4 Recommended Apple iPhone Accessories for Professionals and Businessmen

Business professionals depend on their phones for their non-stop lifestyle of on-the-go work environments. Those who have the iPhone often find the phone is an indispensable part of their business. Contacts, email, browser and of course apps for various reasons are necessary for their success. There are some accessories that may help users save time and manage professional life in a much more efficient manner. Here are four such accessories that are perfect for the busy iPhone user.


iPhone Wireless keyboard

The iPhone has a keyboard, but for someone who composes lots of email or uses the iPhone for reports or more than a simple text will benefit from a wireless keyboard.  Imagine typing a long email or a detailed report on the virtual keyboard of the iPhone. A wireless, Bluetooth enabled keyboard is perfect for anyone on the go for a quick email, new contact or urgent document. Several keyboards are available. Most, if not all, are compact, portable and a few are even fold-able for quick and easy tucking into pants or a jacket pocket. Wireless, the keyboard connects instantly to the iPhone. Pull the keyboard out during an important meeting or while traveling and type away.

iPhone Battery Case

There is nothing more frightening than leaving home without a fully charged phone and no charger.  Those in a hurry to an urgent meeting or on a business trip without a charger soon realize just how powerless, no pun intended, they can be. Worse yet, a long business call or lengthy browsing/app experience can drain a phone before a chance for it to recharge. The iPhone battery case is the perfect solution.  Several excellent options are available on the market, and they give an extra power boost.  When not in active use, the case keeps the iPhone safe as well.  Ideal for travelling or in meetings with no time to charge a phone, slip the iPhone into one of these cases and have one less worry.

iPhone Wireless Bluetooth headset device

As a business professional, there is a good chance a phone will be against an ear at least part, no, the majority of the day.  Clients, traders, partners, subordinates, conferences, meetings are all valid reasons to have a phone and be attached to it almost permanently.

This is when a wireless Bluetooth device is absolutely essential.  Allowing for hands free usage during walking, driving, riding, jogging or virtually any reason (scuba or snorkeling is not recommended), business calls cannot be missed and the Bluetooth makes sending and receiving calls the perfect solution to many problems. Connecting wirelessly, the headset allows for calls to be made without having to have a phone against the ear.

Once the calls get too overwhelming, use the headset for music, games, videos and apps on the iPhone, iPad or any Bluetooth device in the same exact way.

iPhone Wireless charging with Powermat

Many professionals have more than a single phone: a business line and a personal line. Keeping both charged at all times can be difficult with a single charger or worse yet, trying to keep up with more than one charger at a time.  Enter the Powermat.

This incredible gadget allows users to charge two or more electronic devices at a time, perfect for conference rooms, meeting areas, hotels or even at home. Empty outlets are irrelevant after the Powermat. Get one and see how easy charging devices can be.

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