How to Write eBooks And Sell Them Online Effectively

One of the best and easy way to make money online with your writing skills is writing ebooks and sell them online. If you great writing skills, you can convert your content into money. What you need is a guide how to do this.

Write eBooks And Sell Them Online

Writing eBooks is as simple as just writing in exams, though selling them in online marketplace is typically hard.

So, are you ready to write your first ebook ?

To get started, we must plan on the topic we are going to write. Always write on the topics which are popular around the world, otherwise forget to sell them online. Yup, it is true.

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5 Powerful WordPress Hacks to Improve SEO Ranking

Traffic is all about SEO Optimizing and Rankings. This post includes the most powerful wordpress hacks which will help you gaining top positions in Search Engines and Improve SEO Rankings. WordPress is already 60% SEO optimized CMS but when it comes to rankings, then you need to do external mindsets for ranking on the top in the Search Engines.

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How to Backup WordPress Database, Posts and Files

This guide will help how to backup wordpress database,file and posts.It is critically important for self-hosted wordpress blogs. If your blog is running on WordPress, and if you have good number of posts, then it is definitely a serious matter of taking a backup of your wordpress blog. It helps you feel secure even if have your blog hacked or dumped by chance by the hosting side.

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