Facebook Success Stories – Case Studies

Facebook apart from Twitter is the site I personally active on. I have came across Facebook Success Stories,the success stories behind Facebook.Facebook Stories is all about, people using Facebook in extra-ordinary ways. Facebook collected up the most sensational stories happening behind Facebook Users and they have made a Video of these.

This is the most amazing post till now for me, I have seen almost all the Facebook Stories and I must say, they are amazing, the Videos too are really phenomenal. The shot you are seeing above is one of the Story of Facebook, which I liked the most.

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20 Wildlife Photography Pictures

With so much kinds of photography, we have amongst them wildlife photography category which showcases the culture of Wildlife areas and the animals live there. Its all about how the ecosystem is managed in great balance. This type of photography is never positional, and the person should have atleast 500m of distance from the object. A person should have experience to capture wild life photographs and should know how to expose correctly, and the field craft skills.

Wildlife Photography Picture

Wildlife Photography Pictures should be taken with constant focus. Its like macro captures but with standard distance from the object on focus.

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3 Best Android Launchers App

I recently bought Xperia Neo L and its crazy Android Phone, I installed a lot of launcher apps on my android phone, and here are the 3 of the fastest and best launchers. The list includes all my favorite ones, MiHome, Apex Launcher and the one and the only, Go-Launcher.

Best Android Launcher Apps

I have tried a lot of Best Android Launchers and of-course I like Android Customizations, I regularly change phone’s Interface to make it better.There are lot of apps, widgets and themes there in the Google’s Play Store or on XDA Developers Forum to give a try.

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