5 Resources for Web Design Inspiration

There are numerous of sites which are showcasing Web Design. What actually this Web Design Inspirations means? You must have heard of terms like Minimal Web Design, or some thing like eCommerce Web Design. What these actually mean to you. Web Design Inspiration are the sites which have attractive design and interface, which makes you love the design at the first sight.

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30 Impressive Mens Short Hairstyles

Trends are approaching towards women’s and mens short hairstyles. Pixie Cut, Buzz Cut are some Hairstyle trends evolved from celebrity hairstyles. Everybody wants to look good and hairstyles play a vital and important part on making men look good. There are thousands of hairstyle types, though the trends for long hairstyles are gone. Even Short and Curly Hairstyles is way better, and I personally like and have Short Hairstyle and will be changing to emo cut soon. If you are willing or going to change your current hairstyle into short ones, I would suggest you to check this post out.

showcasing short hairstyles for men

This post will inspire for your next haircut style, and with mens short hairstyles, you must also look for buzz cut, short curly hairstyle, pixie cut which are topping the hairstyle trends.

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Nine Inch Nail Free Desktop Retina Wallpaper for Mac

Just a day before, I have come to see an awesome retina wallpaper for mac which was really amazing. It is called Nine Inch Nail Wallpaper, and I landed on its Flickr Photo-Stream. And there were more such wallpaper with same tone and same art of capturing.

I am loving those wallpapers and I have gathered up these wallpapers in my favorites collection in Wallpaper Wizard Mac App. I collect up all my favorites in the app and its quite easy to manage and keep your favorite wallpapers. If you love desktop customization, then I recommend you Wallpaper Wizard if you are running on Mac.

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Beautiful Facebook Redesign | Concept

Facebook UI is pretty clean and easy to navigate. A user over at behance network created a brand new systematic redesign concept for facebook after seeing which you will be WOW. Seeing the concept, I wish the next facebook UI redesigns should be like this.

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Awesome, Best and Cool Facebook Timeline Covers

We have gathered Awesome, Best and Cool Facebook Timeline Covers and pictures for your profile.You can download awesome timeline covers. Using the best facebook timeline covers helps you personalize your facebook profile, and makes your profile more cool and attractive. This is the most cool compilation we have ever published on DesignSkew.

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