High Definition and will look amazing on the upcoming iPhone 5. iPhone 4s display is 640×960 pixels, iPhone 5 will definitely have bigger screen, around 4 to 4.5 inch as the rumors say. All these iPhone 5 Wallpapers will suit perfect of even the new iPhone 5 and will make your iPhone look amazing.

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80+ Best Flash Website Examples

This time, I have gathered up one of the best flash websites examples for Inspiration. These are really well designed flash websites and will definitely inspire you for your next flash deign project. For deigning attractive websites, there must be good concept behind the design, which you will get to see in this compilation.

a girl story 50+ Beautiful Flash Websites for Your Inspiration

Flash Websites, are made of Flash and have disadvantages like slow loading, need lot of efforts etc. But instead of disadvantages, it also have some great advantages like Attractive Design, Portability, no need of layout, easy to navigate, requires low bandwidth etc. Flash websites contain mostly photoshoped images which are put up on flash in such a way to best suite the Website.

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How to Create Android Apps Free Online

With this Tutorial, you can create android apps free which you call native apps for blogs or websites.Creating Android Apps is now very easy. No coding or nothing is required, just what we need is a usable brain with some knowledge of clicking mouse and typing on keyboards. We will do it with an online Web 2.0 app and which is absolutely free to use.

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