AMZScout Review 2023 Start Making $11k/mo Save Upto $844

Selling on Amazon is one of the best business opportunities you can possibly wish to partake in AMZScout Bundle. The idea that you can sit at your computer and sell things to customers across the world without having to actually hold your own inventory, hire people, or own office space. The fact that Amazon has created the FBA system so that they will do all the heavy lifting for you is revolutionary. On top of that, starting your Amazon business is really straightforward and you can even get into the game by only spending a few hundred dollars to begin with.

It is true that getting started is easy and that in comparison to a traditional business, running an Amazon store takes a lot less time. However, being actually good at selling on Amazon and making the right decisions is not easy or obvious. What makes a difference is the right information and insights that guide you along the way.


AMZScout Bundle Review 2023 Save Upto $844 On Amazon Seller’s Bundle Special Offer

Amzscout bundle pro discount

With this in mind AMZScout has bundled up some tools and resources in a very reasonably priced toolkit that is designed to do exactly that – provide you with all the information and insights you can possibly need to make the best decisions on your journey to becoming an Amazon seller and growing your new business in the future. So, what’s in this bundle?

1. AMZScout Seller’s Course

First things first, if you are a complete beginner you would want to know what selling on Amazon is all about and what the actual process entails. Even if you’ve done some research on your own, you will appreciate that you will have all the information in one place, being guided step by step by a very successful seasoned seller.

AMZScout Pro Bundle

2. The Chrome PRO Extension

The AMZScout PRO Extension is the shining jews in this bundle. This is the most potent and versatile tool at your disposal since it allows you to pull back the curtain on any page of search results on Amazon and have a full picture of what is going on underneath. The basic function of the Extension works by you simply browsing Amazon and once you find a page that you want to get more information from you simply run the extension and all the available information on the page will be displayed on top of it:
AMZScout Bundle - AMZScout Pro Extension

With only a single click all the information you could possibly want to know about all the listings that showed in the search will be laid out in front of you. You will know how many sales any item has in the last month, as well as their revenue, rank, how long the listing has been active, the type of seller, average rating, and much much more. However, this is only the most basic function of the Extension, there are many features to the extension that further organize this information and give you insights and interpretations of the data. One of the simpler ones are trends and historical data. You can instantly check google trends for any search:


You can also see a graph of any individual products sales and rank history, as well as the compiled history data for the entire niche:

Product History

This is only a fraction of what you can do with the extension, the idea behind this tool is that it helps you to quickly find product ideas and assess them as efficiently as possible.

On of the most prominent features of the extension in this regard is the niche score. Every single search on Amazon represents a niche and each niche has a score that can be calculated. This is something you can see in the top right corner of your Extension window, if you click on it, you will have a breakdown that tells you why the niche has the score that it does:

OverAll Score

This isn’t even the only scoring system that is contained in the Extension, each of the search results has a product score that has a somewhat similar set of criteria to the niche score that gives you an idea of how selling any individual product with its individual properties might pan out if you attempt to sell something similar:

Product Performing

On top of that, you can use this tool to gather the most prominent keywords any individual listing is indexed on, as well as getting all the short-tailed keywords for the entire niche. This goes a long way when it comes to constructing your listings don’t the line as well as constructing your Pay Per Click marketing structure as you get started selling.

Price Change

This tool is one that will keep surprising you in how many ways you can find to use it the longer you keep using it. The data can be customized and extracted and the Extension has functions that allow it to transfer data to other AMZScout tools all for the purpose of making your product research and data gathering and organizing process as streamlined and efficient as possible.

3. Exclusive Amazon insights

As one of the foremost prominent Amazon market intelligence software companies, AMZScout has access to enormous amounts of data. For all the users that have a yearly subscription to the bundle, they will be regularly sent information about emerging niches and general Amazon’s selling trends. It’s mostly in the form of a newsletter that is exclusively available to annual subscribers.

4. WebApp Database and Product tracker

The AMZscout Web App is something that’s accessible right from the AMZScout website. With it you can browse Amazon and investigate products and niches that meet some of your criteria and then use the Extension to investigate it in more detail. The other way is to use the entirety of the information on Amazon and filter through it using your own criteria and picking out the results you find interesting. This is exactly what the AMZScout Product Database does. You have a set of criteria you can put in and then you simply click “Find products” and wait for the list to populate.


Once you start playing around with this, you can easily be overwhelmed with the number of attractive results you find. You can easily click on the product and go to its page and investigate it even further using the extension. Of course, the results contain crucial information about the results such as the number of sales, reviews, and revenue.

The other part of the AMZScout Web App is the Product Tracker. This is where you store all your product ideas. If you are yet to use the AMZScout tool to find product ideas, you will quickly find yourself finding something new and interesting almost too often to keep track of it. You can simply use a single click to move your most interesting finds from both the Product database and the Extension into the Product tracker. This is where you can compare all your findings and contemplate which product you want to source next. The best part is that once you want to add new products to your store you can always come back here and move on to the next best idea you’ve had since the last one.

Product Tracker

5. AMZScout Keyword Tracker

The AMZScout Keyword Tracker is an extremely useful tool that plays more of a role once you start selling. You can put in your product ASIN into the tool along with a list of your most important keywords and see how your organic ranks behave over time.

Keyword Tracker

You can track multiple products and a number of keywords per product. This is great for assessing the effect your PPC campaigns have and it never stops being useful, this is something veteran sellers use on a daily basis. You can also track your competitors’ ranks on the same keywords and adjust your PPC and pricing approach accordingly. The tool works great with the Extensions since you can extract the exact keywords you would track from it and simply copy and paste them into the Keyword tracker.

6. AMZScout Quick View

As we mentioned before, the Extension works by allowing you to take a peek behind the search results. It doesn’t exactly help you to know which pages are worth peeking at. This is why Quick View was invented. This tool will enrich your Amazon browsing experience by adding some crucial information under each and every search result to give you an idea of how well any product is doing without having to open up the Extension.

Quick View

7. AMZScout FBA Calculator

Of course, the whole point of selling on Amazon is to make a profit. Finding out how much money you stand to make by selling any product is one of the most crucial bits of information. This is exactly what the AMZScout FBA calculator is for:

FBA Calculator

With a single click, you will know exactly how much you would owe Amazon in FBA fees for selling any product, you can also see how much you stand to make if you were to sell at the same volume as any product you might find. You can also put in different prices and other variables to find a price that would meet your desired profit margin.

8. AMZScout Stock Stats

When it comes to selling on Amazon, one of the things you have to worry about is staying in stock. Inventory management is one of the most challenging aspects of business models. Knowing how many units to send it at what time is necessary to ensure the continuity of sales and growth.


AMZscout Stocks Stats allows you to look into the level of stock any seller has for any of their listings. This can help you use it as a benchmark when it comes to planning your own orders, or you can use it for more advanced strategizing down the line. When any product goes out of stock, the start to lose organic ranks quickly. By keeping an eye on your main competitor’s stocks you can anticipate when they might be running out and use it to apply some arrive PPC strategies in order to overtake them in the rankings.

Conclusion: AMZScout Bundle Review 2023 Save Upto $844 On Amazon Seller’s Bundle Special Offer

the AMZScout Amazon seller’s bundle has literally everything you can possibly need in order to start selling on Amazon as well as to help you grow your sales and your store as you mature as a seller. All of this is available for only $24.90 a month. It’s the best deal you can find anywhere. Before starting your Amazon journey get this bundle to make it safer and more profitable.Good luck seller!

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